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Four plead guilty to terror plot targeting UK rabbis

February 1st, 2012 by CST

Four men have pleaded guilty to a 2010 terrorist plot that included the potential targetingof two rabbis, amongst other targets:

Four men inspired by al-Qaeda have admitted planning to detonate a bomb at the London Stock Exchange.

Mohammed Chowdhury, Shah Rahman, Gurukanth Desai and Abdul Miah pleaded guilty to engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism.

The men, from London and Cardiff, were arrested in December 2010 and were set to stand trial at Woolwich Crown Court.

Five other men have pleaded guilty to other terrorism offences and all nine will be sentenced next week.

The men, who are all British nationals, had been inspired by the preachings of the recently-killed radical extremist Anwar Al-Awlaki.

It emerged that those who admitted planning to target the London Stock Exchange wanted to send five mail bombs to various targets during the run up to Christmas 2010 and discussed launching a “Mumbai-style” atrocity.

A hand-written target list discovered at the home of one of the radical Islamists listed the names and addresses of London Mayor Boris Johnson, two rabbis, the US embassy and the Stock Exchange.

The conspiracy was stopped by undercover anti-terror police before firm dates could be set for attacks.

The terrorists met because of their membership of various radical groups and stayed in touch over the internet, through mobile phones and at specially arranged meetings.

CST was informed by the police of the potential threat to the rabbis when the group was arrested in December 2010, and together with the police we briefed the rabbis and the security officers at their synagogues. This plot is a reminder of the enduring terrorist threat that is faced by the UK Jewish community.

The “radical groups” that the men were associated with were al-Muhajiroun and its various successor groups, including Islam4UK and Muslims Against Crusades, which have been proscribed (pdf) by the government. This is no surprise: one research report (pdf) found that 15% of UK nationals convicted of Islamist terrorist offences had links to al-Muhajiroun or its successor organisations. Some details of the defendants’ connections to these groups appeared in the media at the time of their arrests, and it is likely that more will emerge in the coming days.

Below is Mohammed Chowdhury, the leader of the terrorist plot, holding an Islam4UK placard.

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Again, we have been predicting that muslims in Britain would start doing random beheadings.

I spoke about this last week to a close relative who knows my views, and she was so shocked when I made this prediction she was literally agog at the idea.

131 terrorism incidents in the UK last year.

And MI5 won't even keep their list of convicted terrorists updated.

2000 jihadis from Britain have gone to fight for the Caliphate.

Why is anyone surprised by these numbers?  10,000 went to Hizb ut Tahrir conferences.

Guards around Buckingham Palace are being moved away from the public, to protect the soldiers from being killed by members of The Religion of Peace.

If this had been done 30 years ago because of the IRA, you can be sure it would have been announced.

But this is just one more step on the way to dhimmitude, to being ruled by the desert fascist overlords.

5 non-muslims came from Portugal to live in London.

They mixed with muslims, converted to islam, and have now gone to Syria to be islamo-fascist killers.

More Cultural Enrichment from Tony Blair's people:

Briton On Trial Over US Soldier's Death

In what is believed to be a "legal first", a man is on trial in the UK for the killing of a US soldier in Iraq.

17:24, UK,Tuesday 28 April 2015

Sergeant First Class Randy Johnson, of 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment

SFC Johnson died when the armoured vehicle he was in was hit by a blast

A British man has gone on trial in London accused of causing the death of a US soldier in Iraq.

Anis Abid Sardar is accused of making improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or roadside bombs that were used in the conflict in Iraq.

Sardar, 38, from Wembley, is being tried in a London court in what is believed to be a legal first, accused of assembling bombs in Syria that were planted on the outskirts of Baghdad in 2007.

Sergeant First Class Randy Johnson of 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment from Washington DC died after the armoured vehicle in which he was travelling hit a bomb on 27 September of that year. Four other soldiers were injured.

Opening the trial, prosecutor Max Hill QC said: "This is an unusual trial, in that almost all of the evidence you will hear and see comes from Iraq.

"The offences, we say, are the most serious imaginable, and the British link is the fact that the defendant, a British citizen, lives and works here.

"For that reason, it is lawful to place him on trial in London, even though the activities you will hear about took place far away in Iraq.

"The Crown's case is that the defendant Mr Sardar was directly involved in making bombs for use in Iraq during 2007.

"As you will hear, he seems to have been based in Syria, probably in the capital city Damascus at relevant times."

US soldiers salute during a memorial service near Baghdad for SFC Johnson

Sardar, who denies murder, conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion, was arrested last year after his fingerprints were found on bombs recovered in Iraq by US forces.

Jurors at Woolwich Crown Court heard how Sardar had said he was studying Arabic in Syria in 2007 but, the prosecution said, he already spoke Arabic well and "was without doubt involved in bomb-making, whether in Syria or in neighbouring Iraq".

A bomb-making manual had been found at his home, the prosecutor said, and Sardar's fingerprints had been found on two bombs.

The fingerprints of another man - Sajjad Adnan - were also found on the bombs and it was only his that were found on the bomb that killed SFC Johnson.

But, Mr Hill argued: "That bomb was part of a sequence, involving bombs concealed geographically quite close together, all as part of a joint effort by the defendant Mr Sardar, together with Adnan and others.

"That is why it is unnecessary for Mr Sardar to have left his own finger mark on the bomb which killed Sergeant Johnson."

Adnan, who is not a British citizen, was arrested after the bombings and has since been handed over to the Iraqi authorities.

MI5 boss: terrorism threat in Britain is at highest level in his 32 years of experience, and "shows no sign of abating".

Mr Parker said firms have an "obligation" and an "ethical responsibility" to work with law enforcement and other agencies "to prevent their services being used for the purposes of serious crime and terrorism".

Yet MI5 has no obligation to declare islam a subversive ideology.

MI5 will only describe "islamic terrrorism" as "international terrorism".

MI5 won't even keep accurate records of the names & nationalities of these "international" terrorists convicted in the UK.

Yet businesses have obligations to police the citizenry for these ambiguous, ill-defined threats.


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