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May 23, 2017

Yesterday we were among the few who remembered the fourth anniversary of the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May 2013.

Today we have been forced by ghastly events to think of the victims (22 killed, over 100 injured), their families, acquaintances and the people of Manchester and others who were among the 18,000 concert goers at the Manchester Arena last night.

The facts of this particular incident are still coming together and it will be a long time before the police work is complete.

We are urging the people of Britain to begin their work today.

The terrorist’s IED explosion

Last night 18,000 people, including many children, were at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. As the crowds were leaving, jostling shoulder to shoulder, managing tiny steps in the crush, a terrorist detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) and the happy crowd became body parts. We now know that the wearer of the IED was among those killed. So were English children and other innocent people. Some of the wounded will be scarred and probably disabled for life. Scores of English families will be changed forever by the blast.

The courage of first responders

The first responders included ordinary people who courageously and generously stopped what they were doing and joined official police and ambulance staff to help in every way they could.

Now is the time a different form of courage

Now we need “pre-responders” – people like the English Defence League supporters who have been campaigning for years for changes in our society so that tragedies like the Manchester attack don’t happen again.

Politicians, businesses, NGOs, the churches and citizens must now summon up courage to show that they are more fearful of terrorist attacks than they are of being called racists and Islamophobes.

Will we get the “same old, same old”?

After this attack, are we going to get the same old cliches of:

  • Speeches from “leaders” who lack the courage to say anything other than “We are not going to let this affect our way of life”?
  • New avatars and profile pictures, circulating a #PrayForManchester hashtag, lighting up a building with red, white and blue?
  • Misdirected concern and resources devoted to investigating accusations of Islamophobia?

What do we imagine the people from ISIS who claimed this attack as one of their own think of our worn out battery of pathetic responses? They are laughing at our sentimentality. They are scornful of our reluctance to engage them in the war they have declared on us.

Of course people will change. For one thing, after Bataclan on 13 November 2015 and after last night’s attack, many people will decide that going to concerts is now not worth the risk. But the change we advocate is much greater than that.

What lies behind this attack?

The deadly explosion last night is a direct result of certain decisions – and failure to make other decisions – by our leaders. But let’s be honest – and now is an opportunity for honesty to burst free. The culpability is wider than leaders. It includes the people who opened our borders, the sponsors of multiculturalism, the enforcers of political correctness, the churches and community groups whose naiveté led them down the cul de sac of interfaith dialogue, the people – your family members, workmates, members of your profession or union – whose words and attitudes have intimidated you out of speaking your mind.

We MUST change in response to the Manchester attack

It would be a pathetic, cowardly mistake to assume that the policies and actions that enabled the following attacks would be the policies and actions that will prevent the next incident:

  • the London Transport bombings in 2005,
  • the Islamic murder of Lee Rigby in 2013,
  • the Westminster attack in March this year,
  • the innumerable incidents of violence and intimidation by self-declared Muslims across Europe, and
  • the many terrible attacks prevented by our security services.

The next English Defence League demonstration will be in Liverpool on 3 June

We are not asking for money or Facebook likes. The English Defence League have all the steadfast determination needed to continue our protests, our speeches, our publicity in line with our mission statement:

We are asking for your courage, the courage to say and do what must be done to prevent future Islamic atrocities and intimidation across the UK.

For those who have the courage to stand up to Islamism and stand up to those who enable Islamic violence and intimidation, we extend a welcoming hand for you to join us at our next scheduled national demonstration in Liverpool on 3 June. There will be men and women in Liverpool on that Saturday who have never marched with us before. Please march with us and them on 3 June:

This is how we – every adult in Britain – must change after the Manchester attack

  • We must speak out to politicians and leaders to demand that Britain and Britons be defended from the attacks and intimidation we are becoming accustomed to.
  • We must allow the bravest among us – those who have spoken out about the ideology that explicitly claims responsibility for these outrages, and promises more – to speak out, to be heard, to be given a fair hearing. These Cassandras, like Cassandra of Greek legend, have been right all along.
  • We must encourage the open discussion of measures that can be taken that will prevent our people being subject to terrorist atrocities year in, year out for generations to come. The English Defence League has proposed one approach.

Other people should be able to improve on our proposal. The important thing is that measures of this magnitude MUST be discussed openly. Cowardice and wishful thinking were not what put the “Great” in Great Britain. Courage, clear thinking and decisive action are at the bedrock of our tradition. We must embody these qualities until we are safe once again.

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