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I'm gobsmacked by this news, how could Tommy and Kev do this to us, many feel that we have been dumped, discarded, served our purpose and not given even a small amount of warning that they were going to do this.

The Bradford demo, people will have booked hotels, trains, buses and now will be out of pocket, our forum, no one knows what will happen to that, all up in the air, so to speak.

There are many questions and no answers.


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I was looking at the Casuals United page to see if they have any info on what happened to Tommy Robinson.  And I came across this.

So here’s the kicker. The government and their agents have done everything in their power to bring down the EDL over the last four years using every means at their disposal. False arrest, heavy sentencing, violent police tactics, smear campaigns, a crooked cps. Infiltrators, grasses, blackmail, you name it and they’ve tried it. It would seem to a large degree that they have now been successful as the EDL becomes more fractured and patriots move on. But they’re not leaving the movement, they are going to other organisations. Organisations that are far more militant and hard line than the EDL is and that have a wider range of issues than the EDL’s mantra of being ‘against Islamic extremism’. Patriots have moved to groups that are wholly anti-establishment or anti immigration, some that have a solely white agenda and that are openly racist with most being more militant than the EDL. So what have the government achieved ultimately? Nothing. In fact they have made it worse for themselves now as angry patriots go underground or vent their displeasure in more extreme ways. The powers that be were warned years back that this could be the case if they tried to bring down the EDL and now look. A perfect example of ‘be careful what you wish for’ The fight continues……

If this is true, then it is as I predicted to the police at the end of 2010.  I think at least at a middle-management level, the police knew this would be the outcome.  I've no doubt that there has been a concerted programme from on high to destroy EDL.

When it comes to muslims, then islamo-nazi groups like Hizb ut Tahrir were able to thrive for 25 years - successive governments scared of banning them, in case they became 10,000 terrorists.  Clearly governments never had a fear of that with EDL.  But you'd think that Breivik and that Ukrainian murderer would have shown them that things are taking turns that no-one predicted 4 years ago.

I think the elite and muslims would love for their to be indigenous Brits who become terrorists, because then they can use it to whitewash muslim terrorism.

That's an excellent summary by Casuals United. Very good. Particularly the point that destroying the EDL has made things worse... unless that's what they wanted! That is, if "patriot" groups are openly racist and fascist, and also propagate violence, then it will be even easier to destroy them than the EDL.... In essence, what's happening is the complete destruction of all alternative voices. And none of the above even involves Hope Not Hate, UAF and other Leftists. It's all a police and state thing.

The demo in Slough will be a test for the EDL.  The more extreme other 'patriot' groupings become the more alienating they will be to the wider public and hence more likely to not succeed in their goal of getting the resources of the State to deal with the Sharia-pushers.

In emails to Caroll released under the Freedom of Information Act, Nawaz wrote that "Quilliam has managed to facilitate the defection of the founder and leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley), and his right-hand man and co-founder Kevin Carroll from their movement. In other words, the UK’s largest right-wing street movement – the EDL - is being decapitated."

He said both men wanted to be "guided by Quilliam in their transition away from this movement" and the think tank had "offered to support these defections and are currently seeking to raise funds for the costs associated with supporting Tommy Robinson while he transitions away from his current financial dependency on the EDL, with a long term view of helping him reconsider his strategy and tactics under our long-term guidance."

The news was "unprecedented" he said, and said Quilliam had been bearing "all costs associated to it without a budget. Please let us know if you can urgently help us with a direct contribution so that we may fund Stephen’s transition and cut off his previous dependency on EDL donors".

No email from the DCLG responding to the request was released under the FOI request. Another email from Nawaz, three days later, has however been released, in which the Quilliam chief said he was "keen to turning this into a project in which Tommy and I can start to reach out to his former members and pull them into the mainstream," adding that weekend's Guardian would carry an apology from Robinson.

"Currently, this we have no funding in place to engage in this vital work," he adds.


Slough has come and gone.  The EDL is re-building its base and has a solid core of supporters.  We will continue to be on the streets, making the ONLY free speech zone in the public square and highlighting the threat from the Sharia-pushers.

Kinana said:

The demo in Slough will be a test for the EDL.  The more extreme other 'patriot' groupings become the more alienating they will be to the wider public and hence more likely to not succeed in their goal of getting the resources of the State to deal with the Sharia-pushers.

Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate said: “It’s a race war, the neo-Nazis want a race war, the EDL and Britain First see it as a religious conflict, but they all have these Armageddon philosophies, a sense of inevitability that some sort of judgment day is coming.”

He estimates a hardcore cohort of 500 far-right members are currently “active” in the UK, with up to 2,000 “involved” in the sense that they might turn up for meetings or marches.

In this article the EDL is also described as merely 'anti-Muslim' ; a step up from racist or far right or fascist!  The next demo is 16 July in London, the Mall.

I don't think the EDL are over. This is an extraordinary achievement. This video, by EDL, is of broadcast quality.

They may not be having many demos or getting many people at them. But this is a level of sophistication we never saw from them before.

Amazing interview with the Mike Cernovitch, who ran the massively successful 'Deploraballs' ball in Washington.  I think this shows how EDL should have been run.

Some take-away points from the video:

  • The Ball was massive fun - just like Alinsky says things should be
  • Mike says they haven't finished counter-attacking yet - there's going to be more pain coming the way of the left wing terrorists, and I think his choice of the term 'terrorists' for them, is exquisite
  • Beware of self-sabotaging - learning how to avoid this is part of one's personal growth
  • The state has a monopoly on force, so that we citizens (of left and right) aren't allowed to have any force capacity, and the state adjudicates.  But what if the state becomes partizan and only protects the Left?  Then people despair of the process and think about creating their own force options.
  • Black panthers waited in uniform outside polling stations and intimidated voters.  They were convicted in court.  Obama quashed the convictions.  After that, why shouldn't the fascist left think they can get away with anything?  
  • Yet now, there are 250 of them facing jail time and fines.  As Mike says, "a new sheriff is in town"

Mike is one sorted out guy, on so many levels.


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