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Zakat, Muslim Charities and non-Muslims


Qur'an 9:60

As-Sadaqat (here it means Zakat) are only for the Fuqara' (poor), and Al-Masakin (the poor) and those employed to collect (the funds); and for to attract the hearts of those who have been inclined (towards Islam); and to free the captives; and for those in debt; and for Allah's Cause (i.e. for Mujahidun - those fighting in the holy wars), and for the wayfarer (a traveller who is cut off from everything); a duty imposed by Allah. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise. Translation by Hilali-Khan

Qur'an 9:60

[another translation] The alms are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and (for) the wayfarer; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is Knower, Wise. Translation by Pickthall

Quran 9:41

March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allah. This is better for you, if you but knew.  Translation by Hilali-Khan



Zakat, or alms-giving, is the practice of charitable giving by Muslims based on accumulated wealth, and is obligatory for all who are able to do so; and is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Regarding the meaning of the phrase in Qur'an 9:60: ‘for those whose hearts have been (recently) reconciled (to Truth)…’ The classical Muslim commentary on the Qur'an, Tafsir Ibn Kathir has a section entitled ‘Money and Converts’ which states that this money for ‘charity’ can be given to people in order to assist their conversion to Islam and to ‘better their Islam and strengthen their faith in their hearts’.  Money therefore is used as an incentive to get converts into the Umma and to keep them in.  The word ‘bribery’ comes to mind.

The first part of the verse (Alms are for the poor and the needy’…) sounds like normal charity but according to Reliance of the Traveller (a classical manual of Islamic jurisprudence). "It is not permissible to give zakat to a non-Muslim."  (@H8.24)  The same text goes on to list the legitimate targets of charity, which include "those fighting for Allah, meaning people engaged in Islamic military operations."  (@H8.17). 

Muslims who are ‘striving hard with their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah’ therefore use this money to increase the membership of the umma, support them financially and send some out to fight non-Muslims.

So even if non-Muslims are ‘poor and needy’ they are not to be recipients of this Muslim charity.  This makes Islamic sense -- for why should Muslims build up and strengthen the Kaffir? 

The Kaffir are going to hell anyway (Q 3:12; Q 3:196-7; etc.,) and are the enemies not only of Allah but of Muslims (Q 4:101; Q 8:55; etc.) e.g.: ‘Verily, the worst of beasts in God's eyes are those who misbelieve and will not believe;’

So on strict theological grounds, Muslims must not give charitable assistance to non-Muslims.

But of course the reverse is not true.  Disaster relief charities in the West go to all people regardless of the beliefs of the recipient.  Need and poverty is the only criteria for charity.  This is another example where words mean different things to a Muslim than they do to the rest of the world.

Muslim Charities in the West are increasing in number and are more aggressive in their marketing outreach to non-Muslims.  More and more Muslims invite non-Muslims to mark the end of Eid (at the end of Ramadan) and take a collection for the ‘poor and needy.’  But any contribution by a non-Muslim to any Muslim-controlled collection or charity could be an act of self-destruction as it could be simply Alms for Jihad, and in all events such alms indirectly support discrimination against non-Muslims.

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Echoes of the past:

Cato the Elder (234-149 BC).

"Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam" or "Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam" (English: "Furthermore, (moreover) I consider that Carthage must be destroyed") often abbreviated to "Ceterum censeo", "Carthago delenda est", or "Delenda est Carthago" (English: "Carthage must be destroyed") is a Latin oratorical phrase which was in popular use in the Roman Republic in the 2nd Century BC during the latter years of the Punic Wars against Carthage, by the party urging a foreign policy which sought to eliminate any further threat to the Roman Republic from its ancient rival Carthage, which had been defeated twice before and had a tendency after each defeat to rapidly rebuild its strength and engage in further warfare. It represented a policy of the extirpation of the enemies of Rome who engaged in aggression, and the rejection of the peace treaty as a means of ending conflict. The phrase was most famously uttered frequently and persistently almost to the point of absurdity by the Roman senator Cato the Elder (234-149 BC), as a part of his speeches.

Furthermore I consider that Islam must be destroyed.

A good thing cannot be said often enough.


another example where words mean different things to a Muslim than they do to the rest of the world.


See what happens when people give to Muslim charities.


Mainstream charities have donated thousands to Islamic group fronted by terror suspect

Charity founded by Body Shop's Anita Roddick is donor to controversial Muslim group fronted by Moazzam Begg

By , and Robert Mendick

A controversial Islamic rights group fronted by a man charged with attending a terror training camp in Syria is being bankrolled by two mainstream British charities, including a foundation set up in the name of Dame Anita Roddick.

CagePrisoners, an organisation founded by Moazzam Begg - who has just appeared in court on terror charges - has been given £120,000 by the Anita Roddick Foundation, which distributes part of the former Body Shop owner’s £100 million fortune.

A second charity, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, a Quaker-run fund set up by the chocolate-maker and philanthropist a century ago, has also paid CagePrisoners £305,000 over six years.

Moazzam Begg is charged with providing instruction and training for terrorism and funding terrorism in Syria, plus terrorism funding offences

Last week, Begg, 45, who became director of CagePrisoners after his release from Guantanamo Bay in 2005, was one of four suspects picked up in Birmingham over alleged links to terrorism in Syria.

On Saturday he appeared before Westminster magistrates’ court charged with providing terrorism training and instruction over a six month period, and of being involved with funding terrorism as recently as August last year. Begg denied all charges.

He was one of dozens of British Muslims to be arrested and stopped in the last year over security chiefs’ fears that the conflict in Syria may lead to terror attacks in the UK.

CagePrisoners, which has recently changed its name to Cage and rebranded its website, is funded by a range of institutional and private donors. It has organised a demonstration outside the headquarters of West Midlands police calling for an end to the “harassment and intimidation of communities under anti-terrorism legislation”.

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust said it was monitoring the situation.

A spokesman said before Begg’s arrest that there would have to be a further development for the charity to “review” the funding after an ongoing £135,000 grant in 2011.

“Each grant is assessed on its merits,” he said, adding: “We continue to monitor the situation closely. As you know, the £305,000 is the total of three grants that we have made to Cage since 2007.”

The Roddick Foundation is run by Anita Roddick’s husband, Gordon and their children. According to its website it says it gives money to those who want to ‘change the world.’ Anita Roddick died of a brain haemorrhage at the age of 64 in 2007.

Roddick wanted her vast wealth to fund campaigns on green issues, human rights and Third World debt.

She described leaving money to family as “obscene” and replaced her two daughters Sam and Justine as principal beneficiaries of her will in 2005 soon after making a fortune from the sale of The Body Shop.

French cosmetics firm L’Oreal paid £625 million for the company, paying Dame Anita and her husband Gordon more than £100 million for their 18 per cent share in the business.

Her half of the profit from the ecofriendly, ethical business which she and her husband built up from one shop was donated to the Roddick Foundation, which supports charity causes she espoused.

Last week, the Roddick Foundation failed to respond to requests for a comment.

CagePrisoners, which has received four grants from the Roddick Foundation in as many years, has attracted growing controversy.

Lord Carlile QC, the Government’s former independent reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation, said: “I would never advise anybody to give money to CagePrisoners. I have concerns about the group.

"There are civil liberty organisations which I do give money to but CagePrisoners is most certainly not one of them.”

Robin Simcox, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, a foreign policy think tank, said: “I cannot understand why human rights groups are aligned with CagePrisoners.

"The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Roddick Foundation should be treating this group with great caution.”

CagePrisoners insists it is a legitimate human rights organisation but its actions have repeatedly courted controversy.

In 2011 the group published an article about a mock execution of President Barack Obama, later saying the piece was “not promoting the killing of Obama”.

The controversial organisation, which campaigns for those it considers to be the victims of the war on terror, once supported the US-born radical Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

The Islamic preacher, once based in Yemen, was invited to address a CagePrisoners’ fundraising dinners via video link in 2009. After his detention in Yemen, CagePrisoners campaigned for his release from prison.

In 2010 the human rights organisation clashed with a senior figure at Amnesty International UK, Gita Sahgal, who at the time was the head of Amnesty’s gender unit, and who accused CagePrisoners of being a “jihadi” organisation.

But CagePrisoners retaliated by making clear that it is a human rights organisation that “exists solely to raise awareness of the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror”.

It argued that CagePrisoners only campaigned for the release of Awlaki when he was detained without charge in Yemen.

After his death in 2011 in a US drone strike, CagePrisoners published a report in which Begg said there was no evidence to support the American Government claims that Awlaki was an al-Qaeda terrorist.

Begg has made no secret of visits to Syria in 2012.

Begg, who was arrested in Hall Green in Birmingham, is a British citizen who moved to Afghanistan with his family in 2001, before moving again to Pakistan in 2002 when the Afghanistan war started.

He was arrested in Islamabad in January 2002 and taken to Bagram internment centre in Afghanistan for about a year before being transferred to the Guantanamo Bay US detention camp in Cuba.

He was released without charge in January 2005 with three other British citizens and returned to the UK.

He has always maintained that he was only involved in charity work and has never been involved in any kind of terrorist activity.

In court, Begg placed his hand on his heart and waved to supporters as he entered the dock alongside a woman, Gerrie Tahari, 44, from Sparkbrook, Birmingham, who is accused of funding terrorism overseas.

Begg’s charges involve providing terrorism training and instruction between October 2012 and April last year, and he is additionally charged with being “concerned in a terrorist funding arrangement” between July and August last year.

Tahiri, who was dressed in a black hijab, is facing a charge of being “concerned in a terrorist funding arrangement” between December 2011 and November last year. Tahiri, dressed in a black hijab, denied the charge.

Both were remanded in custody until March 14, when they will appear at the Old Bailey.

Two other men arrested in the West Midlands at the same time remain in police custody.

CagePrisoners said in an email its accounts “are a matter of public record” but declined to comment further.

Never trust a Muslim in any way shape or form.

Morrisons has joined the sharia-pushers.

NZF and Morrisons in groundbreaking partnership

The National Zakat Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new partnership with Morrisons Supermarkets PLC, the fourth largest grocery retailer in the UK. Starting on June 3rd, Morrisons will be supporting NZF throughout Ramadan and Eid via a range of initiatives including raising funds from the sale of selected Halal products. Watch out for us at selected stores during Ramadan!

Iqbal Nasim from National Zakat Foundation said:

“The National Zakat Foundation is proud to be working in partnership with Morrisons and recognises the impact of collaborating with a leading British grocery retailer to help raise the profile of our work. We are genuinely excited about this opportunity and look forward to a successful partnership with Morrisons in order to help those less fortunate on our doorstep."

Noor Ali, Lead World Foods Buyer at Morrisons said:

“We are proud to be working with the National Zakat Foundation to help alleviate poverty in the UK, and believe this partnership will be positively received by our new and existing Muslim customers who buy Halal products.”

How you can get involved

You can help support our work by doing your shopping at Morrisons now and throughout Ramadan. Look out for selected products in participating stores which show the National Zakat Foundation sticker. For every one of these products purchased, Morrisons will donate 10p to the National Zakat Foundation.

This needs a demo outside Morrison’s head office, for their racist charity policy. Unbelievable!

Zakat Eligibility Policy

"The alms are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and (for) the wayfarers; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is All-Knowing, Wise." (The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 9, Verse 60)

Please read the following eligibility criteria before completing the application form.

Applicants must:

  • Be Muslim.

Yes!  This confirms the opening essay.

So even if non-Muslims are ‘poor and needy’ they are not to be recipients of this Muslim charity.  This makes Islamic sense -- for why should Muslims build up and strengthen the Kaffir? 

The Kaffir are going to hell anyway (Q 3:12; Q 3:196-7; etc.,) and are the enemies not only of Allah but of Muslims (Q 4:101; Q 8:55; etc.) e.g.: ‘Verily, the worst of beasts in God's eyes are those who misbelieve and will not believe;’

Surely Morrison’s are now guilty of discrimination? Also, I RC schools can’t discriminate in their choice of pupils by religion, why should charities be able to? If onl we had the Soros funded type NGOs that the fascist Left have, we could pursue these kind of issues legally.

we should report Morrisons to the ECHR for not treating all members of society equally.

How about Only Christian refugees receiving aid?

The only solution to these problems is to remove Islam and Muslims from our countries.


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