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Kuffarphobia in Sweden


Kuffarphobia in Sweden

Att organisera kampen för medborgerliga rättigheter och sekulär lag i Sverige

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Swedish woman gang raped until she is disabled by Afghan refugees.This is how asylum seekers reward those that try help them.


Sweden - the Nation with No Voice

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av Antony Dec 30, 2017. 4 Svar

One Week in Sweden

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Nov 15, 2017. 2 Svar

Will Someone fight back?

Startad av Indoeuropean. Senaste svar av paul collings Jul 21, 2017. 2 Svar

Pat Condell: Goodbye Sweden

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av paul collings Mar 12, 2017. 2 Svar

Sweden Descends into Anarchy - Gatestone Institute

Startad av Alan Lake. Senaste svar av paul collings Sep 19, 2016. 3 Svar

On- The Muslim Brotherhood Of Sweden. Magnus Norell.

Startad av Philip Smeeton. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Jul 10, 2016. 1 Svar


Startad av OldWarDog. Senaste svar av Alan Lake Mar 21, 2016. 6 Svar

Sweden: Death by Immigration

Startad av Herman Van Keer Feb 4, 2016. 0 Svar

Sweden's suicide

Startad av Herman Van Keer. Senaste svar av Antony Jan 22, 2016. 1 Svar

Protecting a you girl, boy murdered by rapefugee

Startad av Herman Van Keer Jan 20, 2016. 0 Svar

Sweden's lie "refugee children"

Startad av Herman Van Keer. Senaste svar av Herman Van Keer Jan 20, 2016. 1 Svar

Julia Caesar in English

Startad av Oscar Friberg. Senaste svar av Philip Smeeton Okt 6, 2015. 3 Svar

Kuffarphobes target Lars Vilks

Startad av paul collings. Senaste svar av paul collings Sep 5, 2013. 12 Svar

They should be Hung.

Startad av shiva Jul 3, 2012. 0 Svar



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Kommentar av Philip Smeeton för 8 timmar sedan

“If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up,” according to the pamphlet that will be distributed during the May 28-June 3 Emergency Preparedness Week.

".....we will never give up."
Makes you laugh doesn't it. They have already given up to a foreign power. Islam.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 1 Maj 2018 kl. 13.20
Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 1 Maj 2018 kl. 9.11

The new Norwegian Justice Minister, Tor Mikkel Wara, (Progress Party, Frp.), got into a duel on state owned TV news last night, with the Workers Party Oslo leader, about immigrant gang violence.He said that his party was doing everything it could to limit immigration and to deport migrant criminals. (Most of the thugs however are born in Norway and have citizenship). The socialist opponent with bulging eyes and foaming at the mouth denounced this as a scandalous statement, (telling the truth and stating that all of these young thugs were non-eurpean immigrants), and that the answer was in dialogue, integration and better policing. (No blame assigned to the thugs themselves). The situation meanwhile is out of control and worsening.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 30 April 2018 kl. 19.13
Watch the camera crew get evicted from the area cafe, half way thru the movie.  The gangs are in control, not the police!

Multiculturalism in Sweden - Literally Nothing Happening!
Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 28 April 2018 kl. 16.40

Rich Swedes Exposed To Multiculturalism.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 11 Februari 2018 kl. 10.40
Speech on Islam in the Swedish Parliament - Richard Jomshof (SD) (ENGSUBS)
A brilliant speech.

Kommentar av Philip Smeeton den 5 Februari 2018 kl. 10.05
Sweden: Major operation, armed police guarding all police stations in Muslim-dominated Malmö
FEB 4, 2018.
When will this madness end?
All of this crime is immigrant related.
They have imported and given citizenship to hundreds of thousands of people that are completely incompatible with Swedish society. In the mistaken belief that all people are equally good and that they have a moral duty to help everyone in need.
This madness will end when they start sending these immigrants back to their country of origin. The law gave them citizenship and the law can take it away.

Kommentar av Alan Lake den 24 December 2017 kl. 20.50

Antony, I added that video masterpiece as an embed in a separate forum, above

Kommentar av Antony den 24 December 2017 kl. 20.35
Kommentar av Alan Lake den 24 December 2017 kl. 18.57

‘No rapists on our streets’: Swedes protest gang rapes in Malmo, demand govt to act


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