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In the last 3 years there have been at least 3 cases I can recollect where muslims were found at water treatment plants in the US.  In one case, the muslims caught were all chemists/scientists, found at a water plant at night.

Here's 3 of the cases:

State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and “cited their education and career interests” for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates.

The Quabbin, in Belchertown, is one of the country’s largest man-made public water supplies. Boston’s drinking water comes from the Quabbin and the Wachusett Reservoirs.

I'm sure to the vast majority of the population, it just seems unconscionable that muslim terrorists could target the water supply.  What could they possibly hope to achieve?  Surely they couldn't be planning to poison a city's water supply?  Well, no-one ever expected them to fly planes into the WTC or to bomb the Tube.

Then last week I was flicking through the documentary channels, when  I came across a programme about The Jewish Avengers.  After watching the documentary, I asked a few well-informed people if they had ever heard of these people.  Two friends said "no", and one -- fairly steeped in jewish history -- told me he had read about them in serious books a couple of years ago.

In 1946, a group of jews set about poisoning the water supply of major German cities.  Their goal was to kill 6 million random Germans. And they came very close to pulling it off (the leader made what seems like a foolish choice in transporting the poison to Germany).  In the documentary, several of The Jewish Avengers were interviewed, and their only regrets were that they had failed to kill these 6 million random Germans.

Their chosen method was the poisoning of the water supply of five German cities. Cohen says the targets were Munich, Berlin, Weimar, Nuremberg and Hamburg, and before long the Avengers had placed workers inside the cities' water filtration plants. Harmatz recalls days and nights studying blueprints of waterworks, working out how to avoid shutting off the supply to American residential areas, ensuring only Germans were struck. "Everything was in place, waiting for permission to proceed," he writes.[...] Kovner, with two canisters of poison in his backpack, was arrested by British military police while on a ship bound for Europe: he had been betrayed.

Long before 9/11, Hollywood movies had conceived of the possibility of terrorism by flying planes into buildings.  And it is clear, that 70 years ago, terrorists had come very close to killing 6 million by poisoning the water.

In the light of this historical close call, incidents of muslim chemists being caught at night in water treatment plants are very serious.  We know that muslim terrorists like "spectacular" attacks.  If I had to assess which was more difficult, poisoning the water supply or hijacking 2 jumbo jets and flying them into the WTC, I'd say the latter seemed more difficult.  That the Jewish Avengers had their staff in the treatment plants, and were just awaiting the delivery of the poison shows how this appears to be entirely feasible.

Just like there were warnings about 9/11 that the American authorities appeared to ignore, it seems people are not paying serious attention to this threat. 

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Hmmm... maybe he was a muslim after all.

Was killer pilot radicalised by mosque before fatal plane crash?

THE co-pilot who flew 149 people to their deaths may have been radicalised after converting to Islam.

The world is looking for an answer as to why Andreas Lubitz "intentionally and deliberately" crashed the Germanwings plane into the French Alps, becoming one of the world's worst mass murderers.

He had apparently suffered from depression in the past and had to take a break from his pilot training, with the German airliner apparently checking regularly on his mental wellbeing.

But today a sinister new line of speculation emerged that Lubitz could have carried out the horrific crash because he was a Muslim extremist.

Anti-Islam blog writer Michael Mannheimer claims that during this break, Lubitz "converted to Islam" and "either by the order of the 'radical', ie. devout Muslims, or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder" (sic).

The far-right commentator then claims a mosque in Germany is at the centre of the investigations into Lubitz – although this has not been confirmed.

Personally, I doubt it is true that he had converted to islam.  It will be very shocking if he did.  I would have expected some fanatical convert to grow a beard (so many do).  But it could be that islam draws to it nutters who want to kill and/or who want to die.

paul collings said:

I read this yesterday but didn't post it because a statement was released that said all the speculation started when a British paper used a bad translation in reporting a conversation.

Pamela  Geller took a screen shoot of an Islamic fan page which leaves you wondering if someone knew something more about Lubitz.

Lets see if a Journalist will go find someone from the Mosque to find out if Lubitz was a convert. Although the Mosque is not named, there can't be many around the area, plus his ex girlfriend should know. Im sure this story could be nipped in the bud quick enough if someone just made a bit of effort.

Another win for 4F!  You read about this tactic here first, folks :-)

Armed guards at water supplies in Paris.

Brussels terror alert: Belgium warns of 'imminent attack' after chemicals and explosives found - latest

One week on from Paris attacks, Brussels raises threat level to highest after at least 21 people reported dead after Malian commandos storm hotel. Follow all the latest news from Mali, Paris and the rest of Europe as police continue hunt for terror suspects

 Explosives and chemicals found in Brussels amid warnings of "imminent attack"
• Security raised around Paris water supply after biohazard suit stolen from hospital
• One charged with murder in connection with Paris attacks, one still on the loose
 20 dead in terror attack hotel in Mali's capital
• Belgium raises terror alert to highest level

Candian Muslim terrorist family had  2.1 BILLION fatal doses of a drug in their possession.  If they were going to adminster that much poison in a terrorist attack, what could the possible vector of attack be?  They couldn't pass it off as heroin, after a few hundred deaths, people would notice and trace it back.

I don't know if this drug is still an effective poison if added to reservoirs, but I suspect that is what the plan was.

Elephant in the Room: John Tory’s Grand Deflection


Carfentanil : With 1 billion micro-grams per kilogram (yes, Billion) it translates into 50 million fatal doses per kilogram.

Canada – -( Fahad Hussain, the Danforth killer’s brother, has a long criminal history involving both drugs and guns. By court order, he lived with his family friend Maisum Ansari, his bail surety.

Fahad and Ansari had 42 kilograms of Carfentanil and 33 guns in the basement of Ansari’s home. Thirty of those guns were a single model of Glock pistol, still in their boxes.

Despite media reports, these are not small-time drug dealers. Indeed, Fahad Hussain dealt drugs, but he and Ansari seemingly had much bigger plans. Plans the government doesn’t want to talk about about.

We’re only safe because Ansari’s upstairs tenant called the fire department to complain about a carbon monoxide alarm.

When firefighters arrived, they discovered a huge cache of drugs and guns in the basement and called police.

Carfentanil: Before being discovered by drug dealers, Carfentanil was viewed (and used) as a chemical weapon.

A dose of just 20 micro-grams, smaller than a poppy seed, is fatal to humans. With 1 billion micro-grams per kilogram (yes, Billion) it translates into 50 million fatal doses per kilogram.

Police seized 42 kilograms of Carfentanil, or 2.1 BILLION fatal doses, from the basement of Ansari’s home, the same home Fahad Hussain was removed from when he overdosed on a combination of cocaine, heroin and an unnamed substance.

What drug dealer can sell 2.1 billion doses of any drug, let alone one as lethal as Carfentanil?

What drug dealer ties up that kind of cash – approximately $100,000,000.00 (One hundred million dollars) – when they can order smaller amounts with far less financial risk?

They don’t.

But the odds that Fahad Hussain and Maisum Ansari are run-of-the-mill drug dealers are greater than getting struck by lightning. Ten times greater.

There is another story at play here – the elephant in the room – a story the government does not want to talk about. A story with a nightmare ending were it not for a drug overdose and a carbon monoxide alarm.

Hussain and Ansari possessed enough poison to kill the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA) 328 times over, or enough to kill the entire population of Canada 58 times.

And the government does not want to talk about this terrorist plot.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is on record saying the Danforth killer was not known to his ministry. That’s possible, but very unlikely. With a brother in possession of enough poison to kill the entire country dozens of times over, the odds of the Danforth killer NOT being on federal radar are pretty small.

When contacted about the Carfentanil seizure and its potential lethality, the Ministry of Public Safety chose not to comment. The government doesn’t have the courage to say the seizure of 42 kilograms of Carfentanil foiled a deadly terrorist attack.

We get it. If they admit the terrorist angle they strike fear into the hearts of millions of people. We understand why the government would be reluctant to do so.

But there is the even bigger problem of optics. The Trudeau government bends over backwards to play nice with terrorists. They bring home known terrorists and let them roam free. They refuse to revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists. They paid $10.5 million of our tax dollars to Omar Kadr. The list goes on.

The government can’t acknowledge they uncovered a terrorist operation. That flies in the face of the official narrative. Admitting these two brothers are connected to two separate terrorist attacks, one successful, the other thwarted, is definitely not on Trudeau’s list of “approved” talking points.

It’s far easier to deflect and avoid these discussions with an easy diversion. Blame licensed, law-abiding gun owners and talk about banning our guns. That plays into the emotional argument that guns are bad, instead of placing responsibility where it belongs, on the people who commit bad acts with guns.

It deflects from the politically incorrect concept that a significant terror attack could occur on Canadian soil. And they know the mainstream media will play along.

The Danforth shooting spree was a terrorist attack. The killer illegally carried a prohibited handgun and seven prohibited magazines of ammunition. Were it not for the fast police response, it is impossible to say how many more he would have killed or wounded.

Did the killer’s handgun come from his criminal brother? We don't know, the police refuse to say what kind of firearm was used in the murders, only identifying the calibre, a .40 S&W. Police seized 30 Glock pistols with high-capacity magazines from his brother’s residence. They also seized an “assault rifle” and several magazines for it but oddly, refuse to identify that firearm either. Police have said the firearm comes from the U.S. but no other details.

Disturbingly, four Global news reporters manufactured a preposterous tale about the gun being stolen in Saskatoon. Despite the total lack of any credible evidence that this was true, publications all over Canada printed this ludicrous lie. The reporters claimed they found the firearm by perusing stolen gun records but of course, had this been true the police would have found that immediately by running the serial number through the vaunted short gun registry.

Did you question why the police could tell us the age of the killer almost immediately, but claimed not to know his name? How can they know the killer’s age if they didn’t know who he was?

Did they need the time to develop the correct spin?

Something is up and it smells badly.

A few weeks ago Toronto Police significantly increased security at the Rogers Centre and Canada's Wonderland because of a credible terrorist threat?

Health Canada appears to have made millions of Naloxone treatment kits available to anyone who asks for them, citing the war on illegal opiates. These are the same emergency kits used to initially treat Carfentanil poisoning. To see the incredulous number of locations where these kits available – for free – CLICK HERE on the Health Canada web site:

The public relations campaign became more important than the truth. They are still trying to make it more important than the truth. Mayor Tory continues to spew out his lies about 50% of crime guns being stolen from Canadian gun owners or purchased by straw purchasers. We told you Mayor Tory, it's 50% of the mere 28% that are actually traced. That's 14% percent by the way and as you well know, most of these guns are airguns – BB guns and pellet guns.

Mayor Tory, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association told you the truth and sent you the ATIP document proving your words to be false: ( ) You are no longer ignorant of the facts, you are lying about the facts. You are concealing vital information from the people of Canada about the potential terrorist threats they face. Worse, if that is possible, you are deflecting the blame on to innocent Canadians that bear no responsibility for the terrible events Toronto faces.

There is more Carfentanil out there. The only question is whether our security services will find it before something truly horrible happens on Canadian soil. It would be helpful if Toronto's Mayor stopped telling falsehoods to Canadians.


It just so happens that in a search to diminish the pain I'm in, about 5 years ago I started to only drink bottled water.  It wasn't connected to this, but certainly some of my allergies were greatly improved by not drinking (or cooking) in tap water.  

It was a friend who'd spent decades working for the water companies who advised me to stop drinking tap water.  Until that point I'd always thought bottled water was an expensive fad.

Carfentanil (and less toxic cognates) are on sale in the UK.

This Cardiff drug-dealer was only found after over 100 deaths:

Bradford coroner (yes, Bradford) orders all drugs deaths to be tested for Carfentanil and its cognates.

>>Pure Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine but there is also concern about the increase in the use of Carfentanil, an illicit version of it, which has been linked to deaths in the US and which is 10,000 times stronger than morphine.

Carfentanil is a chemical weapon.

Carfentanil stopped at Australia's border.

American drug-dealer jailed for possession of enough of the cognate (i.e. the drug which killed Prince) to kill 18 millions.

Same drug taking hold in Southampton.

The UK has had plenty of Muslims convicted for importing heroin.  Why would they not import these other 100x more lethal substances?

We now think it normal to strip and expose all our possessions when travelling by air -what Mark Stem calls the 'shoeless shuffle'. It is very inconvenient to the extent that i always put luggage in the hold,even when i could have gotten away with just using carry on luggage. Living with the constant threat of Muslim bombing is now the new normal.

Perhaps the next dhimmification of us kuffar will be that we accept that all tap water isn't safe to drink, even after filtering, due to poisoning by the Muslim citizens that 'enrich' or society. After a while,that will seem normal too.

Jihadi arrested in plot to poison water supply.

There's no way Muslims will not succeed with this in the years to come.

There is this current distinction between hating Islam and hating Muslims, between Islamophobia and Muslimophobia, if you will. But as more and more kuffar adults and children get murdered, raped, sex-enslaved, abused, attacked and generally harassed by things like this, That distinction will become harder and harder to make. Perhaps people will say "why shouldn't I hate Muslims? Look what they've done to us".

People don't hate just Nazism. They are encouraged to hate Nazis.


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