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In the last 3 years there have been at least 3 cases I can recollect where muslims were found at water treatment plants in the US.  In one case, the muslims caught were all chemists/scientists, found at a water plant at night.

Here's 3 of the cases:

State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and “cited their education and career interests” for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates.

The Quabbin, in Belchertown, is one of the country’s largest man-made public water supplies. Boston’s drinking water comes from the Quabbin and the Wachusett Reservoirs.

I'm sure to the vast majority of the population, it just seems unconscionable that muslim terrorists could target the water supply.  What could they possibly hope to achieve?  Surely they couldn't be planning to poison a city's water supply?  Well, no-one ever expected them to fly planes into the WTC or to bomb the Tube.

Then last week I was flicking through the documentary channels, when  I came across a programme about The Jewish Avengers.  After watching the documentary, I asked a few well-informed people if they had ever heard of these people.  Two friends said "no", and one -- fairly steeped in jewish history -- told me he had read about them in serious books a couple of years ago.

In 1946, a group of jews set about poisoning the water supply of major German cities.  Their goal was to kill 6 million random Germans. And they came very close to pulling it off (the leader made what seems like a foolish choice in transporting the poison to Germany).  In the documentary, several of The Jewish Avengers were interviewed, and their only regrets were that they had failed to kill these 6 million random Germans.

Their chosen method was the poisoning of the water supply of five German cities. Cohen says the targets were Munich, Berlin, Weimar, Nuremberg and Hamburg, and before long the Avengers had placed workers inside the cities' water filtration plants. Harmatz recalls days and nights studying blueprints of waterworks, working out how to avoid shutting off the supply to American residential areas, ensuring only Germans were struck. "Everything was in place, waiting for permission to proceed," he writes.[...] Kovner, with two canisters of poison in his backpack, was arrested by British military police while on a ship bound for Europe: he had been betrayed.

Long before 9/11, Hollywood movies had conceived of the possibility of terrorism by flying planes into buildings.  And it is clear, that 70 years ago, terrorists had come very close to killing 6 million by poisoning the water.

In the light of this historical close call, incidents of muslim chemists being caught at night in water treatment plants are very serious.  We know that muslim terrorists like "spectacular" attacks.  If I had to assess which was more difficult, poisoning the water supply or hijacking 2 jumbo jets and flying them into the WTC, I'd say the latter seemed more difficult.  That the Jewish Avengers had their staff in the treatment plants, and were just awaiting the delivery of the poison shows how this appears to be entirely feasible.

Just like there were warnings about 9/11 that the American authorities appeared to ignore, it seems people are not paying serious attention to this threat. 

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Just like 9/11 was a shocking event, muslims will do something even more shocking.  Look who works in this lab.

Muslims seeking to use bubonic plague as a weapon.

This very idea occurred to me some months ago.  But I thought it was such a hideous concept, I didn't want to even put it in writing -- I didn't want to give them ideas they might not yet have had.

I saw a TV programme about botulism, and they stated something like "1 gram of botulism is toxic enough to kill 1 million people, provided on the way it is dispersed".  

We know from the sarin gas killings in Tokyo, that terrorists have implemented these things before.  I seem to recall that around 2002, muslim terrorists in Britain were convicted and they were attempting to manufacture sarin gas.  

It seems obvious that for the goals of muslim terrorists, being able to undertake simple germ warfare in a crowded city would be a massive coup.  I hope they never achieve it.

Islamic State seized control of al-Muthanna, the storage facility that houses Iraq’s stockpile of chemical weapons, in July.

Dear old Aunty BBC never told us about that, did she? Oh well, its NTDWI (nothing to do with Islam), and at least they're keeping us happy (until we get our throats cut, like little sheep).

Doesn't like we need worry about this "will they..."

People in NY are regularly bombarded by x-ray machines, driving round looking for bombs.

So the whole population is being irradiated, rather than address the real problem.

On the problem posed by drones.

These comments to the article make it clear that the problem is even greater than Reuters knows/admits.

Most decent new drones are programmable, you give them a set of GPS coordinates to go to then return from and they will. So you’d have to “jam” the GPS system- highly unlikely.

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Autonomous intelligent drones are just around the corner. Ones that fly by sight and guided by landmarks. Program in the path and they go and there is no jamming what needs no direction from external contact.

Those comments read like science-fiction. However, when one considers that Amazon are planning on having drones deliver goods then return home, and google have their driver-less cars, then it is clear that there will be programmable drones.  

Muslim man in Manchester attempts to buy enough ricin to kill 100s of people.

One day they will succeed in an attack like this.

Potential for drone strikes on UK nuclear facilities.

And it was only a couple of months back when we were told that several times a week unidentified drones were over French nuclear sites.

3 Al Jazeera journalists arrested for flying drone in Paris ;

Jihadis returning to Britain, trained to use Chlorine gas in terrorist attacks.

Muslim terrorists have claimed that they have brought down several planes in the past few years, and that governments are concealing this.

Notice that the news reports were stating that authorities were working on the "assumption" that the plane crash yesterday in the French alps was an accident, even though in the 8 minute direct descent into the mountain no distress call was sent. Just as no distress call was sent from the Malaysian airlines plane which disappeared last year.

Why would the authorities lie about muslims bringing down these planes? Because to admit they did would be to admit that all the security measures in place these past 15 years or so are pointless.  After admitting this, they would have to introduce restrictions which would make air travel impossible or they would have to ban muslims from flying.  

Yeah. Who would have thought there actually seems to be 5 or 6 cases since the 1980s of pilots trying to kill themselves and the passengers?  I was quite surprised to see how little flying experience the co-pilot had.

The thing is though, this crash still might have been averted if it wasn't for muslim terrorism.  It was the enhanced security of the door, designed to keep muslim terrorists out, which stopped the pilot and other crew from stopping the crash.

It's very sad. I saw some of the family travelling to the crash site from Spain couldn't bring themselves to fly there, and went by coach instead.

paul collings said:

Well looks like this one has been cleared up. It appears  The Co-Pilot drove the plane into the ground deliberately , while the pilot was using the loo.  Maybe he had a fit or something, but that doesn't change the fact it would have been a   terrifying end for all those on board.   

The discussion on Newsnight last night had a airline security expert point out that the cabin security measures were rushed through after 9/11 without being thought through. We should expect this over and over again: if the correct problem is not being addressed then perverse solutions will be put in place.  

The expert said there have been more cases of pilot suicide-homicide than there had of (muslim) terrorists taking over planes and trying to crash them with the passengers on board.

El-Al's policy of vetting/scrutinizing passengers is clearly a necessary step.  Ben Gurion airport refuses to go down the route others have taken, of pretending that all passengers provide the same level of risk.

paul collings said:

Yes unfortunately Islam has an effect even if indirectly on many things in our life.  Many people on twitter have been asking if the pilot was Muslim.  Its just peoples mind set at the moment.

What we don't need is the fact this incident was not due to Islamic terrorism being used as proof that all Plane crashes past and future have nothing to do with islam. Every false accusation puts another layer of protection around every Islamic atrocity.


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