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It takes a nation to protect the nation

It is time to give this group of Muslims their own Discussion group!

These are the peaceful, moderate, loving Muslims, the alternative to the violent Sunnis and Shiias (and their various spin-offs like Wahhabism).

Their strap line, seen on London buses is: Love for all, hatred for none. 

Sounds good doesn't it?

I will start off with a thought.

Today, outside our nearby shopping centre, I asked our local distributor of free Ahmadiyya literature if he could do this sort of work in Pakistan.  Could he stand in public giving out literature and promoting the Ahmadiyyan Islamic religion?  He said, yes, and then he mentioned some town or area I had not heard of.  I thought well maybe they can do this sort of promotion out in the countryside, or perhaps he misunderstood me, so I asked him if he could do this in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan.  He said, ‘Oh no.  We could not do this in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan.  If we did we would get a jail sentence of three years.’  I thought: that is if you are lucky to remain alive.

So I asked him: are you not grateful then to be able to set up your stall here in this country, a Christian country, and promote your beliefs?  ‘Oh yes, very grateful’ he sincerely said.

Next week I will ask him: therefore is not this country a superior country to Pakistan and is not Christianity a superior religion to Islam? 

Or ask him: Why then do you promote a belief system which requires another belief system to guard and protect you?  Why do you promote a belief system which undermines the current system which you need to guard and protect you?

Stay tuned!

The reader no doubt can add below info about this sect of Islam which is not recognised by other Muslims as even being part of the Umma, within the Islamic fold.  This is why they are murdered in their dozens on a regular basis in Pakistan.

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Presumably he will say that he is only promoting his version of Islam and the others have all got it wrong. Good luck but I never find it a rewarding experience debating with Muslims (or people of any other religious persuasion, actually). Didn't someone say "If religious people were susceptible to logic there would be no religious people"?

Anyway, I sympathise with the other lot. Anyone who renounces hatred is disavowing Allah (and deserves to die, the filthy apostate!)

"…and their unbelief does not increase the disbelievers with their Lord in anything except hatred;" (Koran 35:39)

"…Certainly Allah's hatred (of you) when you were called upon to the faith and you rejected, is much greater than your hatred of yourselves." (40:10)

“There is for you an excellent example (to follow) in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: "We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah: we have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever,- unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone…" (60:4)

ECAW, the hate part of their slogan is easy to refute.  As you know the Quran is so full of it, it makes you think that they are reading another Quran!  re Q 60:4 see here

As for the love part, the contrast with another belief system could not be greater.  Christianity tells Christians to look to Jesus.  If Muslims look to Mohammed what do they find?! 

I think the Ahmadiyya Muslims get around these difficulties by saying Mohammed has been surpassed by another 'prophet.'  This of course makes them a target for hatred by other, more orthodox Muslims.

Comment by Tony Ashworth 

Prepare to wince -

Muslim group sell Remembrance Sunday Poppies | Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK | Love For All Hatred For None

From the notice about them selling poppies i read this:

MUSLIMS spent their day selling Poppies as part of this year’s Remembrance Sunday appeal. The youth group from the Ahmadi Muslim Community Centre, in Tolpits Lane, Watford, pounded the streets in Watford Town Centre on Sunday. The youngsters said thy were proud to raise money for the Royal British Legion. Youth leader Jawad Qamar said

“We believe that loyalty and love to one’s country is part of our faith. We do this every year and we encourage people to take part. We believe we are helping those who are protecting us by supporting them in any way possible.”

The response from members of the public was “overwhelmingly positive”, they added.

'We believe we are helping those who are protecting us...'

Oh the irony.  They do everything they can, via dawa, to destroy the country which is protecting them from other Muslims who will kill them and are killing them in Pakistan and elsewhere.  These peaceful Muslims here in the UK need 'violent' Christians to protect them and yet they are trying convert these same Christians/English people to their brand of Islam!

Comment by Philip Smeeton 3 hours ago

“We believe that loyalty and love to one’s country is part of our faith......"
This is of course a blatant lie. The faith of Islam does not mention national patriotism, only loyalty to Islam. 
Those that died in the Great War would not have fought if they had known what Britain was to become. It would have been better to let the krauts march in.

Love for all Muslims

Hatred for none- Muslims.

In just the same way that Republicans are accused of having a token black in Sonnie Johnson or Candice Owen, or they say that Prof Thomas Sowell is an Uncle Tom - perhaps we should see the Ahmadiyya Muslims as Islam's token nice guy.


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