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Original article appeared on the website of Germany's third biggest newspaper.

Translated from German by Jihad Watch.

Anti-Semitism in the third-largest city in Sweden is increasing, especially among Muslim immigrants. But whoever dares to criticize this fact is compared with the mass murderer Breivik.

When the 15-year-old Samir Ardiwan Malmo was buried in southern Sweden last month, hundreds of people followed the coffin in a procession through the city center, in a public manifestation of grief at the violence.

Ardiwan was shot in the district Rosengård, an area just minutes away from downtown, which is considered the worst ghetto in Scandinavia. The police has not found neither the killers nor any motive, but the murder is one of two within a short time in the city. This has led to an intense debate in Sweden about violence and crime.

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city, full of creativity and energy, with an intense nightlife. But it has also become more dangerous for its residents. Serious types of crimes are sometimes more frequent in Malmö than in Stockholm (Sweden's capital), particularly when it comes to robberies.

People in Malmö are also more concerned about crime than people in Stockholm, and not only for their own safety. Already in 2009, 30 percent of residents in Stockholm had said they were afraid that their loved ones could become victims of crime -- in Malmö, it was 45 percent.

Increase in hate crimes against Jews

A few days after the funeral of Ardiwans, another much smaller procession marched through the streets of Malmö: the so-called Kippa-walk, organized by the Jewish community. After the Sabbath service on Saturday morning, the community members met and went through the city -- with kippas on their heads and visible stars of David on their jackets.

The Jews in Malmö want to show that they cannot be intimidated, despite the increase in crimes that were committed out of hatred against Jews in the recent years.

The American Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a delegation to Malmö last year, after it became aware that Jewish families were leaving the town because of the increasing anti-Semitism. Founded by the Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal, the Center has issued a travel warning, warning Jews against visiting the south of Sweden, telling them to exercise "extreme vigilance".

Anti-Semitism comes from Muslim immigrants

Representatives of the Jewish community in Malmö declare that hatred does not primarily come from right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis, but from immigrants from Muslim countries. It is a kind of anti-Semitism that followed them to Malmö - and this is why it is obviously difficult for Swedish politicians and journalists to express an opinion.

In this respect, the debate in Sweden is different from those in neighboring countries such as Norway or Denmark. In Sweden, questions about integration remains unanswered, since people want to remain politically correct. This is how it was before the mass murder in Oslo on 22 July, and it has remained so even after that.

The 'discussion' is often bizarre. Sweden's largest newspaper Aftonbladet recently compared critics of political correctness in the debate on integration with the mass murderer of Oslo: The critics had made Behring Breivik's idea of a conspiracy of political correctness their own. Aftonbladet's article was a low point in the Swedish debate.

Integration policy of the City has failed

Individually, the recent murders in Malmö and the attacks on the city's Jews have nothing to do with each other. Both show clearly that the level of culture in the Sweden's third largest city has decreased. They are also a sign that the integration policy has failed in the city.

But while the Malmö residents are greatly concerned, politicians and journalists often lack words. Populists have benefited from this silence. The Sweden Democrats (SD), a party with roots in the Swedish neo-Nazi movement [This is a false claim -- RS], gained 10.4 percent of votes, making it the third largest party in Malmö.

In areas such as Rosengård, where the 15-year-old Ardiwan was shot, the situation is alarming. The district, whose name means "rose garden", where the apartment buildings are surrounded by green areas and soccer fields, was once a monument of the Swedish welfare state. It has become a symbol of the ghetto.

Now, the fire brigade and ambulances do not drive into Rosengård without police escorts, as employees were regularly subjected to violence and stone-throwing. Recently, I attended a Jewish funeral in the area. The men were warned when they left the cemetery to take off their skullcaps. "Do not forget that we are in Rosengård" was the simple explanation.

Catastrophic unemployment among migrants

In the district Seved the situation is similar. The majority of the population are immigrants, and less than half of adults have a job. Youth gangs control parts of the region, and drugs are openly traded. Now the employees of the Swedish Postal Service refuse to deliver letters in Seved - the threats and violence are making it too dangerous.

Official Sweden reacts in a way that is typical when it comes to questions concerning the failed integration: District Mayor Anders Malmquist said he was satisfied with the situation - they pay unemployed youths from the area to deliver the letters. In this way young adults can get insight into work as postmen.

Unemployment in Seved and Rosengård has reached catastrophic proportions. Most of the immigrants in Sweden have found shelter on humanitarian grounds, and it takes seven years on average before they find a job. For some groups, the numbers are even more dramatic: Only 35 percent of Somalis have found a job after living ten years in Sweden.

Thanks to tax cuts and deregulation of the Swedish civil government, there were created 200,000 new jobs. However, 450,000 full-time jobs are still needed, and another 100,000 immigrants receive a residence permit in Sweden each year.

Local media conceal the problems of anti-Semitism

In strongly segregated Stockholm, the problems of integration are not as visible for the members of the upper and middle classes as they are in Malmö.Whoever wants to visit an area that is characterized by unemployment and crime must take the subway to the periphery of the city. The political circles of the capital are currently talking with special contempt about provincial southern Sweden, which talks constantly about the problems of failed integration.

Frederick Sieradzki is a Jew from Malmö and one of the initiators of the kippa-walk. After a small protest march through the city, he was talking about how the local media ignores violence and threats against Jews in Malmö. "You do not write that it is Muslims who are behind it.I just think it has to do with the fact that the Jewish community is so much smaller than the Muslim," says Sieradzki.

"It's only a minority of Muslims who threaten us, but still you need to talk about it."His latest kippa-walk gathered about 20 people. Among them was only one non-Jew, a Swedish journalist who wanted to show his solidarity.

I find bizarre the remark comparing Sweden unfavourably to Norway, in terms of addressing muslim anti-semitism. 1. Norway's jews are thoroughly intimidated (the Gershowitz visit demonstrated that). 2. Norway's constitution used to explicitly ban jews from entering the country. 3. Norway had a Quisling Nazi government. 4. During the Utoya massacre, the young social democrats were taking part in exercises to simulate attacks on Israel. 5. The Norwegian ambassador in Israel said that attacks similar to those of Breivik are justified if the victims are jews.  6. Sweden does at least have the Swedish Democrats (which RS points out did not arise from a neo-nazi party).

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Anti-semitism is on the increase across the world, even some jews are joining in the hate campaign. I have no doubt that at some point in the future Israel will be made to decide if it wants to exist or not. Pressure will be put on them to give up more and more untill there is nothing left to surrender.

Will the jews fight or lay down and die. Either way if the Arabs get there chance they will kill as many as possible, with the help of many Europeans it seems. All of this is being done nice and quite. As has been mentioned once or twice before, the media refuses to show us the truth, and people can't handle the truth anyway. Most people will look the other way if it means they get to live shaking under the kitchin table for one more day.



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