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The latest example of the mis-direction and obfuscation of Islam comes from Camden MP hopeful Maajid Nawaz who demands that UKIP condemn my friend Magnus Neilsen who is also a candidate in Camden.  In the Ham and High of April 30, 2014 Mr Nawaz says:

“I read with some apprehension the comments reiterated by Camden’s UKIP chairman Magnus Neilsen singling out Islam the religion, and not Islamism the political ideology justifying itself from the religion.

“I call on Nigel Farage to condemn Mr Neilsen’s failure to distinguish between Islam and Islamism.

“I also call on all Muslims and Islamic organisations to join me in being equally robust about condemning Islamist extremists who also attack human rights, democratic culture and certain minorities in an equally wholesale manner when speaking in Islam’s name.”

I placed this comment there:

If Islamism justifies itself from the religion of Islam then Islamism is a subset of Islam, which of course means that Islam is the parent and Islamism the child.  I blame the parents.

The first sentence is supposed be slightly cartoonish because, of course, it is a silly proposition, promoted by a deceiving and aspiring Muslim politician.

If you have time, do comment at the Ham and High publication and add to the enlightenment of its readers.

For the record, just yesterday I found a news clipping from 2008 in which Mr Nawaz says: ‘I have so much to celebrate as a British Muslim.  The privileges I enjoy here are ones I may not be able to enjoy in Muslim-majority countries.  It’s high time we celebrated that.’

(source: the independent on Sunday, 18 May 2008, p. 39, Credo, by Arifa Akbar)

Mr Nawaz, needs to understand that one of those privileges is freedom of speech and fair comment.  My friend Magnus has not done anything other than comment on Islam.  For that Mr Nawaz wants him to be condemned by the leader of UKIP.  Rather, Mr Nawaz should engage in dialogue and debate with Magnus.  To condemn people for speaking out is what happens in Muslim-majority countries.  It looks like Mr Nawaz is revealing himself to be bit of a Sharia-pusher when things do not go his way.

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That's exactly the same comparison made by Peter McLoughlin in Easy Meat. He says that the one newspaper who took up the cause of Victorian girls being lured into prostitution was able to get demonstrations of up to 250,000 people in Hyde Park.

I think the biggest EDL demonstration was in the region of 3000 people.

It's no wonder that Breivik's original target was the journalists. They truly are Quislings of the 1st order.

Philip Smeeton said:

We are facing a dismal future Joe, Where are the angry mobs when you need them? A hundred years ago these Rotherham rapists would have been lynched. What has happened to us that we have become so timid and resigned.


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