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I think we will soon run out of unique number pairs to describe these terrorist atrocities, which are, as we all know NTDWI (Nothing To Do With Islam).   We already have a duplicate pair for 25/6.  So I'll list the ones we've had so far to make sure we don't get confused.  Of course, this is only a small subset of the 28,000 Islamic Terror attacks since 9/11, (which were also nothing to do with Islam).

One characteristic we can use to measure these attacks is, did they kill enough kuffar to cause an acknowledgement of the ideological justification of them, by the Quran and by Islamic Theology?  If the response to the attacks is statements like the ones below, then we can say that not enough were killed to cause the dumb kuffar of the West to face up to the existential threat they face.

The interpretation of TooFKD is not purely literal.  For example, if God forbid, the Queen is assassinated by a Muslim thug, only one person has died, but the assault that represents on our values and indeed the security of our entire state, is colossal. Then you can see a pattern of decreasing sensitivity, as if Islamists are testing to see at what point the lumbering behemoth of the Western State will wake up and react.  So, from the Fatwa against the writer Salman Rushdie (effectively no response) to the killing of the soldier Lee Rigby (effectively no response) we see the same failure.  The jihadists surmise that if we fail to respond to the first incursion, we will be similarly cowardly when it comes to the second, even more existential one, and so on.

TooFKD Responses

  • "This attack will not cause us to lose our fundamental Western values of Free Speech (including the free speech of Islamists), Respect for individual human rights (including the human rights of Islamists), Egalitarianism (including treating Islamists just like everyone else), Secularism (including a refusal to monitor political statements if made by a 'religion') for that would be to descend to their level"
  • "The most important thing here, is that we do not let this incident cause us to feel Islamophobia. This atrocity is nothing to do with Islam because Islam is a religion of Peace." Of course, if you report that Muslims are celebrating the dead Belgian kuffar, the police come to your door and caution you.
  • "Our thoughts go out to the dead and maimed from this great tragedy" - yes, our thoughts go out, but that's all.  If we catch anyone connected with the atrocity we'll read him his rights and give him a massive pay-off if we've slightly mis-stepped somewhere along the way
  • Endless showing of balaclava clad special units  looking menacing and pointing their weapons into empty space or checking the credentials of all the kuffar that are fleeing the bomb site after the jihadis have fled

If those are the responses, then we can say the situation is TooFKD or Too Few Kuffar Died. However, if the response is as below, we can say the situation is TooMKD, or Too Many Kuffar Died.

TooMKD Responses

  • We want to have identification in every passport of a person's religion (or a separate religious ID card which must be produced) and we require that every person attending a mosque show their ID on entry (monitored by video) to prove that they have been authenticated and are known to the authorities
  • We want to have separate airports for Muslim and Non-Muslim flights, as non-Muslims are sick of being blown up and all the trouble they have to go thru on check in.  
  • We want to have audio and video recording and monitoring of all sermons/prayers/whatever given in the main hall of every religious building.  There would also be a video feed of the entrance, to check that every person is showing their religious id on entry. This is a legal requirement, and the religion itself must pay for it or be shut down.  The data feed will be relayed to a central monitoring body ( Cheltenham), and will be inspected for tampering on a monthly basis.
  • We want to have collective guilt applied to families for terror acts which are suicidal, since in such a case the legal system has no other possible form of retribution and deterrent
  • We want a parliamentary enquiry into the political instructions (AKA hate and violence) of Islam, to determine which parts may be legally propagated within the UK

There are plenty of other measures possible, buy you get the idea.  If we start to see measures like that being proposed, then we can say that the situation is TooMKD.  

So let's list the events so far. As you will see, the events get more and more shocking, but all it seems to do is provoke the kuffar into making more and more excuses. Please tell me of any big ones I've missed out.

TooFKD     5/9        1972    Munich         Israeli Olympic Team taken hostage, 11 killed

TooFKD     4/11      1979    Tehran         US Embassy hostage blackmail: 53 held for 444 days

TooFKD     30/4      1980    London        Iranian Embassy siege, 2 tortured to death

TooFKD     20/10    1983    Beirut           US baracks bombing, 301 killed (then USA leaves Lebanon)

TooFKD     7/10      1985    Egypt           Achille Lauro hijacking, 1 wheelchair bound man killed

TooFKD     12/12    1988    Lockerbie     Pan Am flight bombed, 270 died

TooFKD     2/26      1993    New York     World Trade Centre - car park bombing

TooFKD     25/6      1996    Saudi Arabia USAF Khobar Towers bombing, 19 killed, 515 injured

TooFKD     26/6      1996    Egypt           Luxor tourist shooting, 71 killed

TooFKD     9/11      2001    New York     World Trade Centre - aircraft bombing, 3000 died

TooFKD     23/10    2002    Moscow       Dubrovka Theatre seige

TooFKD     6/2        2004    Moscow       Underground bombing, 41 killed  

TooFKD     1/9        2004     Beslan         Primary school hostages, 334 killed

TooFKD     2/11      2004    Amsterdam  Theo van Gogh murdered (for making movie 'Submission')

TooFKD     3/11      2004    Madrid         Train station bombings (then Spain leaves Iraq)

TooFKD     7/7        2005    London        Tube and bus bombings

TooFKD     26/11    2008    Mumbai       12 co-ordinated atrocities across the city

TooFKD     29/3      2010    Moscow       Underground bombings

TooFKD     22/5      2013    London         Soldier Lee Rigby murdered

TooFKD     21/9      2013    Nairobi         Westgate Shopping Mall shooting, 67 killed, 175 wounded

TooFKD     4/14      2014    Nigeria          276 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram

TooFKD     1/7        2015    Paris             Charlie Hebdo killings (then European cartoons stop)

TooFKD     13/11    2015    Paris             Stade de France & Bataclan Theatre atrocities

TooFKD      22/3     2016    Brussels        Airport and Metro bombings

If you can please take the time to read this list, the surprising thing is how many of those massive newsworthy events we have now forgotten.  Of course, if the academics and media were doing their job and showing the patterns, we would have been reminded of them, but of course, that's the last thing they want.  They want all these atrocities to disappear into a collective black hole of memory.

The big take away from this chart of course, is that everything is TooFKD.  I'm not sure how to fix it, but probably those people with the massive brains at the Guardian and in Parliament can figure it out.

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Douglas Murray on the standardised response ;

There are even too many of the major attacks for me to add.  Instead I will put 2 collections here.  Note how it really starts way back in the 1970s.  I remember those days, and feeling terrified by the thought of being in a hijacked airliner.  And now? We just accept it as normal.

It is the job of journalists, academics, clergy, politicians, teachers to keep important cultural memories alive. 

I heard an 11yo kid say "ISIS are not Islamic". I asked, "where did you hear this"? "At school".

Now, I distinctly remember the day when I was 14yo and asked my History/Social Studies teacher a question about politics. His reply was "I'm not allowed to give you political opinions".  I didn't hear politics discussed by a teacher until I was studying politics at university.

Yet now we have 11yo (and younger?) being indoctrinated at school on major political questions. These kids are being deceived about a threat that walks among them, and which will be worse by the time they are adults.

I now just refer to " journalists, academics, clergy, politicians, teachers" as The Quisling Class, because there is barely an exception among them.

Incidentally, I have seen my usage of "Quisling" spread. I really do believe that if one is seeding the appropriate term among people who are very interested in some topic, it will take on a life of its own.

Definitely, those memes carry.  Like the one about calling the "not-left" as "far right", and thereby creating a nucleus about which the real far right will try to form.  Is that what the quisling class really intended?  Ha ha, they're so stupid, its the law of unintended consequences again.


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