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Well, well, well.

The Leftwing Guardian newspaper now has an editorial demanding an end to FGM.

This is a tribute to EDL.  Back in 2010, when I told my "lesbian feminist" friend from university, a prominent lawyer and a paid-up member of the Labour Party when she was at university, that I was a supporter of EDL, she asked me in a shocked voice: "how did you move to the far-right"?  I pointed out that 30 years ago, she was the one who told me what FGM was and was fulminating about it.  I asked her what she was doing about it now that it was going on all over Britain, and 1000s and 1000s of girls in Britain have had it done to them.  She told me "it's not our business, it's their culture and we must leave them alone".  I told her that my political principles hadn't changed, it was socialists/feminists like her who had abandoned their principles.

Hers was the typical Guardianista response.  Here we are 4 years later, and the issue is now back on the national and international agenda.  And it comes down to the EDL.  The laws against FGM were passed in 1985 and 2003.  Yet from 2003 onwards, the media were silent about FGM.  As with the grooming gang prosecutions, it took the existence of EDL to make the Left start to speak up about the principles in which they supposedly believed.

What follows is a list of all the articles from The Guardian on FGM between 1990 and 2014.  Notice how from that 24 years, the vast majority of the articles are from the last 4 years.  EDL came into existence 5 years ago this April.

Note the ruler dividing Guardian stories on FGM. Those above the line are post-EDL, those below are pre-EDL.

In the 20 years before the EDL, The Guardian had less than 1 story per year on FGM (despite the 2nd law against FGM being passed in 2003, thus in the middle of that time period).  

In the 4 years since EDL existed, The Guardian had almost 9 stories a year on FGM. The media REFUSE to give EDL any credit, but this kind of statistical analysis shows the impact of EDL.

1.G2: Women: IN NUMBERS.
The Guardian . Feb. 4, 2014 Lifestyle: p13. Word Count: 35.
6 February United Nations Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) 120-140m Estimated number of women subject to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) globally 3m girls at risk each year Source: World Health ...

2.Michael White's sketch: Sex and the tale of two cities.
The Guardian . Jan. 15, 2014 Regional News: p2. Word Count: 673.

3.Michael White's sketch: Sex and the tale of two cities.
The Guardian . Jan. 15, 2014 Regional News: p6. Word Count: 682.

4.G2: Women: How to fight back: Want to change the world this year? Kira Cochrane asks feminist activists for the six key steps to running a powerful, headline-grabbing campaign.
The Guardian . Jan. 7, 2014 Lifestyle: p12. Word Count: 1218.

5.Inquiry into the mutilation law with no prosecutions.
The Guardian . Dec. 19, 2013 Regional News: p5. Word Count: 322.

6.G2: How feminism fought back: The women's movement may have been in hiding through the 'ladette' years, but in 2013 it has come back with a vengeance. Kira Cochrane meets the fourth wave of feminists, taking the struggle to the web - and the streets.
The Guardian . Dec. 11, 2013 Lifestyle: p6. Word Count: 2650.

7.Guardian person of the year: All groundbreakers, but who will triumph?: Another year, another flurry of newsmakers, all jostling for the ultimate accolade: to be voted the Guardian's person of the year. Here, our writers offer their nominations.
The Guardian . Dec. 4, 2013 News: p23. Word Count: 1667.

8.G2: Last night's TV: The Cruel Cut was hugely powerful - but it was a pity about the pranks:.
The Guardian . Nov. 7, 2013 Lifestyle: p21. Word Count: 805.

9.Reply: Letter: Practical help for victims of female genital mutilation.
The Guardian . Nov. 6, 2013 Regional News: p37. Word Count: 315.

10.G2: Women: IN NUMBERS.
The Guardian . Nov. 5, 2013 Lifestyle: p13. Word Count: 46.
1985 The year FGM was outlawed in the UK 0 The number of prosecutions since 66,000 Victims of FGM in England and Wales 24,000 The minimum number of girls under the age of 15 at risk of FGM Source: Tackling Female Genital ...

11.Front: UK must act to halt mutilation of girls - report: FGM must be treated as human rights abuse, say nurses and midwives: UK must act to halt mutilation of girls - report.
The Guardian . Nov. 4, 2013 Regional News: p1. Word Count: 904.

12.Saturday sketch: Sewing Bee crafts its own politics in crochet and protest quilts: Saturday sketch WI's new wave attracts a younger crowd.
The Guardian . Nov. 2, 2013 Regional News: p12. Word Count: 697.

13.FGM facts: 66,000 females in UK affected.
The Guardian . Oct. 24, 2013 News: p21. Word Count: 260.
* Female genital mutilation (FGM) is carried out in 29 countries, according to the World Health Organisation. Although prevalent in many Muslim countries in the Middle East, it is also widespread in Africa and Indonesia. ...

14.Film exposing taboo subject of mutilation heralds breakthrough in women's rights: Number of genital cases in Kurdistan plunges after film brings about change in law.
The Guardian . Oct. 24, 2013 News: p21. Word Count: 1204.

15.G2: Women: 'I had to tell the world about this torture': Somali supermodel Waris Dirie was just five when she became a victim of female genital mutilation. As she collects an award for her campaigning, she tells Emine Saner why the practice has to stop.
The Guardian . Oct. 15, 2013 Lifestyle: p12. Word Count: 1277.

16.Saturday: A ban on male circumcision would be antisemitic. How could it not be?.
The Guardian . Oct. 12, 2013 News: p43. Word Count: 1237.

17.G2: A girl's guide to politics: How do we encourage young women to enter public life? Melissa Benn has 10 tips to help our daughters change the world.
The Guardian . Sept. 30, 2013 Lifestyle: p10. Word Count: 1194.

18.Family: 'Mothers need to say no': Faduma Ali, 86, still remembers the pain of being circumcised at eight. Horrific as it was, she allowed her own daughters to go through the same ordeal. But when it came to her granddaughters, she decided to step in and stop it. By Homa Khaleeli.
The Guardian . Sept. 7, 2013 Lifestyle: p3. Word Count: 1339.

19.Education: On our professional networks this week: Where are all the black professors?: How to write your personal statement for law: Why surprise lesson observations work best.
The Guardian . July 23, 2013 Regional News: p35. Word Count: 598.

20.Saturday sketch: The battle to eliminate FGM is long, but it's one we must win.
The Guardian . June 29, 2013 Regional News: p14. Word Count: 849.

21.70 a month seek help after genital mutilation.
The Guardian . June 24, 2013 Regional News: p7. Word Count: 331.

22.Assaults and abuse: the price of exposing a criminal secret: Women who fight genital mutilation face threats No convictions in 28 years since practice criminalised.
The Guardian . May 9, 2013 Regional News: p18. Word Count: 874.

23.National: Casualty carries storyline about female genital mutilation: Issue to be highlighted on peak-time TV for first time: Campaigners hail move to draw attention to scandal.
The Guardian . Apr. 13, 2013 Regional News: p25. Word Count: 525.

24.Society: Girl in the corner: The UK must act now on female genital mutilation.
The Guardian . Mar. 27, 2013 Regional News: p46. Word Count: 548.

25.G2: Women: 'I want to help other girls': A 17-year-old asylum seeker tells Diane Taylor how a Somalian supermodel inspired her to speak out against the female genital mutilation she was subjected to as a child.
The Guardian . Jan. 22, 2013 Lifestyle: p12. Word Count: 983.

26.Society: 'I want Aisha to grow up stronger than I am': Female genital mutilation is illegal in the UK, but an asylum seeker fears it will be forced on her daughter if they are deported.
The Guardian . Nov. 7, 2012 Regional News: p38. Word Count: 907.

27.Comment: The illusion of harmony: The racist cake stunt reveals the lie behind Sweden's cosy self-image.
The Guardian . Apr. 19, 2012 News: p32. Word Count: 441.

28.G2: Hideously Diverse Britain Abiding by club rules.
The Guardian . Jan. 4, 2012 Lifestyle: p13. Word Count: 359.

29.Reply: Letter: Designer mutilation.
The Guardian . Oct. 19, 2011 Regional News: p35. Word Count: 164.

30.Reply: Letter: A clear framework for tackling female genital mutilation.
The Guardian . July 13, 2011 Regional News: p33. Word Count: 327.

31.G2: Hideously Diverse Britain A child-protection issue, pure and simple.
The Guardian . July 6, 2011 Lifestyle: p13. Word Count: 376.

32.G2: Women: 'The horror was palpable': After midwife Cath Holland saw the effects of female genital mutilation, she set out to persuade a Kenyan province to renounce the practice. Joanna Moorhead reports.
The Guardian . Apr. 15, 2011 Lifestyle: p16. Word Count: 1208.

33.Anti-mutilation drive 'at risk'.
The Guardian . Mar. 30, 2011 Regional News: p15. Word Count: 220.

34.Special report: The 'midwives' who mutilate. How female circumcision survives in northern Iraq.
The Guardian . July 6, 2010 Regional News: p1. Word Count: 1404.

35.Society: Holidays from hell: Despite it being illegal to carry out female genital mutilation on UK citizens, cases are on the increase.
The Guardian . Feb. 17, 2010 Regional News: p3. Word Count: 760.

36.Education: Children's services: Daughters in danger: Some children will suffer terrible mutilation on their summer 'holiday'; teachers are asked to look for signs.
The Guardian . July 22, 2008 News: p17. Word Count: 1112.

37.National: 21,000 girls at risk of genital mutilation, say campaigners.
The Guardian . Oct. 10, 2007 Regional News: p14. Word Count: 422.

38.Reply: Response: Bribery and threats won't stop women being mutilated: We need to work with those communities who practise genital mutilation.
The Guardian . July 17, 2007 News: p31. Word Count: 565.

39.Met's unique pounds 20,000 reward to stop mutilation of women: Police take on 'child abuse' of female circumcision: Law to be enforced in face of cultural tradition.
The Guardian . July 11, 2007 Regional News: p12. Word Count: 533.

40.Society: Rites and wrongs: Female genital mutilation is not new in Britain, but now a joint effort between the police and community groups aims to put an end to the procedure for good. Juliet Rix reports.
The Guardian . June 1, 2005 Regional News: p10. Word Count: 1002.

41.Review: Theatre: Sense of Belonging: Arcola, London 2/5.
The Guardian . July 10, 2003 News: p26. Word Count: 320.

42.Weekend: CROSSING BORDERS: You can be travelling abroad or working at home, and you have a 'defining moment' when everything in your life changes. It's one way distant cultures come together. In a new exhibition, people who made such a leap describe how it happened and select photographs that capture their experience.
The Guardian . May 31, 2003 Regional News: p41. Word Count: 1280.
David Constantine, photographer and wheelchair designer It wasn't exactly a defining moment, the first time I arrived in Bangladesh - it was more the beginning of a realisation. When I was at passport control, my two ...

43.Women: The worst cut: This week, a GP has been struck off because of it. Last month, the government published a report on it. Audrey Gillan reveals how female genital mutilation is finally being brought out of the shadows.
The Guardian . Dec. 21, 2000 News: p8. Word Count: 1580.

44.Letter: Women need support to fight female genital mutilation.
The Guardian . Feb. 15, 1999 News: p15. Word Count: 71.

45.Letter: Women need support to fight female genital mutilation.
The Guardian . Feb. 15, 1999 News: p15. Word Count: 192.

46.Some crimes against women can't be policed by Western liberals.
The Guardian . Feb. 12, 1999 News: p22. Word Count: 1106.

47.Asylum plea over mutilation.
The Guardian . Apr. 29, 1996 News: p7. Word Count: 233.
UNITED STATES justice department officials will hear an asylum plea on Thursday by a young African who fears genital mutilation in her native Togo: a case the department believes poses a dilemma. A departmental briefing ...

48.Women: The first cut - Is it a form of torture or an inalienable rite of passage? Julie Flint listens to both sides of the female circumcision debate in Britain.
The Guardian . Apr. 25, 1994 News: p10. Word Count: 1598.

49.Women: Bulletin.
The Guardian . Sept. 27, 1993 News: p11. Word Count: 380.
- Reclaiming the Madonna, a touring exhibition of 28 women artists, is now at the Usher Gallery, Lindum Rd, Lincoln. The show, including work by Eileen Cooper, Laetitia Yhap, Sandra Fisher, Jane Ray and Susan Wilson, ...

50.Women: Bulletin.
The Guardian . June 30, 1992 News: p20. Word Count: 398.
-Speaking out: Forward are holding a conference on July 6-8 at London's City University, on Female Genital Mutilation in Western Countries. The conference will focus on breaking the taboo surrounding the practice of FGM ...

The effect of EDL on the problem of FGM was to make the Leftist media pay 1,000% more attention to this problem than they did in the 20 years before EDL.

Bravo, EDL.

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Joe, you are brilliant mate, thanks.

Any chance Kinana of doing what you did to the last chart, many thanks.


Arthur, make sure people know that I took it from Law & Freedom's book on the grooming gangs.  

The PDF of the book can be found here:

I'm told that the book will be available on Amazon soon, but the PDF is free.  According to a note in the first few pages of the PDF, any website can re-distribute the PDF.

Arthur said:

Joe, you are brilliant mate, thanks.

Any chance Kinana of doing what you did to the last chart, many thanks.



Either way, the BNP is doing very well on Facebook. It has over 100,000 Facebook friends. The Conservative Party has around 160,000. Lib Dems have 93,000. UKIP aside, the BNP has picked up more new "likes" over the last five weeks (3,300) than the others (Tory – 1,800; Labour – 2,500; Lib Dems – 650).

EDL has 162k "friends" on FB (notice how this researcher translates "likes" as "friends").  EDL passed the Tories, Labour, LibDems last summer.

EDL did not use any apps to "game" the system.  So, honest James Bartlett ignores them.

Notice also, how this researcher into fascism does not permit any comments on his statement.  "The fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists".

Simon Hughes, "justice minister" of the government of ToyTown, says people are now less nervous about demanding equality from muslims.

And just what was Simon Hughes, or the so-called "Liberal Democrats", or the Tories, or Labour's contribution to this diminished nervousness?  Nothing, nada, zilch.

If people are less nervous about this, then we can once again thank the EDL for having brought about this change in attitudes.  No-one else was publicly demanding equality, month after month, year after year.

It seems Germany now has something equivalent to EDL.

Wow!  I wonder how much longer the ruling elites of Europe can keep the pot from boiling over? Well, no need to worry, they have armed guards and apartments in nice exclusive areas.

So, The Guardian has now got Ban Ki Moon to back "their" campaign against FGM.

This is the same Guardian which provably ignored FGM for 15 years - until EDL put it back on the news agenda.

About 50% of the comments on the piece have been removed by the moderators of Der Guardian, for failing to live up to their Volkisch "community standards".   They NEVER publish any comment by me.

Home Affairs Select Committee has released a 70 page report on Rotherham.

There is compelling evidence that both Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and South Yorkshire Police ignored numerous, credible warnings about the scale of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. Given that these warnings came from Risky Business and others who had been expressly tasked with investigating and tackling the problem, it is difficult to understand why they were not taken more seriously. It is even suggested that documentary evidence was stolen in order to suppress it. It is hard to resist the conclusion that, if the Council and Police had taken these warnings seriously, the abusers could have been brought to justice more quickly and some of the later victims could have been spared their ordeal.

Bear in mind that this report comes out only 18 months after the same committee produced their final report, after 18 months of investigation.  Clearly the cover-up report from 18 months ago was not successful in containing this scandal (the biggest child care scandal in British history).

Paul Weston at the EDL demo in Luton on 22 November 2014, talking about the coming civil war in the UK.

Government says: muslims must declare they are proud to be British.  Seems to me this is what EDL was saying back in 2009.

read the comments on this HP thread.

They make great efforts to slag off the "racist" EDL, they don't challenge the idea that Majid Nawaz "slayed the EDL".

But look at the content of the comments about muslims and islam.  This kind of conversation is almost exactly the same tenor as would have been found on the EDL forum in 2010.  


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