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Kuffarphobia in Sweden


Kuffarphobia in Sweden

Att organisera kampen för medborgerliga rättigheter och sekulär lag i Sverige

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Swedish woman gang raped until she is disabled by Afghan refugees.This is how asylum seekers reward those that try help them.


One Week in Sweden

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Will Someone fight back?

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Pat Condell: Goodbye Sweden

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Sweden Descends into Anarchy - Gatestone Institute

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av paul collings Sep 19, 2016. 3 Svar

On- The Muslim Brotherhood Of Sweden. Magnus Norell.

Startad av Philip Smeeton. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Jul 10, 2016. 1 Svar


Startad av OldWarDog. Senaste svar av Alan Lake Mar 21, 2016. 6 Svar

Sweden: Death by Immigration

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Sweden's suicide

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Protecting a you girl, boy murdered by rapefugee

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Sweden's lie "refugee children"

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Julia Caesar in English

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Kuffarphobes target Lars Vilks

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They should be Hung.

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Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 6 December 2017 kl. 15.20

A political solution, becoming the lawmakers, is our only hope.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 6 December 2017 kl. 15.19

I agree Alan, wonderful. The Truth will be told.

I do hope the Swedes surprise us all and revolt soon.

The only solution is to deport Muslims and other incompatible immigrants in large numbers, and ignore every accusation of racism. Sweden for the Swedes is the only reasonable policy, and fuck any that disagree.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 6 December 2017 kl. 9.40

This video is a masterpiece.

Kommentar av Antony den 4 December 2017 kl. 7.24

Sweden prepares for war

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 29 November 2017 kl. 16.23

“I said in my speech yesterday that we do not need more asylum immigration, we need rather a net return. That is, many of those who have come here and do not need protection, who have no obvious reason to stay here and live on Swedish taxes, they will return to the country they came from,” he said.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 24 November 2017 kl. 17.45
Kommentar av Alan Lake den 23 Oktober 2017 kl. 6.25


Kommentar av Alan Lake den 16 Oktober 2017 kl. 3.26

Migrants Threaten Swedish Migration Board Employees with Rape, Violence

Oct 8, 2017 Source:

In the first nine months of 2017, the Swedish migration board has reported 2,875 serious incidents against their staff including threats of rape and assault, and threats to set fire to their offices.

Particularly worrying for the female employees of the migration board, which handles all the country’s asylum claims, has been the number of sexual harassment incidents from migrants. So far, there have been 15 cases of sexual harassment including one in which a migrant threatened to rape a female employee, Aftonbladet reports.

Maria Johansson, working environment specialist at the Swedish Migration Board, said the incidents “can be anything including an inappropriate comment related to a sexual act. This is not a common problem with us, but it is serious when it happens.”

Threats often come via email and over the telephone, with one female employee being verbally abused over the telephone when a migrant yelled, “What do you doing you fucking pussy?!” before hanging up.

A case in Södermanland during the summer saw a female employee followed by a migrant man as she was going outside for fresh air. She decided to ignore him and look at her mobile phone but he started kissing her hand and then trying to kiss her on the lips before she pushed him off.

In central Norrland, an aggressive migrant showed up at a migration board office and when security guards confronted him he not only threatened to kill them but turned to a female guard and told her he would find her address and rape her. The asylum seeker was later arrested and convicted for uttering threats.

Another female officer in the Stockholm area reported being followed on public transport. Although she asked the man to stop following her, he continued to harass her and told her that he knew she worked at the migration board.

“He threatened to throw me in front of the train,” the woman said.

When the train arrived, he reiterated that he wanted to accompany her home before he disappeared.

The migration office worker added: “I felt uneasy when I went to work the next day.”

Another report from an employee claimed that a migrant had called her at the migration board office 166 times in the span of only an hour and made threats against her.

Threats against employees or volunteers working with migrants can sometimes lead to brutal crimes. Over the past two years, several women working with asylum seekers have been killed by them.

The most known case in Sweden was that of asylum centre worker Alexandra Mezher who was killed by a Somalian man who lied about being underage.

In Germany asylum shelter volunteer Maria Ladenburger was raped and killed by an Afghan migrant who also admitted he lied about being underage.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 6 Oktober 2017 kl. 5.05

Swedish Left Party politician ‘raped for his beliefs’ at knifepoint

Published time: 16 Sep, 2017 03:31 Edited time: 16 Sep, 2017 04:54

Sweden’s Left Party leader in Falun, Patrik Liljeglod, has revealed that an armed man brutally attacked and raped him at knifepoint, allegedly for his political stance.
Walking home at the end of July from a bus stop in Falun, he was suddenly attacked, threatened with a weapon and raped, Liljeglod disclosed on Facebook.

“On my way home I was attacked by an unknown man armed with a knife,” Liljeglod said. “I was brutally treated and also raped at knifepoint under the pretext that I was ‘Left-wing female genitalia’, that people like me ‘enjoy this’ and finally that I was a traitor.”

In an emotional and very personal revelation, the politician said he initially kept the attack private, only reporting it to police, but eventually turned it into a public discourse because the nature of the incident was politically motivated.

“The few words and sentences expressed by the man had a clear connection to me as politically active and therefore it affects us all,” Liljeglod wrote, adding that “what happened to me is an event in the crowd.”

Stressing that he does not seek “compassion or empathy,” the politician continued the rest of his narrative speaking about protecting the principles of democracy in Sweden.

“I stand here because, given my deeply rooted belief that democracy is an integral part of our society,” he wrote. “Nothing is more important than democracy, people die for the right to democracy every day – and the right we have inherited through our parents’ struggles, we have to continue fighting for.”

No one has yet been arrested for the attack on Liljeglod.

“We have secured some traces we have sent for analysis to the National Forensic Center,”said Police spokesman Stefan Dangardt. “If it turns out that the motive is his political allegiance then it is obviously a hate crime.”

“There are surveys that show that up to 30% of all politicians have been subjected to crime, but only 20% report it,” the spokesman pointed out.

According to a recent The Politicians Safety Survey (PTU), published by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, some 6.3 percent of elected politicians who were polled admitted having suffered a hate crime in 2014.

The Left Party of Sweden (Vänsterpartiet) is a socialist and feminist political party that advocates environmentalism. Created 100 years ago, the party has never been part of the national government, only serving at local level.

In the wake of the refugee crisis in Europe, the party has been pushing to establish special employment assistance and improving the quality of language teaching for migrants.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 6 Oktober 2017 kl. 5.00

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