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I'm starting this forum as a repository for bits and pieces of information on how gangsterism works, i.e. how gangsters can take over an area, exclude the police and civil authorities, and even take over an entire country (Iran now or Russia after the breakup of the USSR).  I welcome everybody's input on this  because the behaviour of mobsters and criminals is something outside my knowledge.

It still puzzles me that Eliot Ness didn't get murdered and was able to put Al Capone behind bars, even though the whole of Chicago was riddled with corruption.  Would YOU have spoken up to reveal information about gangsters operating in your neighbourhood, knowing that if they found out they'd beat you or kill you?  That's exactly the situation you'll soon find yourself in with respect to Islam in this country in a few decades, so its not an academic question.  Islamism takes gangster methods and raises them to the highest possible level.

I'll try list a few general characteristics first.

  1. Define membership of your group in an unconditional way (the first group)
  2. Define non-members (the 2nd group) to have inferior rights, so non gang members can be insulted or abused without query
  3. Have severe punishments for any member of your gang that breaks allegiance and leaves
  4. Have rituals to increase the sense of gang allegiance and consensus
  5. Infiltrate your own members into positions of authority in society
  6. Recognise and co-opt non-members that are prepared to co-operate and be compliant (the 3rd group), especially if they in positions of authority like policemen
  7. Inculcate your own ideas into the fabric of society so that, for example in Sicily or Pakistan, corruption is accepted
  8. Exclude police from mob buildings (by legal threat or by shoot out)
  9. Exclude police and civil authorities from neighbourhoods and regions
  10. Use threats & menace to force out from the area people who disagree with your platform
  11. Separate the 'head' from the 'body', i.e.  find out who are the intellectuals and vocal speakers who are prepared to campaign against you and who know how to use words, then stop it from speaking against you by threats, violence or murder
  12. Stop the 'body' from speaking and objecting by making fun of its speaking ability, or tying it in knots in argument or by legal trick
  13. Formalise all of this in a defined code of behaviour

 Now lets see how these correspond in Islam.

  1. Membership is clearly defined by the 5 pillars.  This is then re-inforced by attendance at the mosque.
  2. Non members or Kafir have inferior rights in Sharia Law, are equivalent to pigs and dogs, and even faeces and urine.
  3. Apostates are murdered
  4. Muslims are very focussed on, and effective at, gaining political control, as in Tower Hamlets.  If you visit the House of Commons, you will find on many nights, there is not one meeting of an Islamic support group in there, but two going on, which is proportionately far more than the number of non-Islamic meetings.  Having gained access to power and privilege, they use it.
  5. Compliant Dhimmis are given a defined place in Islamic society, but must keep paying their extra taxes, and live in constant threat of oppression by the gang leaders
  6. The UK media constantly protect Islam, having taken as dogma that it deserves special status and privileges, and has every right to be offended at the slightest pretext.
  7. Muslims report that Ramadan is not a spiritual experience, but afterwards they feel a bond with all other Muslims
  8. Police and Fire Services are excluded from entering mosques in the UK without previous permission
  9. There are now 750 officially recognised no-go zones for the public services in France
  10. Most of the previous Gay population has been ethnically cleansed from Tower Hamlets. Can anyone tell us the position of the Jewish population?
  11. There's the usual list of death threats against prominent speakers, threats against book publishers and even Lord Ahmed's threat against the House of Lords (which all worked in shutting people up)
  12. Normal working class people are derided and mocked whenever they try express their grievances at Speaker's corner or other discussion forums
  13. This has all be codified in Sharia Law, with clarification given in the Quran, Sira and Hadith

I'll now post some videos which show different aspects ofthe gangster methodology, in an attempt to shed more light on it.  

This first video shows how dangerous it is for the secular democratic state to allow total freedom of speech, at the expense of allowing criminal activity.

The next 5 videos study the effect of gangsterism on local areas by rogue armed elements in Iraqi society (either insurgents or the Mahdi army).  This is Muslim on Muslim gangsterism, but no matter, the principles of gangsterism remain the same, whether it is Muslim on Muslim, Muslim on Kaffir, or Cosa Nostra on New Yorker - the same methods and effects are used in each case.

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Antony said:

Shiva - above, you mention the islamist massacre of a gypsy settlement in Iraq - do you have any links etc for this ? in the UK right now, there has been increased interest in Gypsy culture, with TV series etc, and the left & "counter-culture" trying to side with them, so this information would be useful if in the public eye.

No place for gypsies in ultra-conservative Iraq

Squeezed between a rubbish dump and a dry riverbed, al-Zuhoor has no clean water or electricity and the gypsies who live here are at the margins of the new, ultra-conservative Iraq.

In smelly alleys bordered by brick hovels, without glass windows or doors, men wander without work, a young girl plays on a squeaky swing and women return from a day's begging in Diwaniyah, 180 kilometers (110 miles) south of Baghdad.

In the distance, smoke from burning rubbish blackens the sky and, when the wind turns, the nauseous odor is overwhelming.

Before 2003, under the Baathist regime of toppled president Saddam Hussein, the situation was much better. The dictator's iron fist did not weigh on the gypsies or Roma.

The men were professional singers or musicians and the women were invited to dance at feasts, weddings and parties in Iraq, having migrated to the Middle East from India centuries ago.

With the rise of radical Islamists in 2004 however, they were marginalized, attacked and robbed by the Mahdi army, a Shiite militia loyal to the radical, anti-U.S. cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who regarded the gypsies as morally repugnant.

Today, with the war-torn country primarily run by religious leaders, as opposed to the mostly secular society that existed under Saddam, the Roma community feels ostracized.

Despite being Muslims, the "Kawliya" -- as the community is known in Iraq -- are seen as outcasts.

"We live worse than dogs," says Ragnab Hannumi Allawi, a villager, wearing a somber, piercing black look, surrounded by a group of women and sitting on a dusty carpet.

She now refuses to go to Diwaniyah, capital of the eponymous province, to seek help. "The authorities say 'you are entitled to nothing' and throw us out. When we go into the city to buy food, they refuse us."

The only thing these women can do to beg a few dinars is to cover their face entirely to avoid being recognized.

"We leave at 5:00 am and we return around 3:00 pm, for two years they have been shutting all the doors on us and they kept us agonizing," says Lamia Hallub, her face broken.


The men, meanwhile, remember with nostalgia the weddings and events where they played and sang at night for rich families.

Before 2003 "we could work in music and folk festivals," says Khalid Jassim, his head dressed in a red and white checked Kuffeyah.

"But since we have had nothing. Why? Because our traditions do not accord with Islamic values," the old man complains.

"They say to us that the artists have no place in Iraq. The art is finished, but what country is there without artists?" he says, his voice rising and mood becoming more animated.

"Give me any job -- military, police, security or worker."

In the face of regular attacks, police installed checkpoints at the village entrance, but despite this many gypsies left.

"In the village, the infrastructure was destroyed, including the water network and the electricity," explains Abbas al-Sidi, a member of the province's Human Rights Commission.

"The attacks, mostly by armed militias, forced the families to flee to other provinces. The number of families has fallen from 450 to 120. Those who remain are the poorest."

The number of Roma in Iraq, according to tribal chiefs, is estimated at 60,000. Their hopes of a better life in the country with a population of 30 million people appear slim.

"Islam considers them to be deviants," declares Hafiz Mutashar, a religious dignitary in Diwaniyah.

The Leftist Fascists must love it, to see their Islamist brothers succeeding so well in suppressing 'deviants'.

I read somewhere that gypsies originated from India. They were people who decided to flee the land rather than become muslim.  Whether or not the pale-skinned gyspies we have in Britain bear any genetic similarity to these original gypsies is not something I know.  When one sees gypsies in Britain who have come from Romania, Bulgaria,etc. the "out of India" theory becomes plausible.

From my readings on the subject, the original Gypsies came from the Rajasthan region of India, although inter-married along the way, even today, one still sees the occasional English Romany Gypsy that has an Indian look about them. 1/4 of the Romanian population is Gypsy, so they did not have to marry out, hence alot of them still look Indian-ish. The other major Gypsy clans in UK are the Irish, and the Scottish Gypsy Travellers - the Scots ones speak their own language called "The Cant" which is different from the Romany language.

Its good they have preserved their traditions such as Lurcher dogs and bare knuckle boxing - the rest of the UK indiginous population would do well do preserve such useful skills.

Antony said:

From my readings on the subject, the original Gypsies came from the Rajasthan region of India

The emigration from India likely took place in the context of the raids by Mahmud of Ghazn, which is ironical because many adopted the dominant religion of their country of residence

Muslim Roma or Muslim Gypsies are Romani people who adopted Islam. Romanies have usually adopted the predominant religion of the host country. Islam among Romanies is historically associated with life of Romanies within the Ottoman Empire. Correspondingly, significant cultural minorities of Muslim Roma are found in Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Egypt, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria (by mid-1990s estimates, Muslim Roma in Bulgaria constituted about 40% of Roma in Bulgaria.)

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the parts where Islam is no longer a dominant religion Muslim Roma have found themselves under double discrimination, both on ethnic and religious grounds

Anthony said, Its good they have preserved their traditions such as Lurcher dogs and bare knuckle boxing - the rest of the UK indiginous population would do well do preserve such useful skills

There is one tradition we can do without, arranged and underage marriage, as times have moved on and the Roma do not face the conditions of slavery they suffered before slavery of Roma was abolished around 1856

During the 500 years in which Roma were enslaved in Romania, young Roma girls were frequently raped by their owners or the sons of their owners. After this, the girls and the 'half-breed' children they often bore were rejected by both the Roma and the non-Roma communities. The Roma found that marrying their daughters off while they were still very young was a good solution, as once married and no longer virgins, the girls were no longer 'clean' enough to rape. In fact, the same tradition of child marriage was practiced in the past in very poor Romanian villages, where the young girls were also targets for rape by the estate owners.

Prisoners Under pressure to Join Islamic Gang ;

A good instance below of the formalised gangsterism of Islam in operation.  Its a goo example because a warning of harm to the dissidents children is sent by a recognised non-violent body, followed by a warning from an openly violent organisation.  So this shows that the Islamic violence, normally done with plausible deniability, is actually approved of by the "silent, peaceful Muslim majority".

Indonesian Ulema Council and Militant Group Threaten to Exterminate Pakistani Ex-Muslim Imran Firasat's Family & Children


And the Spanish police blamed him for his problems and adviced him to make peace with the Islamists…

Brave Pakistani ex-Muslim Firasar Imran – who petitioned to the Spanish government for banning the Quran for its violent and totalitarian ideology and has received many death-threats himself – has now received a letter from the "Ulema Majelis of Indonesia" (Ulema Council Indonesia) and a radical Islamist group, threatening to annihilate his family living in Indonesia. Shown below is threatening email:


This letter from the nationally respected Ulema Council was followed by another from an Indonesian Islamist group, "Front Pembela Islam" (Islamic Defenders Front), also threatening to kill Firasat's children in Indonesia:


The Islamic Defenders Front has been involved in numerous incidents of violence and murder of Christians and Ahmadi Muslims, as well as attack and vandalism of their places of worship.

It should be noted that Imran Firasat is married to an Indonesian woman, and his family and children live in that country.

Imran is used to threats of violence and murder from Muslims. But this time, with threats to massacre his vulnerable family and children living in Indonesia from a extremely violent and dangerous militant Islamist group, egged on by the respected Ulema Council of Indonesia, he went to the Spanish police in Madrid on May 13 to lodge a complaint. But the police treated him dismissively, refusing to take in complaint and reminded him of lodging complaints in the past too. Police officers blamed him for the threats against his family and children by going against the Islamists. Only when he pleaded that this time the threats were against his vulnerable children living in Indonesia and threatened to report the case to the interior ministry, the police reluctantly filed the complaints, but without mentioning the letters of threat against his family and children. And despite taking in the complaint, the Spanish authorities have done nothing of note, when the threats of massacring his family in Indonesia come from well-known Islamic organizations there.

When he asked for protection, police officers blamed himself for the mess in his life by messing up with the Islamists. When insisted on a solution to ensure the safety of himself and my family, officers said: "Remove your website and stick with the Islamists."

Officers also told him not to come any more for lodging further complaints on the issue, advising him deal with his mess with the Islamists by himself.

It may be mentioned that Imran Firasat's petition to ban the Quran has been accepted for re....

And despite the threats and these setbacks, says Imran,

"No matter what I will continue fighting until everyone is free of Islam. I can not convince anyone to join but no one can force me to leave my battle for awakening the world about the dangers of Islam and Islamism’s growing threats against the Western world."

Muslim gradual gangster tactics at work again.  How long before Islamic Monoculturalism dominates South Africa?

Students kicked out of campus dorms for refusing Islam

More than 70 students have reportedly been kicked out of dormitories in a South Coast college for refusing to follow Islamic customs and rules.

The Mercury reported on Thursday that management at the Coastal As-Salaam campus, in Braemar near Umzinto, allegedly forced students in the dormitories to study the Qur’an and wear Muslim clothes. They were reportedly not allowed to carry bibles inside the premises.

Students at the further education training college went on strike two weeks ago and lectures were suspended until Tuesday.

Those living in dormitories were told to find accommodation outside the institution.

The students, who are funded by the higher education department’s national student financial aid scheme, told the Mercury they could not afford to pay for accommodation and meals as they came from poor families.

The head of the Coastal Central further education and training college, Patche Tigere, said he could not comment but was working to resolve the matter.

Higher education spokesperson Vuyelwa Qinga said the department was in talks with college management and education officials in the province.

Alan Lake said:

A good instance below of the formalised gangsterism of Islam in operation.  Its a good example because a warning of harm to the dissidents children is sent by a recognised non-violent body, followed by a warning from an openly violent organisation.  So this shows that the Islamic violence, normally done with plausible deniability, is actually approved of by the "silent, peaceful Muslim majority" ...


 I am very skeptical on this one. Both the "Ulema Majelis of Indonesia" and "Front Pembela Islam" use gangsterism methods, but neither of these groups have been directly involved with murder. Front Pembela Islam,have issued warning of violence, but if the above message will be the first time they have issued a death threat. I doubt very much that the above messages come from the said organizations, especially when they come so close to each other. Also, the Front Pembela Islam, are smart, they know the limits, so they are walking the fine line, to start issuing death threats or being involved with killings, they cross that line, and the government will act against them.


This I cannot get my head around

After a tortuous journey through various shelters in Germany in 2004 made landfall in Spain, in Santander. The couple tried to rebuild their lives. They settled in the city of Cantabria, had two more children and began proceedings to which they were granted political refugee status. The Charter of Liberties of the European Constitution contemplates that one of the reasons why You can ask the permission of residence, where it is shown that the transfer to their home country may cause a safety hazard. Finally, I was awarded that degree in 2006.

They were free, left behind years of persecution, torture, insults and aggressions. Years feeling like a stateless, all for your opposition to Islam. This impotence led him to create a blog in which he expresses his dissatisfaction with the old belief that in his opinion, encourages the violation of human rights. The impact of his views attracted the attention of the press in the region, but also the Muslim community. "Criticizing Islam is dangerous," says imperturbable, without being changed expression throughout the conversation. The speaker on the net cost continuous death threats and even physical assaults.

Fearing for the integrity of his wife and two children decided to leave Spain for a season and fled to Indonesia.

This just not make sense

Why would he flee to Indonesia, of all places

#1 Is he stupid

#2 Because his wife is Indonesian

#3 Some other reason

Well firstly I do not believe he is stupid.

Secondly, His wife is Indonesian, he claims she is Buddhist. This I cannot believe, I just cannot believe an Indonesian Buddhist going to Pakistan, especially after the recent treatment of Buddhists in Indonesia, most Indonesian Buddhists are ethnic Chinese, and those that leave go to Singapore, Australia or USA.

I do not believe an ex muslim, would come to Indonesia and set up a blog, that could be so easily traced

Lastly he did not come into the public eye until. 

They left Spain in 2007 after being accused of defrauding their business partner in the restaurant business and leaving behind hefty debts.

Sulaeman returned to Spain at the end of September 2010 and got a job at a restaurant in Cordoba but after one week he attacked the owner with a knife and stole 6,000 euros ($8,000) from him, according to the ministry statement. He then moved to Madrid.


Quite frankly I do believe this story, and I won't believe until I see evidence to support his claim of blogging in Spain or  Indonesia prior to the murder of Victor Rizky Wibowo

Finally, why is he petitioning against the koran, instead of petitioning to get his wife and children out of Indonesia

Just cross-linking the gangsterism of this story.

Thanks Shiva. It does look bad.  So I've changed the type to strike-thru to indicate that its doubtful.

Man has life-threatening injuries after being attacked outside Small Heath mosque at prayer time on Friday.  "Police also said the mosque authorities were co-operating with officers".


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