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EDL rally and counter protests in Worcester

Matthew Dresch Reporter

Last updated: 21st July


We're going to end this live blog now. 

In conclusion:

  • Three people were arrested
  • Two police officers were injured
  • One EDL supporter suffered a facial wound
  • A suspected pyrotechnic went off among the far-right protesters
  • The EDL demonstrators were forced back by counter protesters who blocked their path in Broad Street
  • Jabba Riaz, the Mayor of Worcester, blamed 'hard-headed youths' for the violence

Here are a couple more photographs from the protests in Broad Street today:

Droitwich Advertiser:

Droitwich Advertiser:


West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has added his voice to praise for the officers involved in the protests today.


Here are three particularly powerful pictures from today's protests (courtesy of Paul Kinsella -

Droitwich Advertiser:

Droitwich Advertiser:

Droitwich Advertiser:


West Mercia Police has confirmed that three people were arrested and two officers suffered injuries during today's protests.

Superintendent Damian Pettit, police commander for south Worcestershire, said: "Three people were arrested for minor public order offences. Two police officers were injured during the event but thankfully neither is thought to be seriously hurt.

"There were reports of items being thrown into the EDL group and this is now being investigated.

"While a small minority of people were more confrontational in their attitude than we wanted, this was a successful operation that saw the majority of people able to participate in peaceful protest and our communities and businesses protected from harm.

"I would like to thank the communities of Worcester for their co-operation and patience during our operation to police the demonstrations that took place in the city centre this afternoon.

"Extensive planning went into today's operation and I would also like to thank our partner agencies and my officers for ensuring the safety of our communities on the day.

"We will be meeting with our partners in the local community to talk through the events of today. Worcester enjoys positive relationships among its diverse communities and we will continue to work with our partners to build on this in the future."


Droitwich Advertiser:

However, the deputy mayor, Allah Ditta, said he was asked to come to the counter protest by the police and called the mayor’s comments ‘disappointing’.

He added: “I was called by the police to ask the youngsters to get out of mischief.

“The police wanted them to be looked after and spoken to. The police called me because I’m in the community.

“I went up to the lads and said you have made your point that you are against what they stand for. I said you can’t hold up the street.

“I think they were in Broad Street first and then Angel Street and then The Cross, where I saw them.”



Droitwich Advertiser:

Jabba Riaz, the Mayor of Worcester, said: “From a policing perspective it didn’t go quite according to plan as the route was slightly changed.

“And the intervention of some of the local community wasn’t anticipated as originally thought. That put a completely different twist on things.

“The injured police officer, the pyrotechnic and the scuffles that broke out wasn’t what I was expecting to happen.

“It was not a reflection of Worcester but a small group of hard-headed youths. This doesn’t project a good image.

“Hopefully we can regroup, gather and learn from what happened today.”

The city councillor also criticised Worcester’s deputy mayor, Allah Ditta, for his presence at the counter protest.

He said: “It’s quite shameful, he’s there in the thick of things with these hard-headed youths.

“What message is that sending out from a city perspective? That they have the support of the deputy mayor when the mayor is promoting peace, love and harmony.”

Cllr Riaz visited West Mercia Police headquarters this morning to watch how the force dealt with protest behind the scenes.

The mayor said he was impressed by how officers handled the complexities of the demonstration.

He added: “I’d like to praise the police operation. They had a lot of people on the ground. They did what they could under the circumstances.”

The mayor added that when he came back to the city he spent time at the peaceful counter protest in Worcester’s Cathedral Square.


As the EDL was pushed back down Broad Street, the opposing side chanted: "you're not marching anywhere".

A counter protester, who did not want to be named, told the Worcester News: "Worcester is a city based on liberty. 

"We don't need the people of the EDL coming and saying what we can and can't do."


However, police have just arrested a man on suspicion of throwing an object into the crowdDroitwich Advertiser:


The EDL protesters have now gone, it would seem

Luke Shaw #RenewBritain #FBPE 🇬🇧 🇪🇺@AuntyBrexitFBPE

When the try to march through they are met with opposition. I'm proud of my city for standing up to these racists, sadly 3 police officers were injured by the EDL. Things thrown from both sides police had to call section 14 and move everyone along.


The EDL protesters are now essentially hemmed in between the counter-protesters and police


Droitwich Advertiser:

The counter protesters are still gathered at the bottom of Broad Street


Droitwich Advertiser:

This appears to be blood on the ground from the earlier confrontation



Droitwich Advertiser:

It's all calmed down now. Looks like the protesters are eyeing a bargain in that Mothercare sale...



@worcesternews Freedom to March has to be allowed for everyone. Taunting for provocation cannot be tolerated. This goes for both sides.


New information from police: that minor explosion was actually just a balloon


Michael Conroy@MichaelConroy68

150-200 ppl in saying not welcome. Speaking with comrades in @NEUnion @fbunational - good atmosphere.

Michael Conroy@MichaelConroy68

Scratch that - 500+ ppl got the racists totally cornered. They’re not marching anywhere.

View image on Twitter

Suf Hussain, a counter protester from Worcester who was on the frontline of the demonstration in Broad Street, aged 24, said: "I'm here to stand up for the rights of everyone not just blacks or Asians, the rights of all religions and all cultures and all ethnic backgrounds.

"They are trying to stir up the peaceful city of Worcester and cause friction between different communities that live in the city."

Mr Hussain said the Broad Street protest had been organised amongst friends and colleagues on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media.

Mr Hussain, who works in the defence industry, added that the EDL protest was more about criticising Islam than celebrating Englishness.


Droitwich Advertiser:


Droitwich Advertiser:


That minor explosion was believed to be a firecracker in a bottle, police say


There was a minor explosion of some sort among the EDL group just now - a firecracker, perhaps.


Droitwich Advertiser: The protesters are being separated now



2:05pm Sat 21 Jul 18

obidanshinobi says

What a waste of police resources just so 30 racists can spout their racist and factually incorrect views. Whoever in the Worcester council agreed to this march should be stripped from office immediately and be prevented from representing citizens ever again. This march is nothing but a waste of time, a strain on police resources, loss of trade to business along the route and potential violence and property damage. Seriously, whoever agreed to this needs to be sacked now. And don't say "well it's freedom of speech", if I approached the council and said I wanted to march through Worcester with roads closed so I could warn people about the dangers of the Galactic Space Mice coming to Earth to wreak havoc, I bet they wouldn't let me, because it's ridiculous nonsense. The EDL spout ridiculous nonsense so why are they allowed to march? I'm all for free speech but when it comes to causing disruption so people can shout a load of ignorant rubbish, why ? why would you agree to this?


Police are trying to separate the opposing protesters in Broad Street as members of each group charge forward


Droitwich Advertiser:


Droitwich Advertiser: The confrontation has turned ugly.

David Shuff, aged 32, from Stoke-on-Trent, claims he was attacked by a group of about 20 counter protesters when attempting to move up the left hand side of Broad Street.


WARNING: Foul language



Droitwich Advertiser:


Droitwich Advertiser:


View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Michael Conroy@MichaelConroy68

150-200 ppl in saying not welcome. Speaking with comrades in @NEUnion @fbunational - good atmosphere.


Droitwich Advertiser: The EDL and counter-protesters come face to face in Broad Street


Ben Humphrey@BenHumphreyUK

Just seen the ‘march’ in Worcester. 😂😂😂 Absolutely laughable. 1. I had more people at my 5th Birthday Party. 2. Their chanting was completely incoherent so no one could understand what they were saying. 3. The amount of alcohol, fags and weight on display is going to be..

Ben Humphrey@BenHumphreyUK

A massive burden to the NHS in the near future. Dear @EDLnews it might be time to just admit defeat. Your cause is long dead and is dwarfed in Worcester by love, compassion and peace. Go home. You’re done.


Ben Humphrey@BenHumphreyUK

Just seen the ‘march’ in Worcester. 😂😂😂 Absolutely laughable. 1. I had more people at my 5th Birthday Party. 2. Their chanting was completely incoherent so no one could understand what they were saying. 3. The amount of alcohol, fags and weight on display is going to be..




As they marched though Angel Place, the EDL members were chanting 'You can stick your f***ing Islam up your a***'.


Droitwich Advertiser: Around 30 EDL members are marching along Angel Street and Angel Placce


Droitwich Advertiser:

The market in the High Street is going ahead as usual, and the message to residents is that the city centre is largely open as usual


Droitwich Advertiser:

There are around 30 EDL members gathered at The Cricketers pub in Angel Street



Droitwich Advertiser:

Press officer for the counter protest Sean McCauley, aged 49, from Worcester, said: "The idea is that we hold this area as that's where we have been told the EDL will be coming to.

"We are keen to make sure our voices are heard above theirs. We will be as loud as possible if they do speeches.

"They are saying they are opposed to the mosque, it's not as though it's a new mosque, it's a replacement for the one that's already here.

"They are intending to sow division within communities."


There are around 50 people at the counter protest in the Corn Market


Droitwich Advertiser:


Counter protester Gavin Moran, aged 39, from Dudley, said: "I believe everyone is born equal. I'm an atheist myself but I think everyone should have the freedom to follow whatever religion they want.

"When groups target one particular member of society, I take that as a slight on our society as a whole."

He added that he does not believe in violence, however he thinks protesting is important.

Mr Moran, who works for the water board, found out about the demonstration through his friend who lives in Worcester.


The counter protesters in the Cornmarket.

Droitwich Advertiser:


Police have cordoned off roads in preparation for the protest and counter protests, including Angel Street.

The first counter protest, organised by Worcester Trades Union Council, is due to begin in just under 10 minutes, at the Cornmarket at 1pm.


WEP Worcester@wepworcester

Obviously WE are counter protesting join us, @worcsprideteam & your loving community 

Readers unite against plans for EDL protest over mosque in city

READERS have united in opposition to a far-right protest due to be held in the city over plans for a £3million mosque.

Worcestershire Pride, which held its first LGBT+ festival in the city last year, has spoken out in support of those who are protesting against the EDL rally today.

A spokesman said: "As an organisation dedicated to equality, diversity and inclusion Worcestershire Pride oppose all forms of discrimination and hate towards minorities.

"We would therefore like to offer our support to the counter protests standing against the English Defence League (EDL) and their protest of the proposed new mosque for Worcester due to take place 21st July 2018.

"The EDL is intolerant and their protest is clearly motivated by Islamophobia. Islamophobia is a hate-based belief that reduces Islam to a single dehumanised and radical idea of what it is to be a Muslim.

"One effect of this is that it erases the diversity of moderate and queer voices in the Muslim community.

"We stand against Islamophobia as we stand against homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny and other forms of hate-based discrimination.

"We stand in solidarity with the counter-demonstration and wish everyone a peaceful happy day."

Wetherspoons has decided to close the Postal Order pub, in Foregate Street, Worcester, as a result of the march.

A spokesman for the pub chain said: "We always make the decision to close if there are marches or demonstrations in town.

"Sometimes it’s at the police request but often we make the decision ourselves after carrying out a risk assessment."

The Crown pub, in Broad Street, has also shut, although it will reopen at 6pm. 


The Mayor of Worcester Jabba Riaz has released a video sharing a plea for tolerance ahead of today's protest.

We also reported on the cancellation of a dance festival that was due to take place in the city centre today.

The Watch Out Worcester event was axed due to safety concerns about the protests.

To read the full story go on this link.



Worcester Trades Union Council then decided to organise another counter protest, which is due to begin in the Cornmarket at 1pm.

For more details click here.


Our next story relating to the rally was on a 26-year-old university student who set up a counter protest, which will start at 1.30pm today next to the Edward Elgar statue in Worcester's High Street.

You can read the article about it here.


Many readers reacted to the far-right protest by saying that the EDL was not welcome in the city, although some said that they should be allowed to demonstrate.

To read the full story click here



We first reported on the EDL rally and the Mayor's response to it in this article.


The EDL march has been organised in opposition to plans to build a £3million mosque in Stanley Road, Worcester.

To see our original story about the designs for the mosque click here.


Good morning. We will be live-blogging throughout the day with updates on the English Defence League (EDL) rally in the city centre. The protest is due to start at 1.30pm, with two counter demonstrations taking place at around the same time.

The Crown Pub, in Broad Street, Worcester, has closed for the march, however it will reopen at 6pm tonight.

Residents also claim that some of the shops in the city centre have shut due to the rally.

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Replies to This Discussion

Patriot demonstration against mosque in Worcester confronted by violent muslims ;

Anyone know if this incident was linked to the march ? ;

No it wasn't because the attack itself happened days before the demo.

But it should give the Lefties pause for thought, that they are so keen on defending the construction of a new command and control centre for the Worcester fascists, at the same time as those Islamic fascists are attacking children with acid.

What am I saying?  Of course you and I are to blame for that, because our white male patriarchy is what has corrupted those acid throwing Muslims!

Worcester acid attack on three-year-old boy as he sat in pram on family shopping trip could be linked to 'community dispute', police hint

And of course, we don't trust anything the police or media say, anymore.  They call it a community dispute: that may mean that the Muslim neighbours were bullying and threatening the mother, or perhaps she refused to sleep with them, so they responded with an acid attack.  Oh, OK then, its nothing to do with a religiously motivated hate crime, and we can keep that well out of the statistics.  The statistics are just for the 'fake' internet reports from Tell Mama.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson


The outcome of the English Defence League demonstration on 21 July was a defeat for free speech, freedom of peaceful assembly, Police trust and the democratic process.

It was a victory for mob violence, intimidation of the police by the mob, the Sharia-pushers, and an encouragement to Muslim thugs who believe (rightly?) that all they need do in order to prevent the exercise of our rights is just show up, block our path with their bodies, and push back threatenly against the police and us.

But we do not tire in our efforts to speak our mind.  We oppose the building of a new Mosque in Worcester.  We oppose the anti-democratic forces that want to turn this country over to mob rule led by the Left-wing fringes of the Labour Party and/or the Sharia-pushers.  As we said in our previous article directed to the Clergy who support the new Mosque:

The purpose of a mosque is to spread the religion and power of Islam.  The Islamic ideology is in direct competition to other belief systems, religious and secular, and it hopes one day to crush them, violently if need be, and put those church leaders out of a job and convert their churches into Mosques.  There cannot be any harmony, in the long term, with such a belief system.

We oppose the push to make this beautiful country resemble the likes of Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia or Sudan.  Wherever the Sharia rules or influences public policy, there too will our traditional freedoms be diminished or evaporate all together.

Our Demo on 21 July was a small regional demonstration.  The Demo on 1 September is a national one and promises to draw many more like-minded protestors who are patriots and wish to express their downright opposition to the horrors that are unfolding before our eyes.

We are a non-violent, law abiding group and always have been.  We negotiate in good faith with the police before every demonstration.  Those who oppose us often do not as in this demonstration. We have met several times with the Police and as of 10 days before the demonstration the opposition (the Left and Muslim radicals) refuse to meet with and negotiate with the Police.  One of the slogans of the Left is ‘They shall not Pass’.  This slogan is a clear intention to break the law and our rights to peacefully assemble.  Will the Police face down this challenge?

One of the accusations we constantly face is the charge that we are ‘racist’.  This lie needs yet again to be corrected.  Islam is not a race.  It is an ideology.  Muslims are of many races because anyone can believe in Islam and become a Muslim.  To criticise or critique an ideology has nothing to do with the racial characteristics of the followers of that ideology. Islam requires its adherents to follow the example of Mohammed who used all means, including violence and terrorism, to achieve his political power.  It is no more racist to criticise Islam than it is to draw attention to the evils inflicted in the name of Communism.

Mohammed clearly stated his intentions and societal goals: “I have been commanded to fight against people, till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me (that) I am the messenger (from the Lord)…”

These words (and there are many more like them) from Islam’s sacred texts are ever present in the hearts and minds of his followers here in the UK, including in Worcester.

We will challenge these dangerous forces on 1 September.  We trust the Police will reach deep into their best history and muster their moral and physical forces to show the good people of Worcester that democracy still lives.  And unlike 21 July we ask again: Will the Police keep their promises to us and enforce our right to peacefully assemble, walk to the Cornmarket to give our speeches (as agreed with them), and then leave town?

On 1 September we will also show that the English Defence League is continuing its street protests against the Islamisation of our country.

David has demonstrated that it is a provocation too far to hold up an English flag in the midst of Muslims. And I do not recall anyone getting arrested when he was attacked that day.


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