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EDL statement on the Islamic attack at London Bridge – Saturday 3 June 2017

June 4, 2017

Last night “soldiers of Allah” once again attacked innocent people, killing at least seven and seriously injuring others who were out for an enjoyable evening in the city.

This is yet another terror attack that has slipped through the UK’s counter-terrorism surveillance operation. We have no criticism of MI5 and their police counterparts (especially the brave undercover operatives and informers). With 23,000 known potential jihadists among us we acknowledge the impossibility of monitoring them all sufficiently to prevent such attacks. There has to be a better way.

Killing innocent victims

We often do not share a common point of reference on the meaning of common words.

For example, if the killers have “twisted” their religion/ideology, one of the most twisted aspects of that ideology is to pervert the word “innocent”. For Western non-Muslims “innocent” refers to someone who is not guilty of any action that would justify punishment.

For the “twisted” Muslim however, “innocent” refers to someone who does not offend Islam. However, non-Muslims who do not submit to Muslim rule are not innocent; rather they are guilty of being an unbeliever and of “spreading corruption/mischief” (Quran 5:32-33) in Muslim lands.

This enables the twisters to look us in the eye and truthfully proclaim “Nowhere in the prophetic traditions will you see Mohammed say ‘kill innocent people,’ nor will you find it in the Koran” – while still condoning the killing of infidels for being infidels.

“Part and parcel” of London life

Last year London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, said that attacks were “part and parcel” of life in a big city. “It is a reality I’m afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things,”

Well, Mr Khan, all cities should be prepared, but where are your mealy-mouthed “these sorts of things” most likely to happen? In Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro (both bigger than London)? Here’s where: in Western cities with a recently arrived triumphalist minority Muslim population.

“Being prepared” is not enough

And, what’s all this about “being prepared”? Mr Khan’s policy is to allow the attacks to happen and then send in the police, the medics, the coroners and counsellors to mop up the aftermath. At yesterday’s EDL demo in Liverpool, one of our speakers told of a girl from his home town who was wounded in Manchester and who will wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. Mr Khan’s preparations do nothing to prevent such injuries.

This is just like the policies for dealing with Muslim child sexual abuse: get the police to act more quickly and catch the abusers. Too late! The abuse has happened. What about preventing it from happening? Not by teaching children to “learn the signs of child sexual exploitation”. Not by warning off potential abusers. What about removing whatever it is in Islam that drives Muslim men to think of non-Muslim girls as “slags”, ganging up on those girls and sexually abusing them in the most humiliating of ways?

No more business as usual. No more Mr stoic nice guy

Colonel Richard Kemp said today: “After this attack, let’s have no more candles, building illuminations and solidarity. Let’s demand change and action. No more business as usual.”

Katie Hopkins said the same thing after the jihadist martyrdom bombing in Manchester.

The English Defence League has been saying the same thing since 2009 – probably more frequently and more consistently than any other organisation in the country. We did it in our statement after the Manchester attack and we do it again today.

London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan said today: ‘We have shown in previous years and decades our stoicism and we will show it again in the next few days and weeks.’ Khan likes to hark back to the spirit of the Blitz. But we were more than stoical in the Blitz: we shot the Luftwaffe out of the skies! We expect more from our elected politicians than advice to be stoical. We expect leadership and decisive action.

The next English Defence League demonstration

The next English Defence League demonstration will be our response to the recent terrorist attacks in the name of Allah in London and Manchester. It will be a march on Parliament, drawing attention to the Government’s fatal disconnect between these atrocities and the government’s policies, priorities and resource deployment. We will announce the date shortly.

In Liverpool yesterday we repeated our warnings and pointed the finger

Yesterday we did it at an EDL national demonstration in Liverpool and, had our speeches not been cut short by the police, other scheduled speakers would have repeated it. In Liverpool we also drew attention to the unholy alliance between the far left and Islamists: both are determined to bring down our culture, traditions, liberties and freedoms and replace them with their utopias – for one a socialist utopia and for the other a caliphate. We stand up for Western civilisation.

We were outnumbered 10 to 1 in Liverpool by a largely left-wing crowd. We were bombarded with about 200 rotten eggs, 50 drink bottles (at least one was a glass bottle), 25 full drink cans and bananas and a handful of smoke bombs, darts, large fireworks and coins. We threw nothing – other than a few returns. We were there for the victims (and victims-to-be) of grooming, abuse, bombings, vehicle attacks and attempted beheadings. And we are not going away.

“Blood on your hands”

The crowd who opposed us in Liverpool yesterday revealed their seditious intentions. They were after us more fiercely than the left have ever opposed us before. Will the regressive left have the courage and intellectual honesty to join the dots between their actions, the bombing in Manchester last month and the jihadist attack in London last night? We doubt it. They are blinded by their own ideology. As our main speaker ended his address, the EDL crowd broke into a chant of “blood on your hands” pointing at the lefties who gathered to mock.

What the left cannot do, millions of English people can do, because the connection between leftist ideology, Islamism and Islamisation is plain to those who have the courage to face facts. And we have been overwhelmed by the messages we have received today, reassuring us that our steadfast determination to oppose Islamism and Islamisation in the UK is not thankless and that the EDL’s voice gives hope to many English people who feel silenced and intimidated by political correctness.

Yesterday Facebook closed down our main Facebook page without warning or reason. Last month the main Facebook page of Australia’s leading patriot group (UPF) was closed down. There is a pattern here: they close us down, yes, but true to the pattern, we bounce back.

What can you do?

  • March with us on our demonstrations.
  • Link up with a local EDL division on Facebook. There is a list of these divisions here:


  • Participate in our outreach through Facebook, our website, YouTube and Twitter:





You can also help by following us on these channels and recommending them to your family, friends and acquaintances.

Our supporters do what they can: attend demos, donate, educate themselves, contribute comments on local or national media websites or Facebook pages (you’ll find a lot of other brave like-minded people there). We have media graphic artists, video makers, people who make placards for our demos, writers, researchers, Facebook page administrators, website designers – and we can always use more.

No surrender!


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