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The intelligentsia will be the last to admit it.  But that's the beauty of reality.  You can't wish it away.

Of course we don't get this in the news.  Too busy with Paris Hilton or gay marriage.  It probably helps keep things quiet since the French media are now forbidden from reporting on the 30,000 cars (at last count) blown up by muslims there each year.

From the above video:

The socialist mayor of a suburb of Paris has been asking for the army and UN peacekeepers to be deployed there since 2009!

"It is amazing that bullet-proof vests are not compulsory for tourists."

The non-muslim French do not dare enter the ring of muslim suburbs that surround their capital city. [Wow.  The blindness and ignorance of the history of siege warfare is astonishing. Future generations will talk not about the Siege of Vienna in 1683, but the Siege of Paris in 2023.  And still the French are eating croissants every day; people wrongly thought 'bake the threat of islam into bread and no-one will forget it'.]

The muslim scrotes of Strasbourg are proud to proclaim their ghetto "Baghdad".  It's clear that the muslims/gangs (same thing) are in control.  The dhimmi multi-culti social worker serves as an agent of misinformation.

The author of a book on Strasbourg says that his country is returning to tribalism.  [Balkanisation, anyone?  Again, there is a failure to acknowledge the history of europe.]

The police spokeswoman says "There are no 'no-go zones' "  She says they enter them with a fully-tooled army.  [Sorry dear, that is a 'no-go zone'.]  She says the police have to have escape routes, and they are often injured in these sorties.  Just before that, the police admit they no longer chase suspects because if the suspect dies inevitably there will be rioting.

Laurent Obertone says that French liberalism is pathological. [James Burnham must be smiling in his grave.]

And as if the process of Balkanisation was not obvious, the socialist mayor says "Weapons that were used in the Balkans have now appeared here."  [Isn't that a kind of poetic symmetry?  If it occurred in a movie, the intellgentsia would be waxing lyrically about how clever the auteur was.]

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The French are living in a dream world.  Their economy is collapsing, yet they are still merely playing with the problems above.

Three things stood out for me from the police operations.

(1) They have 10,000 hi tech cameras in Paris alone. Previous generations would have used that to reduce the crime rate to near zero; this one uses it to just stop the pan from boiling over.  Well, that's fine while things are ok.  What happens if there's a massive power failure or Katrina like disaster?  Then you will see, as in New Orleans, the total breakdown of law and order and the functions of the state.  They have totally misunderstood the police function.  The police are supposed to be there to deal with a tiny minority that have not accepted the suzerainty and legitimacy of the state.  If you take them away, things are supposed to just keep ticking over for at least a few months, while people perhaps start to lose their social conformance.  You are not supposed to see immediate social collapse if you turn off the policing!

(2) When asked about the no-go zones, the police commissioner lied and obfuscated, and also smiled.  She's clearly been through this language game before, but also, she simply is not treating the issue with the seriousness and severity it deserves.  She was proud that they officers put their lives at risk when they dared to go, after a lot of planning, in specially armoured vehicles.  The fact that the police are supposed to have free rein of the country seems to have escaped her.

(3) Even with all this technology, which our parents police would have given their back teeth for, they still have to say 'we cannot chase criminals, as that may lead to a riot'.  The impunity is beyond belief.  The response to rioting over an escaping criminal that gets hurt, should be a tough hard crackdown, which persists until the rioting stops.  This could be augmented by a permanent cessation of benefits, medical care and housing to anyone caught rioting.  Its a no-brainer, but it will never happen, of course.  The French are too busy studying their pseudo philosophers.

Permanent military force of 7000 to be deployed on streets of France.

This report says France has twice as many muslims as UK or Germany who have gone to join the Caliphate.

And France now has a standing army on its streets.  No wonder the French population in England has increased so much.

Apparently cathedrals in France told to up security, in case of terrorist attacks by muslims.

I wouldn't visit that site, as it tries to stop you navigating away from it.  Perhaps someone has seen this story reported elsewhere. Just cos that's a dodgy site doesn't mean the story is untrue.

I went to check, and the story is true.

How on earth is this not shocking?  Like frogs being slowly boiled, we don't even register how shocking such a story is.

And here's another example.  I didn't go looking for related material. It was just the next thing I saw on returning to my PC.

Listen to how the victim is told the "migrants" are traumatised, yet she sees them partying & is told there can be no street lights because it would encourage these "traumatised migrants" to party harder.

Horrific. I look forward to the day when the fascist left get their just deserts, since it is their policies which have wrought hell on that poor family.

Nobel prize winning Hungarian author & jewish survivor of Auschwitz warns that the flood of muslim immigrants will destroy Europe; says that after Hitler no-one dares discuss the values/dangers of other cultures & that liberalism is suicide.

Hungarian-Jewish writer Imre Kertész:
“... how Europe relates to this, the suicidal liberalism and the stupid democracy … It always ends the same way: civilization reaches a certain stage of maturation where it is not only unable to defend itself, but where it is in a seemingly incomprehensible worship of its own enemy.”

A remarkable and true observation.

30 months after I first started this thread, I think we can say that France has acknowledged the civil war has begun.

La France is to keep 10,000 soldiers on the streets because of the threat of violence from The Religion of Peace

So, the attacks on minorities, on free speech and on democracy are clearly expected to continue. The Holocaust will be taught in fewer schools, because the muslim students cheer on the Nazis. Jews will continue their exodus to Israel. Even non-jews who are attacked as jews in France are leaving.

Let me remind you: when Chinese friends of mine visited Europe, the place they found most frightening was Paris. That was about 3 years ago.

The crazy world in which we live. A supposedly supremely civilised secular country, has a standing army in its cities, to protect it from The Religion of Peace.  And only us oddballs on the periphery of society (and Chinese tourists) are noting what this means.

Such an article wojld previously have only been on PJ Media or Gates of Vienna, but now its on RT News. Why, that's almost mainstream!

Commentarys on forthcoming muslim vs democracy civil war ;

I think that 5 years ago Geller was not one of those who saw Europe descending into civil war.  AFAIR it was Gates of Vienna who were advancing that line of thought.  

Antony said:

Commentarys on forthcoming muslim vs democracy civil war ;


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