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Banner at the London demo 24 June 2017

[This is the basis of the speech given by the London Division at the EDL London demo on 24 June 2017]

The well-known copy of the wartime poster Keep Calm and Carry On is very popular.

It was fine in 1941 when to carry on was to continue doing whatever was your part in the War Effort. The Government was doing its duty in the defence of our country and every individual was pulling together to play their part. But this won’t work today.

To ‘Carry on’, assuming that the Government has recognised that we are at war and is acting accordingly is a dangerous delusion. We need to recognise that the Government, the institutions, the elite movers and shakers who run the country have failed in their duty of care to preserve and protect us.  We obviously cannot carry on like this.

March 2017, 5 people murdered and over 50 injured on Westminster Bridge by an Islamic terrorist inspired by Islamic State.

May 2017 Manchester Arena; a pop concert - 23 children and their parents murdered and 119 injured by an Islamic suicide bomber connected to Islamic state. The youngest was age 8.

June 2017 London Bridge and Borough Market 8 people murdered and 48 badly injured by three Islamic terrorists, known to the authorities for their views and jihadist connections. The ringleader and those of his associates who have been arrested since live in East London, in the very district where I have lived all my life, and have raised my family.

This cannot continue. Security Services believe that there are 23,000 potential terrorists in the UK. Men and women known for their ideology, their threats, their associates such as Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri and their membership of organisations such as Al Muhajiroun. Only the 3000 perceived as the most likely, the most dangerous, can be watched at any time.  

We can no longer ‘carry on’ keeping calm as if nothing untoward happened. As if schoolgirls and their Mums at a pop concert, residents out for a meal on a Saturday night, workers and tourists viewing Big Ben face being murdered as a mere occupational hazard.

When Keep Calm and Carry on was appropriate we knew who our enemy was. We knew our government was against our common enemy.  Traitors, threats to security, potential spies, fellow travellers and fifth columnists were dealt with so that they could not jeopardise the war effort.

During her term as Home Secretary Theresa May had at her disposal powers to deport from the UK, powers to refuse entry to the UK, powers to revoke British citizenship where obtained by naturalisation and the holder is convicted of serious crime. This was all available under existing legislation. No new laws were required. Nothing needed to be ratified by Europe. She hardly used these powers

Less than 40 people have been relieved of their British citizenship. The leaders of the gang that raped and prostituted up to 1400 English schoolgirls in Rotherham are currently fighting our Government’s efforts to return them to Pakistan the land of their birth, minus their British passports. And they are able to fight because we, the British taxpayers are funding them with free legal aid.

The avowed aim of Islamic State and other jihadists is to overthrow our constitutional government and implement Sharia law under the Islamic rule of the Caliphate.  This purpose fits the definition of treason. They could be tried for treason; they are traitors. The penalty is no longer death; Tony Blair saw that that was removed from the statute book very quickly. But the penalties are still very robust.

After the Manchester massacre the police were active and raided shops, homes, businesses, even student accommodation across the North West. 20 arrests were made, all of whom have quietly been released without charge. But did they check the mosques where these men and women worshipped? Where they met, gathered, debated, socialised…? First the Mosques couldn’t believe that Salman, the martyrdom bomber, this quiet devout boy could do such a thing. His father has a lovely voice, we were told. Then suddenly, oh no, he hardly came here. Well he might have done, in the back row. But we never saw him… no, no, nothing to do with us.

And instead of searching this place where the suicide bomber, his father, his brother, his cousins, his friends, worshiped, like they did their homes, and where they ate, the police patrolled outside the mosques, lest a concerned citizen call out a rude name in protest.

The police will and have raided and searched churches if they think something amiss is occurring within. Why are they more reticent to inspect a mosque? 

We call upon Her Majesty’s Government, current Home Secretary Amber Rudd and the Minister of Defence Sir Michael Fallon to use the powers they already have at their disposal to identify these Islamic State Enemies of our state, to correctly identify them as traitors, enemies of our country and face the danger to society, our peace and wellbeing that they pose.

We can no longer pretend that they are a small minority who can be contained and tamed with softness and kindness.

God Save the Queen

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Most Western societies are based on Secular Democracy, which itself is based on the concept that the open marketplace of ideas leads to the optimum government. Whilst that model has been very successful, it has defects. The 4 Freedoms address 4 of the principal vulnerabilities, and gives corrections to them. 

At the moment, one of the main actors exploiting these defects, is Islam, so this site pays particular attention to that threat.

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