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Tommy now has a website up, relating to his book Mohammed's Koran - Why Muslims Kill For Islam.  The website contains 5 different translations of the Koran (including the Pickthall translation used in his book).

This is an important move, as over the past 5 years at least half of the websites where one could search for verses in the Koran have disappeared.  Whilst there's sites like where you can search in Arabic and then see a single English translation, the MK site allows you to search across all 5 translations.  There's no Arabic translation on Tommy's site, but I know one person who has asked that an Arabic translation be included on the site.

Quran Browser is a site that allows one to search across multiple translations . But once you have the search results, on that site you cannot move forwards/backwards in the Koran.

So it looks to me that Tommy's site is adding something new, although even if it was more basic, the fact that it should not disappear the way so many others have, is valuable in itself.

The site is also navigable by URL.  So, you can construct a URL yourself and include it in debates e.g. to point someone to 9:29, you'd do

to point to 4:76 you'd do

I gather that the website is also going to contain searchable copies of the Hadiths and even the major Tafsirs.  It seems the idea is that knowledgeable people should be able to discuss individual verses/paragraphs and point to other locations.  Allowing inline discussions/linking like that would be a first for any website focusing on the texts of Islam.

They've also included hundreds of the enthusiastic reviews or the book.  The book appears to have met with an extremely enthusiastic response.  I had a look at the range of reviews, and it appeared that 99% of those who gave it 5 stars had bought the book, whilst 99% of those who gave the book 1 star hadn't bought the book.  It's rather amusing to see there's a small army of people from our side who take it upon themselves to rubbish any negative reviews of the book.

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Looks extremely useful.  I've added a link to it under the 'Ref' tab in the top menu bar.

Comment from Joe: 

There are two interesting things going on at the moment.
1. Austrian govt has said they are making "political Islam" a crime
2. Macron has demanded that Muslim leaders in France come up with a declaration that Islam is not political. This is a small move towards the (rather pointless) 2006 Charter of Muslim Understanding (Batten, Solomon). Too little, too late. Muslim leaders will simply play word games ("Islam is not political" sounds good, but in reality they will tell those Muslims who question this "relax, Islam encompasses everything, we consider "political" to be an empty word, and Islam is not an empty word").
What's required is:
a) ban the repetition of Sura 1 every day in mosques (it's hate speech)
b) remove the laws in court/parliament banning the dirty kuffar from touching the Koran
c) get Muslims to denounce the history of Mohammed as a violent warlord & slaver (as found in Sira, Hadith, Koran)
Anything short of this is just deceiving the public whilst the 5th column grows in number. IMO "political islam" is a deceptive concept. It's no different from the deception of "Islamism" as something other than Islam (as pointed out in "Mohammed's Koran" an entire book on "Islamism and Islam" by a distinguished Muslim professor of politics failed to produce any distinction). I can't believe that after all we've lived through in 40 years since the Iranian revolution, we are still pussy-footing about with these silly neologisms, trying to pretend that Islam isn't totalizing.


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Islam, operating at the micro and macro levels, is unstoppable by individuals, hence: "It takes a nation to protect the nation". There is not enough time to fight all its attacks, nor to read them nor even to record them. So the members of 4F try to curate a representative subset of these events.

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