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Some men are so weak they fall for it every time.  A young woman and a pretty smile.  Or is it, a pretty young woman and a smile.

Whatever the saying is, Billy is smitten.  You can tell.

My, oh my, has he fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.  He has even written a song about it.  Now that is serious.

This image portrays to him all that is good, wholesome and powerful in a woman.

The name of this woman is Saffiyah Khan who is an expert practitioner/activist and rabble-rouser for the fascist Left.  She was at the English Defence League (EDL) demonstration on 8 April 2017 for the sole purpose of giving aid and support to those who wanted to silence us, to prevent the people of Birmingham from hearing what we had to say about the threat of Islam, Muslim grooming gangs and the anti-democratic Union and political forces in Birmingham.

But this does not matter to Mr Bragg.  When he wants an icon to carry his brand of social justice he reads into it what he likes.  He fashions an icon in his own artistic image.

Yes she is smiling but what does that mean, exactly?  For Mr Bragg it means some sort of jujitsu over one of the leaders of the EDL.  That smile illustrates for him the overthrow of hatred, injustice, racism and bigotry.  Imagine; he saw all that in a smile.

Maybe Mr Bragg should smile on

  • the Muslim rapist grooming gangs that plague the UK,
  • the thousands of adults who are involved in the Genital Mutilation of little girls that occur every year in the UK,
  • the hundreds of Muslims who flock to ISIS every year,
  • the hundreds of so called honour killings and wife beatings all sanctioned by the teachings of Islam,
  • the dozens of victims of Islamically-inspired terrorism in this year alone,
  • the constant efforts by the Sharia-pushers to dominate English society,
  • the daily fear of Muslims who want to leave Islam but are afraid to because of death threats from the ‘religion of peace’ crowd.  

Maybe if he smiled, a ‘serene smile’, on them we all could witness the power to hold back these soldiers of Allah.

Mr Bragg is keen to also note the power of a woman, this woman, over an EDL man.  This is nothing short of imputing a lie into the context of a political confrontation.  She refused to be silent during a call for a moment’s silence in memory of the victims of terrorism.  She supported the disruption.  In what way was Ian Crossland supposed to act other than to verbally tell her she was in the wrong? There was no exercise of power over anyone, let alone by that feminine smile.

She should have been ashamed of herself.  Instead she gloried in her 15 minutes of fame which now Mr Bragg extends for a few more minutes.  Apparently she is trying to capitalise on this fame by advertising her uninspired and uninspiring collection of selected photographs of Asian Britons - such a perfect example of inclusivity.

He is currently on tour in the USA.  Will he tell his audience of:

  • The attempted brutal take-over of this green and pleasant land by the soldiers of Allah and the Sharia-pushers?  
  • Will he tell them that in some schools that Muslim children are told "not to listen to Christians as they were all liars" and that they were "lucky to be Muslims and not ignorant like Christians and Jews."  
  • Will he tell them of the no-go zones in many places in London due to Friday ‘prayers’?  
  • Will he tell them of the widespread abuse of the benefits system by Muslim men who get benefits for themselves, their children and multiple wives?  
  • Will he tell them about the many terrorist actions that have been thwarted by the security forces?  
  • Will he remind them that Salmon Rushdie still has a fatwa, a death sentence, for daring to write some fantasy comments about Mohammed in a book many years ago?  
  • Will he remind them of the 7-7-2005 bombings in London or the Lee Rigby murder or the more recent terrorist murders this year alone?  

The list of offences against the good and decent people of this country by the followers of Islam/Mohammed can be extended for many pages.

Will he tell them anything about the dangers, threats and impositions of Islam experienced largely by working class people in this country?  No, he will not.  His latest song/album is about ‘solidarity’ with those like Saffiyah Khan who he believes is acting for the poor and oppressed in this world against the ‘ranting fascist’ and the ‘neo-fascists’ of the EDL and other patriots.

He speaks of S Khan’s ‘selfless act of solidarity’.  Solidarity with who or what?  It is a word bandied about and is supposed to automatically mean something good.  The context here however is solidarity with people whose sole reason for being where they were, was to disrupt our demonstration and cause a violent reaction which would feed the media lies and hype about the EDL.  S Khan and the others failed to do that because of the discipline of our supporters and particularly Ian Crossland.

Mr Bragg is so taken with that smile he fails to notice other images like the one taken a few minutes later of her, not Mr Crossland, being taken away by the Police.  So, were the Police wrong Mr Bragg? Or did they see what you refuse to see: a woman hell-bent on disrupting a civil, legal, and non-violent demonstration?

We thought the politics of Mr Bragg included solidarity with the working class of this country.  We have suffered the most under Islamisation and the open borders brought on by previous Labour politicians.  We thought he would support freedom of speech and assembly.  We thought he would support non-violent political assemblies of people who are appealing to the people and Government to do something effective about these problems.  How wrong we were.

He says S Khan was there to take part in a counter-demonstration.  No she was not.  But the truth does not matter to Mr Bragg.  Why bother with facts when the icon is so much more fun?  There was a legal counter-demonstration some short distance away from our LEGAL demonstration which she could have attended.  But that was not good enough for her and her anti-democratic friends.  She wanted to deny us our space in the public square.

Nothing short of our complete silence would do for her and, apparently, for Mr Bragg.  What does that make him?



For more info about the Birmingham demo and this incident:


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