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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary school faces being taken over by a mosque, 95% of its pupils are Muslim

It is believed to be the first case of its kind in Britain.

Church leaders say it is no longer “appropriate” for them to run Sacred Heart RC Primary School which has just six Christian pupils.

Just 10 years ago more than 90% of pupils were Catholic. But now most are of Asian origin, do not speak English as their first language and follow Islam.

The school in Blackburn, Lancs, could be handed to the nearby Masjid-e-Tauheedul mosque.

Harry Devonport of Blackburn with Darwen Council Children’s Services, said the decision to abandon the school was made by the Diocese of Salford.

Diocese education director Geraldine Bradbury said: “We have never experienced a change to this extent before. We would not be serving the local community by insisting that we run the school. It brings things like having a Catholic headteacher and devoting 10% of the timetable to RE.

“It would be wrong of us to insist on putting a school community through that.”

The mosque runs an Islamic girls’ secondary school. Head Hamid Patel said: “Given that almost all of the pupils are Muslim, it makes sense.”

Other organisations are in the race to run the school – in a predominantly Asian populated area of the town – including the Church of England diocese.

But the Tauheedul mosque is favourite to take over. A report to the local council said any attempt to turn Sacred Heart into a non-religious community school would be rejected because of the Coalition Government’s “stated preference for new faith schools and free schools”.

Mr Devonport added: “There will be no disruption for children at the school.”

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This is a microcosm of Islamisation on the national and international level. Little by little post-Christian Europe is being swallowed up by Islam. We in the Counterjihad warn, beg and plead, but we’re the one taken as fools, as fear mongers and Islamofauxbes by the societal self anointed elite.

Folks, this is just one more piece piece in the mosaic depicting Europe’s demise. For those of us fighting Islamisation the picture’s crystal clear, we don’t need to take a few steps back to see the full picture, we know it, we’ve seen it happening for years, like a slow motion train wreck.

The Diocese has the opportunity to teach Christianity to these pupils and have decided to back out.  What cowards.


“It would be wrong of us to insist on putting a school community through that.”

Where and when will the muslim children learn about Christianity from a Christian rather than from a Muslim and the Quran and Mohammed/hadith?  Shame on the Diocese of Salford for refusing to take up this challenge.

I sRichard the Lionheart rolling over in his grave now or what?!!

I seem to recall that Jesus taught the doctrine of "Love thine enemy.

I am also under the impression that churches were built to honor Jesus and teach his doctrine.

Lately, learning about Mohammed, I find that his doctrine led to separating a man's head from his body.

I have also found that Mosques are places where people go to learn the hatred Mohammed taught.

My conclusions:

Churches and Mosques are not interchangeable...therefore:

If the love of Jesus is to be replaced by the hatred of Mohammed, at least have the courage to knock down the church and start over by laying the new foundations of hatred.

Asian?    There goes Racial Profiling as a tool to stop terrorism.

how can anyone who is a terrorist and who isn't? the parents would be scary to me :(

That's the same dilema when faced with any individual, or group of Muslims.  You can't tell!  How could you possibly?

Floradeliza said:

how can anyone who is a terrorist and who isn't? the parents would be scary to me :(

 I can,t find anything that says the local community asked for the school be given over to the local mosque. Why would the catholic church give it up?. They say there will be no disruption for the children, but i bet there will. first of all to the 6 christian  kids left. If theres any girls in that six, life will really change.

  once the imans get in there it will be the koran forced down their throats every day.  No disruption for the children, who are they kidding. The Catholic Church is supposed to spread the word of God, not run away.

Paul, it pains me to say but the Catholic church is as good as dead here in the UK.
   I have just been looking around to see how many Catholic churches and schools have gone in the past ten years, looks like their numbers are collapsing. i,m just trying to find out the official numbers from thier own site, i,ll put the figures here. 

OldWarDog said:
Paul, it pains me to say but the Catholic church is as good as dead here in the UK.

Even the ones that haven't closed yet are dwindling. Congregations have fallen to the brink and no one goes to chapel any more.

I took my daughter to a local chapel at Christmas for a vigil and it was pitiful. No more than a dozen in attendance.  My father has gone to chapel 'religiouosly' every Sunday and he tells the same woeful story.  His own chapel hall's been turned into a mosque and so has the scout hall in his small town. 


The face of the UK is changing forever.  In a couple of decades, this will be an Islamic state.  Like it or not, it's the truth.  UNLESS SOMETHING RADICAL HAPPENS, NOW!

It does look dire... Although the actual number of schools shut was 6 %,  its the attendences in the church,s themselves that cause more worry. church closures 6-10%, attendance dropped by 22%, that number is expected to double in the next 5 years as  many church,s drop below the viable operational attendence level. There is estmated ( i can,t find an official number) 160 Catholic schools with less than 50% of the pupils being classed as Catholic.

   Methodis churchs have declined by 30% in the same time, with the church of England only admitting to the closure of 260 church,s over ten years.  The figures for mosque building and non christians schools, vary, but the general increase is 300% over the same period. as i find the numbers i,ll put them here.   Hope fully i,ll have actual numbers to go with the % figures


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