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Anders Behring Breivik started day one of his trial yesterday in a specially built room in Oslo Court, it was watched all around the world. The trial is expected to carry on for a number of weeks and is mostly covered for certain periods via a live feed.

At the beginning of the trial, Officials and Court members shook Breivik's hand as if to give a Façade that they were not corrupt in the trial of this man. Anders Breivik spoke out and refused to recognize the court as The court room was being held by Leftists who were connected to the Marxist government of Norway. Quite rightly, because it was a classic Kangaroo court. the judges and prosecution were constantly staring at Breivik wide eyed, they were like a bunch of children trying an adult, they looked completely unprofessional and out of their league. A man like Breivik in a case such as this surely deserves a better trial than that?

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Not sure why you call it a kangaroo court?

Not sure why you infer it is a facade that they are not corrupt?

Not sure why you state the court is held by leftists?

Not sure why you say they are like children trying an adult?

Not sure why you say they looked completely unprofessional and out of their league?


From these comments I also am not sure of your view of a man who murders 77 adults and children in cold blood!

There are interesting things to be drawn out of the prosecution of Breivik, but this link-bait falls short of bringing out any of them.

The process of analysis and correction of the faults of the last 50 to 100 years is not served by this biased statement and purple prose.  It's the kind of writing one associates with the UAF.  If I didn't know better, I'd assume this was written by a muslim or a communist shill for islam, seeking to blacken the name of 4F.

Jews have good reason to despise Norway, but that does not mean that jews have good reason to admire Breivik.  There is no sign that his attack on Utoya island had anything to do with helping jews or Israel.  He was seeking to hurt the adult members of the AUF by killing their children.  And even if he did it to aid Israel, there is no sign that it would do any good. Whether any good comes from Breivik's actions remains to be seen. 

It looks like he has internalised the teachings of Mohammed, whose armies of terrorists swept out of Arabia.  Do we really have to become like Mohammed to defeat Mohammedanism?

I'm sure if Breivik had massacred 77 jewish teenagers, you wouldn't be full of adulation for him.  Whether he killed 77 jews or 77 muslims, I'd say he must be executed.

Looking on the bright side, this sloppy original forum was followed by 3 excellent critical comments :-)

If you are genuine Ezio, then you are going to have to work harder at establishing your case.  You didn't give any serious reasons why the trial was flawed, and you didn't describe in any way what a proper trial would look like according to you.

Personally, I like the format of the trial, from what I've seen so far.  Note that they already dismissed one lay judge for behaviour prejudicial to Breveik's case.

Let us not forget Brevik murdered 77 people. He made himself judge jury and executioner. This cannot be allowed.

Wether he's getting a fair trial is a different matter. Personnelly i feel   He's getting a trial even though hes guilty, so no real problem there. He did kill all those people, there's not doubt about that. Hes been declared sane,  So why a great big grand trial, why not sentence him for his crimes. Hes given his reasons for the killing spree. But as the law stands there can be no good reason to go on a killing spree.  

 The trial seems to be a way of determining who else is to blame for his actions.

How many CJ bloggers are going to be smeared by this mans crime, we will find out soon. How much damage will be done to the CJ movement will also become clearer over the next few weeks.

What is being risked in this trial is the right to critisize islam. The left wing media will make a great deal of Breviks actions and the writings of some very prominant CJ bloggers. If they can prove that in some way Brevik was influenced by these people and their blogging can be labled as hate speech or incitement, then who will  stand up  in future and speak out against islam.


This is precisely it, Paul, it is not a kangaroo court of Breivik - he is plainly guilty - but the Norwegian leftist establishment are using the entirely despicable Stalinist tactic of arranging a show trial of those critical of islam and multi-culturalism - absolutely sick and fascistic.

"Kangaroo Court" or not.  There is the law of unintended consequences.  Baroness Warsi claimed that "hostility to islam" was the topic on every dinner table.  What did that do?  It gave people permission to be hostile to islam, because, "well, everyone else is doing it".

The media and the power elite can try to manage opinion, but public opinion is like the sea.  It can be partially shaped with ports, harbours; it can be partially controlled with tidal barriers; ships can successfully navigate on it for years.  But underneath there is al lsorts of movement and currents and immovable objects.

The power elite are not just leftist.  It was not the trade unions who insisted on bringing immigrants into europe.  It is not the communists who controlled the EEC.  At some point most liberal and right-wing academics fell silent.  But that silence is just an attempt to make people look at how we've tamed the sea.

I no longer worry about how these things will play out.  I'm fairly sure I know where we are headed, and it's a dark place.  My worrying will not stop anything.

Let them do what they like.  We can analyse it, comment on it, provide counter-examples, and make connections.  But if they do silence the canary in the coal-mine, it doesn't mean the explosion won't happen.  It just means more people in the mine will die when it does.


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