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Kuffarphobia in Turkey


Kuffarphobia in Turkey

Türk Hıristiyan ülke olarak ayrımcılık acı küçülen topluluk için laiklik den fişleri

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Comment by Alan Lake on September 9, 2013 at 19:13

Just some general background historical info on Turkey.  Although you will wonder why these massive 7-storey underground cities became uninhabited.  Something to do with the Islamic invasion perhaps?

Comment by Antony on June 1, 2013 at 11:02

Violent protests against islamist government ;

Comment by Alan Lake on April 8, 2013 at 4:28

Sultan Erdogan: Turkey's Rebranding Into the New, Old Ottoman Empire

In the eyes of secularists, the Europe-facing, Western-dressing, cocktail-toasting modern nation-state is being replaced by a religiously conservative one, headscarf by headscarf.

Comment by Antony on October 30, 2012 at 8:26
Comment by Antony on May 31, 2012 at 11:21
Comment by Alan Lake on April 24, 2012 at 5:31

Watch this amazing lecture on the underground cities of Cappadocia, some of them even had 10,000 residents!

At the same time, this is very disappointing.  Just as the tourists of the Aya Sophia don't ask why it has minarets, what is the most important cathedral in Christendom doing in an Islamic country, and what happened to all the Christians that sheltered in that cathedral, this lecturer is not asking why those Christians hid in underground cities.

It is must be the case that as the Islamic juggernaut crushed all underfoot as it progressed through Anatolia, those poor abandoned communities sought refuge underground.  It must have been very hard, after all, they did not even have electric light, so whatever light they had must have given off toxic smoke, and they still had to return to the surface to graze their flocks.  What a tragedy.

Comment by Joe on April 19, 2012 at 14:54

Turkish minorities want the country to have a constitution that does not treat them as 2nd class citizens.

Good luck with that.  The world ignores Turkey, where it is illegal for the Kurdish minority to speak Kurdish, and instead blithely accepts the loony left's notion that Israel is an apartheid state.  Let's transpose that: if Israel made arabic an illegal language, maybe there would be some case to be upset (maybe).  But Turkey gets away with.

Comment by Alan Lake on January 20, 2012 at 3:24

From Wikipedia: looks like the secular Turkey of Ataturk was too good to last.


Israel has provided extensive military assistance to Turkey. Israel sold Turkey IAI Heron Unmanned aerial vehicles, and modernized Turkey's F-4 Phantom and Northrop F-5 aircraft at the cost of $900 million. Turkey's main battle tank is the Israeli-made Sabra tank, of which Turkey has 170. Israel later upgraded them for $500 million. Israel has also supplied Turkey with Israeli-made missiles, and the two nations have engaged in naval cooperation. Turkey allowed Israeli pilots to practice long-range flying over mountainous terrain in Turkey's Konya firing range, while Israel trains Turkish pilots at Israel's computerized firing range at Nevatim Airbase.[87][88] Until 2009, the Turkish military was one of Israel's largest defense customers. Israel defense companies have sold unmanned aerial vehicles and long-range targeting pods.[89]

However, relations have been strained in recent times. In the last two years, the Turkish military has declined to participate in the annual joint naval exercise with Israel and the United States. The exercise, known as "Reliant Mermaid" was started in 1998 and included the Israeli, Turkish and American navies.[90] The objective of the exercise is to practice search-and-rescue operations and to familiarize each navy with international partners who also operate in the Mediterranean Sea.[91]

Comment by Alan Lake on December 23, 2011 at 6:10

Turkey recalls envoy from France over 'genocide' bill

An Armenian woman mourns a dead boy during the deportations in 1915Armenians say up to 1.5m people were killed by the Ottoman Turks in 1915-16

Related Stories

The Turkish ambassador to France has been recalled in protest at a bill making it illegal to deny the mass killing of Armenians was genocide.

The National Assembly in Paris voted by a show of hands to back the bill by a large majority, and it will go before the Senate next year.

Turkey rejects the term "genocide" to describe the killing of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe publicly opposed the bill.

Under the bill, those publicly denying genocide would face a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros (£29,000: $58,000).

Armenians say up to 1.5m people were killed by the Ottoman Turks in 1915-16.

Ankara says closer to 300,000 people died, and that Turks were also killed as Armenians rose up against the Ottoman Empire when Russian troops invaded eastern Anatolia, now eastern Turkey.

More than 20 countries have formally recognised the killings as genocide.

'Inspired by European law'

Turkish TV announced the recall of the country's envoy in response to the bill.

Start Quote

Valerie Boyer

My bill doesn't aim at any particular country”

Valerie BoyerFrench MP

Ambassador Tahsin Burcuoglu will leave France on Friday and further measures will be announced in Turkey by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Turkish embassy spokesman confirmed for French news agency AFP.

Earlier, Turkey's main political parties issued a joint statement condemning the bill, saying it "denigrates Turkish history", and there have been protests outside the French embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

The bill's author, Valerie Boyer from France's ruling conservative UMP party, said she was "shocked" at Turkey's intervention.

"My bill doesn't aim at any particular country," she said.

Turkey and the Armenians

  • Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Armenians died during mass deportations by Ottoman Turks in 1915-6
  • More than 20 countries say it was genocide
  • Turkey and some historians say it was part of widespread turmoil in World War I in which Muslims also died
  • Estimated 500,000 ethnic Armenians now in France
  • Turkey closed Armenia border in 1993 because of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Turkey signed 2009 deal with Armenia to examine 1915 killings and open borders: ratified by neither side

"It is inspired by European law, which says that the people who deny the existence of the genocides must be sanctioned."

Jean-Christophe Lagarde, an MP from the New Centre party, said: "Laws voted in this chamber cannot be dictated by Ankara."

Maurice Delighazarian, 75, lost his grandparents in 1915.

"Our ancestors can finally rest in peace," he was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency in Paris.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian thanked the French parliament for supporting the bill.

"I would like to once again express my gratitude to France's top leadership, to the National Assembly, and to the French people," he told AFP in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

He added that France had "once again proved its commitment to universal human values".


Mr Juppe criticised the proposed law, which follows France's formal recognition of the killings as genocide in 2001. No penalty was attached for denial at the time.

Mr Juppe told reporters it was a critical juncture in the Middle East and he emphasised the role Turkey had been playing in the Arab Spring, as well as the strong economic ties that existed between Turkey and France.

"It [the bill] is useless and counter-productive," he said.

"Passing laws in France won't change their minds in Turkey. We recognise the consequences. I would expect a robust Turkish response. The retaliation could have damaging and serious consequences."

His disapproval appears to be in direct conflict with the tacit support that has been given by President Nicolas Sarkozy to the bill, the BBC's Christian Fraser reports from Paris.

There are some half a million ethnic Armenians living in France and their vote is considered important in next year's presidential election, our correspondent notes.

Comment by Albert Case on September 19, 2011 at 10:58

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