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7 July 2005 – the Islamic Perspective

The verses of London Suicide Bomber, Shehzad Tanweer

The Sources



Qur'an 9:111

Verily, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives, and their property, for the price that they shall be in Paradise. They fight in Allah's cause, so they kill and are killed...

Qur'an 4:076

Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of Satan. So fight you against the friends of Satan. Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Satan.

Qur'an 2:216

Fighting was ordained for you, though you dislike it. It may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and you like a thing which is bad for you. And Allah knows, but you do not know.

Qur'an 4:075

What is wrong with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill, cheated, and oppressed, among men, women, and children, whose cry is: 'Our Lord, rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors, and raise for us from among you one who will protect, and raise for us from you one who will help.

Qur'an 9:24

Say, if your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you've gained, the commerce in which you fear decline, and the dwellings in which you delight, are dearer to you than Allah, and His messenger, and striving hard in fighting His cause, then wait until Allah brings about His decision, His torment, and Allah guides not those people who are fasiqun (the rebellious, disobedient to Allah).

Qur'an 9:038

Oh you who believe, what is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in His cause, you cling heavily to the earth. Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But little is the enjoyment of this world as compared to the Hereafter.

Qur'an 5:054

Oh you who believe, whoever from amongst you turns back from his religion, Allah will bring a people whom He will love, and they will love Him. Humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers, fighting in the cause of Allah, never fear the blame of the blamers, that is the grace of Allah, which He bestows upon whom He wills, and Allah is All-sufficient for His creatures' needs.

The Theology

“Fight against the disbelievers, for it is but an obligation made on you by Allah,” says Shehzad Tanweer in a film released a year and a day after the atrocities. His attack on Aldgate tube station killed seven people and himself. He quotes the above verses from the Qur'an as religious justification. Al-Zawahiri, the Al-Qaeda second-in-command, features in the film too.

In his statement, Tanweer listed multiple complaints against, and demands of, the UK Government and people, referencing Baghdad to Belmarsh prison (London) and ‘other concentration camps.’ ‘And know that if you fail to comply…this war will never stop, and that we are ready to give our lives, one hundred times over, for the cause of Islam.’ This idea of repeated killing and dying is pure Islam.

Mohammed, the founder of Islam, and Tanweer’s mentor and muse, said here and here (1294): "By the One in whose hand my soul is, I would love to be killed in the way of Allah and then be brought to life, and then be killed and then be brought to life, and then be killed and then brought to life, and then be killed again." Of course, the phrase ‘to be killed’ is in the context of killing others ‘in (Holy battles) in Allah's cause.’ [e.g. Q 8:39]

Most Muslims do not sign up to Allah’s “cause” in the same way or to the extent that Tanweer did. But the obligation to support such activity or to actually fight, kill and dominate is part and parcel of Islam. A lazy, ignorant, cowardly, or mendacious media refuses to highlight these verses and the Islamic motivation to murder: The Independent, four years after these attacks: ‘Two hundred school children in Britain, some as young as 13, have been identified as potential terrorists by a police scheme that aims to spot youngsters who are "vulnerable" to Islamic radicalisation,’ (28th March 2009). And so the danger persists and grows.

In 2006, Vicar Julie Nicholson, mother of Jenny, a victim of 7/7, resigned from her parish because she believed her duties required her to forgive the killers of her 24 year old daughter but she could not. In 2008, on a BBC TV programme on the subject of forgiveness Nicholson’s great honesty and integrity was uplifting; however, intertwined with this was her anguish and painful bewilderment, which was heartbreaking to see; she asked: 'Why was Jenny murdered; how could anyone do this?'

She deserves an answer.

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Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 3, Number 125:

Narrated Abu Musa:

A man came to the Prophet and asked, "O Allah's Apostle! What kind of fighting is in Allah's cause? (I ask this), for some of us fight because of being enraged and angry and some for the sake of his pride and haughtiness." The Prophet raised his head (as the questioner was standing) and said, "He who fights so that Allah's Word (Islam) should be superior, then he fights in Allah's cause."
The following corroborates the above story from the Independent. Muslim kids are being sucked into this type of thinking. It is cool to be radical and jihadi-like.

Christian teacher 'forced out' after complaining Muslim pupils praised 9/11 hijackers 'as heroes'By LUCY BALLINGER
Last updated at 1:42 AM on 09th February 2010
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Racism claim: Nicholas Kafouris arriving at the tribunal hearingA Christian teacher yesterday claimed he was forced out of his job after complaining that Muslim pupils as young as eight hailed the September 11 hijackers as heroes.
Nicholas Kafouris, 52, is suing his former school for racial discrimination.
He told a tribunal that he had to leave his £30,000-a-year post because he would not tolerate the 'racist' and 'anti-Semitic' behaviour of Year 4 pupils.
The predominantly Muslim youngsters openly praised Islamic extremists in class and described the September 11 terrorists as 'heroes and martyrs'.
One pupil said: 'Don't touch me, you're a Christian' when he brushed against him.

Others said: 'We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up', and 'The Christians and Jews are our enemies - you too because you're a Christian'.
Mr Kafouris, a Greek Cypriot, taught for 12 years at Bigland Green Primary School in Tower Hamlets, East London.

According to Ofsted 'almost all' its 465 pupils are from ethnic minorities and a vast proportion do not speak English as a first language.
The teacher claims racial discrimination by the school, its headmistress and her assistant head after they failed to take action about the comments made by pupils to him.
He said there was a change in attitude of the pupils after the atrocities of September 11, 2001.
They told him: 'We hate the Christians' and 'We hate the Jews', despite his attempts to stop them.
He said he filled out a Racist Incident Reporting Sheet but claimed headmistress Jill Hankey dismissed his concerns.
In a statement submitted to the Central London Employment Tribunal he said: 'Miss Hankey proceeded to excuse and justify the pupil's behaviour, conduct and remarks to me as if I had no right to be offended by the child's remarks and conduct.
'Amongst Miss Hankey's justifications for the child's remarks, she said, "If the child was older, say 15, I might take it more seriously. He's only nine - he's only doing it to wind you up".'
He added: 'I felt the head's behaviour and conduct towards me amounted to direct religious discrimination. I was intimidated in the way she spoke to me which indicated "Don't come back with such issues again".'

Mr Kafouris, a bachelor, said the comments became more frequent after the head did nothing about the initial incidents.

More...Passengers left stunned after Muslim bus driver pulls over and begins praying in the aisle
Immigrants wanting to settle in France to sign a 'no burka' contract

'In late November and December 2006, a number of unacceptable and blunt racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian remarks were being made by various children in Year 4 where I taught, such as, "The Twin Tower bombers are heroes and martyrs".
'Some children were expressing delight at the death and killing of people of other cultures and religions.
'In the last week of November 2006 a child was talking about stabbing another child and I told him this was dangerous talk and that a lawyer had recently been stabbed by teenagers. His reply was, "I'm glad that man died". "Why?" I asked. "Because he's a Christian and English and we're Muslim".'
He claimed that during a religious education lesson about Jonah and the whale, one of the pupils asked if Jonah was a Jew, before shouting: 'I hate the Jews, they're our enemies.'
Mr Kafouris said he again tried to speak to Miss Hankey about it. 'The head's response was hostile and offensive again. The very first thing she said to me was, "Oh, you again! You're the only teacher that reports these things! Nobody else does!"
'Four times she repeated, "It's because of your lack of discipline that they're saying these things".'
Mr Kafouris was signed off with stress by his GP at the end of February 2007 after assistant head Margaret Coleman warned him not to challenge the pupils in class about their remarks.
He says the lack of support from the school has made him clinically depressed and unable to work. He was sacked in April last year.
The case continues.

London Transit Attacks Were Bin Laden's Last Successful Operation: U.S. Officials

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden was aware of the plot in which al Qaeda militants bombed London transport facilities on July 7, 2005, but it was the last successful operation he played a role in, U.S. government experts have concluded.


Circumstantial evidence, including information gathered from the Abbotabad, Pakistan, hide-out where U.S. Navy SEALs killed bin Laden on May 2, also suggests that bin Laden had advance knowledge of an unsuccessful London-based 2006 plot to simultaneously bomb U.S.-bound transatlantic flights, several U.S. national security officials said.


"Bin Laden was absolutely a detail guy. We have every reason to believe that he was aware of al Qaeda's major plots during the planning phase, including the airline plot in 2006 and the London '7-7' attacks," one of the U.S. officials told Reuters. This official and others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss counter-terrorism matters.


Some of the confidence U.S. officials expressed about bin Laden's involvement in the London attacks is based on analytical judgment rather than ironclad proof. Two of the officials said that there was no "smoking gun" evidence proving that he orchestrated the plots.


However, they and other U.S. officials said there is strong evidence, including material collected from bin Laden's lair, indicating that, as the London-based plots unfolded, bin Laden was in close contact with other al Qaeda militants. One official said bin Laden was "immersed in operational details" of the group's activities.


"We believe he was aware of these plots ahead of time," one of the officials said.


Story continues below



Fifty-two civilians, and four suicide bombers, died in the July 7, 2005, attacks on three London underground trains and a double-decker bus. Hundreds were injured. It was "the last successful operation Osama bin Laden oversaw," a second official said.


The latest assessments from U.S. and other Western officials support assertions by the Obama administration that, despite years of apparent isolation in Abbotabad, bin Laden still managed to keep in touch with activities -- sometimes in considerable detail -- of his followers around the world.




By the same token, the cache of evidence found in bin Laden's lair does not offer new indications about any specific current plots he was involved in directed at U.S. or other Western targets.


Investigations by British authorities, with support from the United States and other allies, established some time ago that elements of al Qaeda's core leadership had played a role in the 2005 London transport attacks.


Investigators found evidence that Mohammad Sidique Khan, leader of the four-man militant cell who carried out the bombings, and another cell member had traveled to Pakistan for paramilitary training before the attacks.


Until recently, however, investigators had not linked bin Laden personally to the July 7, 2005, attacks. Two weeks after those bombings, a cell of militants attempted a second round of attacks on London transport facilities but their bombs failed to go off.


A Western official said there was also reason to believe that al Qaeda's core leadership was involved in orchestrating subsequent failed plots against European and U.S. targets.


One of the plots that U.S. officials believe bin Laden was at least aware of was a 2006 plot to bomb multiple U.S.-bound transatlantic airline flights using home-made liquid explosives.


The plot was disrupted when British authorities launched a major roundup of suspects. Flights to and from Britain were severely disrupted and tight new restrictions were placed on passenger carry-on items such as liquids and gels.


U.S. and European officials also believe that al Qaeda "senior leadership" supervised a 2009 plot, led by an Afghan immigrant, to bomb New York's subway system. That plot was disrupted when U.S. authorities arrested the alleged mastermind, Najibullah Zazi, and a handful of associates.


Since bin Laden was killed, evidence has emerged that he was personally involved in plots against European targets last year, one U.S. official said. Intelligence about these plots led to the issuing of public travel warnings by European and U.S. government agencies beginning late September.


Counter-terrorism officials warned at the time that militants might be targeting cities in European countries, including Germany, France and Britain, for strikes similar to the commando attacks in Mumbai, India, which a group of Pakistan-based militants carried out in November 2008.


(Editing by Warren Strobel and Mohammad Zargham)


200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK'

At least 200 potential terrorists are actively planning suicide attacks while living freely in Britain, intelligence chiefs have warned ministers.

200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK'
Court artist's impression of Irfan Nasser, left, and Irfan Khalid, right, who were arrested over an alleged UK suicide bombing plot Photo: PA

A senior intelligence source has revealed that the figure is a "conservative" estimate of the threat facing the country from UK-based Islamist suicide bombers.

The would-be killers are among 2,000 extremists who the security services have said are based in Britain and actively planning terrorist activity of some kind.

The figures are contained within a secret government report on the "enduring terrorist threat" facing the UK from al-Qaeda and affiliated organisations, The Sunday Telegraph has been told.

While the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki may have left al-Qaeda without a charismatic leader, both the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, and the Security Service, MI5, believe the organisation remains as dangerous as ever.

The warning comes as Britain begins preparations for next year's 2012 Olympic Games, which has been described by MI5 as the biggest security operation in the country's history.

But senior sources believe that rather than targeting Olympic venues, where security will be extremely high, terrorists will be tempted to attack areas where crowds are likely to congregate such as train stations and public events.

If terrorists were to mount an attack in Britain of the kind seen in other countries, by packing a single explosive vest with hundreds of ball bearings then detonating it in a crowded enclosed area such as a station terminus at rush hour, they could kill up to 120 people according to one explosives expert.

The 200 British residents thought to be planning suicide attacks, either within the UK or overseas, represent one in 10 of the wider group of 2,000 terrorist plotters.

The intelligence source added that suicide bombers would only be stopped by either a "chance encounter" or by an intelligence-led investigation. But he added that if a terrorist cell was properly organised and secure there was very little the authorities could do to prevent an attack.

The latest disclosure follows the arrest of six men from Birmingham who were remanded in custody two weeks ago over an alleged UK suicide bombing plot.

Two of the six, Irfan Nasser and Irfan Khalid, are accused of preparing for an act of terrorism, including travelling to Pakistan for training in terrorism, making a martyrdom video and planning a bombing campaign. They are also accused of "being concerned in constructing" a home-made explosive device for terrorist acts and stating an intention to be a suicide bomber.

Earlier this year, classified intelligence documents disclosed by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, showed that MI6 officers believed that Britain was facing a wave of suicide attacks from British-based Muslim extremists who had been trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan.

One report quoted an MI6 officer's briefing to US officials in which he said: "The internal threat is growing more dangerous because some extremists are conducting non-lethal training without ever leaving the country. Should these extremists then decide to become suicide operatives, HMG [Her Majesty's Government] intelligence resources, eavesdropping and surveillance would be hard pressed to find them on any 'radar screen'."

One intelligence official told this newspaper: "We may have only had one 'successful' suicide attack in Britain but the tactic remains an enduring threat. This is a generational problem we are facing. The terrorists are learning all the time and adapting their tactics. They now operate a cell structure and there security is very tight.

"Suicide bombers know the signs we will be looking for. So they don't pray in the moments before an attack, there will be no heavy coats in summer and they are becoming much more security aware. For every countermeasure we develop they create a new 'measure'. They will always be looking for our exposed flank."

Intelligence experts believe that suicide bombers are motivated by a number of factors including politics, religion, poverty, finance and social factors.

Research has shown that they can be drawn from all social strata and can range from the well-educated to the mentally impaired. In Iraq and Afghanistan, young children and women have been recruited, while in London, the 7/7 bombers who killed 52 people and injured hundreds more in four coordinated attacks on the Tube and bus network came from stable backgrounds with close families.

Another classified report, details of which have been passed to this newspaper, stated that suicide attacks had developed as the weapon of choice for al-Qaeda and its supporters because of the level of fear that such attacks can engender.

The report cited examples of past suicide attacks which were perceived by the organisations which mounted them as having produced successful outcomes, such as the Beirut barracks bombing of 1983 which was followed by the withdrawal of US forces from Lebanon.


Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of one of the July 7 bombers, Jermaine Lindsay, is thought to be on the run accused of links with a terrorist cell planning bomb attacks in Kenya.

Published on Jul 6, 2016
A tribute to the 7/7 Bombing Victims in London 11 years ago today, The poem by Martyn reads as follows-

11 years on to this dreadful day,
The memories just wont go away.
The visions and smells are so raw,
Some of which strike at the cerebral core.
2005 7/7,
When so many people were forced into heaven.
PTSD is the name,
9000 Armed Forces, the Emergency Services suffering the same,
Biological dips that bleachy smell,
We entered the tunnel that resembled Hell.
P90 masks to stop the airborne spores,
Menthol vic under the nose, in act of duty and the cause.
Radical Islam had raised its ugly head,
52 people were left for dead.
Allahu Akbar on the street,
People dying at their feet.
The call for Sharia and Islamic State we hear,
Imposed by the use of terror and fear.
7 years ago I took my stand,
For my EDL, my children's children my En-ger-land.........

7 July London bombings commemorated on 11th anniversary

 People lay flowers at the 7/7 memorial in London’s Hyde Park. Photograph: Hannah Mckay/EPA

In a quiet corner of Hyde Park, at an open-air service in front of the 52 steel pillars and memorial plaque that bears their names, the victims of the 7/7 London bombings were remembered on the 11th anniversary of the atrocity.

The bereaved, the survivors, the physically and mentally scarred, those who had witnessed the horror, those who had helped in the carnage and its aftermath, and those who simply wanted to pay their respects, gathered in the sunshine to lay bright orange gerbera daisies in memory.

A roll call of those who died on the three tube trains – between King’s Cross and Russell Square, at Edgware Road, at Aldgate – and on the No 30 bus at Tavistock Square was read aloud, and memories of that terrible day were shared...

At the end of the service, those gathered were each offered a single yellow or white rose gifted by members of the Muslim community, each with a handwritten peace message, as part of a “heart-to-heart” initiative, a gesture replicated across London. “We chose today because it is the anniversary of 7/7. It is also Eid,” said Dr Zaza Elsheikh, from the religious faith mediation service Bima– Belief in Mediation and Arbitration. “We came here hoping to meet with people who may, or may not, have resentment towards Muslims, either because of 7/7 or the current situation, and rather than hiding away we wanted to make this gesture.”

If Dr. Zaza Elsheikh was sincere in his wishes, he would get his books of scriptural hate purged of their injunctions to kill and maim the kuffar.  In fact, his only purpose in going there was to protect his own Muslim people and ideology from criticism and even resentment.

This morning, I was at the memorial for the 7-7-2005 victims of the terrorist in Hyde Park (London).

I said some prayers from a short distance.  I could not get close to the memorial itself because of events happening there.  Certain dignitaries, including our London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Kahn, were laying flowers.  As that event finished he walked toward his waiting car.  I had to resist the temptation to shout out: ‘Islam is responsible for the murders that occurred on 7 July 2005 and you are a liar if you say otherwise.’

Maybe next year!  Or maybe with a few friends we can hold a silent vigil with placards saying the same.


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