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I think the whole of Sweden has just been made to look stupid.

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Amazing, so much wrong, its clear that Sweden can't be far away from collapse, they haven't a clue.

In the first image above, they are all dressed in their finery, but the memory of all those 'honours' has gone.  They have forgotten that the fine clothes and medals are supposed to be signs of becoming somebody and achieving something.  Previous kings would wear their honours knowing how hard they had had to fight or work for them.  But the current generation haven't done that, they haven't even got the memory of that, instead, for them, its just a way of looking good.

I also find it very strange that the husband forgives the thief but the wife doesn't:
(a) It should be a joint position, surely?
(b) The husband does not have the right to forgive, because it was not his loss
(c) The husband also does not seem to appreciate this is not just a financial loss, its to do with heritage and family memory
(d) The husband seems to be the guilty party in terms of the risk taking, so points (a), (b) and (c) are even more acerbic.

The wife would be quite entitled to think of divorce, for his total failure to understand her position, never mind the breach of trust in taking a different stance on the issue.  But perhaps she's already thinking like a submissive Muslim woman, and accepts that she is deficient in intelligence?

There is no hope for these people.  They are children, in the body of a grown up.

Surely the Crown jewels are the property of the Swedish nation. has anyone asked how they feel about losing their history.  NO sorry, stolen. And barely a moan uttered.

I've been looking to see what the swedish people have to say about the case, but it seems as though they are a very forgiving nation. Or the media is keeping quite.

Better keep an eye on who our Queen takes in as a friend i suppose.


Well, it was not the crown jewels, it was personal jewelry

Tiara disappeared

Several jewelry that Princess had inherited from his mother, Princess Sibylla, and the old King Gustav VI Adolf, was gone. Likewise, the diadem of the Princess Christina wore during the Nobel banquet last year.

A total of jewelry with a value of 855 000.

Besides tiara made two rings, two large cufflinks and a braided bracelet in gold thread. The estimated value amounts to 855 000.

19-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of grand larceny. Today the trial began in Stockholm District Court.

19-year-old defender, Thomas Rothpfeffer, want the hearing held behind closed doors, because of his young age, and the court decided later on closed doors.

"It's a sad day '

19-year-old was in the back door to the courtroom. Princess Christina's husband Tord was in place was called as a witness.

After testimony was Tord Magnuson reticent. He could hardly keep from crying.

- It's a sad day, 'he said shortly.

In what way?

- No comment.

Now what?

- The dentist at one o'clock.

At 11 came the Stockholm District Court delivered its verdict. 19-year-old sentenced for aggravated theft in two cases, due to the high values. 19-year-old sentenced to probation, it requires specific reasons for choosing imprisonment because of the low age.

After the verdict was Tord Magnuson overall.

- Justice is now available. It was a fair judgment. The important thing is that he has the care he needs now.

- I still think about him.

Here We Go

Swedish royal jewels missing after daring theft

Swedish royal jewels missing after daring theft

Published: 14 Jun 12 13:53 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation Online:

A 19-year-old man has admitted to the theft of over 850,000 kronor ($120,675) worth of royal jewels that were taken from Princess Christina’s apartment near the Royal Palace over the past two months.


The thief, a 19-year-old friend of the family, confessed to the theft soon after, wrote the Aftonbladet newspaper.
It is alleged that he sold the majority of the jewels for 9,000 kronor to two marijuana dealers.
He also reportedly threw a tiara worth 350,000 kronor off a Stockholm bridge into the water below.
The jewellery belonged to Princess Christina, the 68-year-old youngest sister of Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf.
The collection contained treasures inherited from her mother, Princess Sibylla, and Gustav VI Adolf, the previous king of Sweden.
It is alleged that the contents also included golden rings and bracelets, as well as gifts from the ex-emperor of Ethiopia - Haile Selassie.
The discovery of the missing treasure was made by Tord Magnuson, the husband of the princess.
When Magnuson confronted the teenager, the 19-year-old confessed to the crime immediately, wrote the paper.
The 19-year-old also told how he stole the 350,000 kronor tiara back in mid-May during a party at the palace, and then threw it into the water off the Riksbron Bridge in Stockholm.
Divers on Wednesday searched for the sunken jewels to no avail, with Aftonbladet reporting that only wallets, false teeth and one eel have been found so far.
The 19-year-old, who came to Sweden as a refugee in 2010, had lived with the royal couple, and Magnuson had acted as his mentor.
The two became close friends, with Princess Christina even referring to the man as “the child of the house”.
It is alleged that he stole the key to the safe back in April and planned to blame the housecleaner for the thefts.
Charges of aggravated theft have been filed against the man.
The 19-year-old has given descriptions to police of the two men who bought the jewels, but neither has been identified as yet.
TT/The Local/og


The actual swedish crown jewels are kept well protected thank goodness. having looked at the history and the objects themselves, which are quite stunning, it would have been a very sad to have lost them to some criminal gang and broken up, so i'm pleased to correct this to the royal jewels were stolen.

The crown jewels, which havn't been worn since 1907 are safe and sound.

The royal jewels, which are still a great loss because they themselfs where gathering a history of their own, have not as yet been traced.

It may also be right to add, that the people of sweden felt that the jewels were apart of their heritage almost as much as the crown jewels, and the people of sweden are angy as hell that they have been stolen and lost to a drugs gang.  I have that from the mouth of a swedish citizen. He added, 'if i stole 850,000 kornor of royal jewels, i'd expect to get 5 years and a lot of hate mail'.




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