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Peter McLoughlin's book on the Muslim grooming gangs, Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal, has now been updated to include new material bringing it up to 2016. It can be bought in paperback and ebook from Amazon. McLoughlin is maintaining a website of material supplementary to the Easy Meat book - . The link to his website points to a page showing you what the additional material in the book covers. There is also a very useful interactive, searchable table on McLoughlin's website. You can search and sort this table using names, towns, dates to see this grooming gang scandal from different angles.

This analysis is being misrepresented by a website called "Sharia Unveiled".

My analysis pertains to "grooming gangs". They have transformed this into "child rapes and molestations".  It seems highly likely in a country where 90% of people are non-muslims, that most child molestation is by non-muslims (just as in a muslim-majority country the majority of rapes and the majority of anal sex is by muslims).

"Localised Grooming" Gangs (convictions from 1997)

This list is compiled based on definitions provided by Andrew Norfolk, The Times, 5 January 2011:

"The 17 cases identified by The Times which showed a pattern of exploitation"

Andrew Norfolk won the Orwell Prize for Journalism for his reporting on grooming gangs. He was the only journalist who provided expert testimony to the House of Commons select committee, in their (2012-2013) investigation into the grooming gangs.  This parliamentary investigation (published June 2013) concluded that it  "would certainly seem to be the case" that most of grooming gangs are muslim.  See p.52.


trial   first 2nd name/
date location name surname
Nov 1997 Leeds Mohammed Naim Rashid
Nov 1997 Leeds Abid Hussain Sadique
Feb 2005 Keighley Shabir Ahmed
Feb 2005 Keighley Munwar Khan
Apr 2006 Blackpool Sandeep Chauhan
Apr 2006 Blackpool Puppy Parmar
Jun 2007 Oldham Shahzad Masood
Jun 2007 Oldham Mohammed Suleman
Aug 2007 Blackburn Zulfqar Hussain
Aug 2007 Blackburn Qaiser Naveed
Oct 2007 Sheffield Ayad Mahmood
Oct 2007 Sheffield Aziz Sabir Hamed
Aug 2008 Oldham Shofiqul Islam
Aug 2008 Oldham Shamim Ahmed
Nov 2008 Manchester Mirza Baig
Nov 2008 Manchester Mohammed Ditta
Nov 2008 Blackburn Ian Hindle
Nov 2008 Blackburn Andrew Wells
Apr 2009 Blackburn Imran Pervez
Apr 2009 Blackburn Zaheer Khan
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Zackriya
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Taj
Jul 2009 Skipton Mohammed Shabir
Jul 2009 Skipton Shafaq Hussain
Feb 2010 Rochdale Ajmal Afridi
Feb 2010 Rochdale Imtiaz Syed
Feb 2010 Rochdale Tayub Hussain
Feb 2010 Rochdale Mustafa Arshad
Feb 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Usman Raja
Jun 2010 Nelson Azeem Shah
Jun 2010 Nelson Tabassum Shah
Aug 2010 Rochdale Asad Yousaf Hassan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Basharat
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Atif
Aug 2010 Rochdale Aftab Khan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Abid Khaliq
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Anwar Safi
Aug 2010 Rochdale Ahmed Noorzai
Aug 2010 Rochdale Mohammed Khan
Aug 2010 Rochdale Najibullah Safi
Sep 2010 Preston Mohammed Moosa
Sep 2010 Preston Faisal Ghani
Nov 2010 Rotherham Razwan Razaq
Nov 2010 Rotherham Umar Razaq
Nov 2010 Rotherham Zafran Ramzan
Nov 2010 Rotherham Mohsin Khan
Nov 2010 Rotherham Adil Hussain
Nov 2010 Derby Abid Siddique
Nov 2010 Derby Mohammed Liaqat
Nov 2010 Derby Mohamed Imran Rehman
Nov 2010 Derby Faisal Mehmood
Nov 2010 Derby Akshay Kumar
Nov 2010 Derby Naweed Liaqat
Nov 2010 Derby Farooq Ahmed
Nov 2010 Derby Graham Blackham
Nov 2010 Derby Ziafat Yasin
Aug 2011 Accrington Amjad Hussain
Aug 2011 Accrington Shahid Hussain
Aug 2011 Accrington Tanveer Butt
Mar 2012 Telford Shamrez Rashid
Mar 2012 Telford Amar Hussain
Mar 2012 Telford Jahbar Rafiq
Mar 2012 Telford Adil Saleem
Mar 2012 Telford Amer Islam Choudhrey
May 2012 Rochdale Kabeer Hassan
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Aziz
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Rauf
May 2012 Rochdale Mohammed Sajid
May 2012 Rochdale Adil Khan
May 2012 Rochdale Abdul Qayyum
May 2012 Rochdale Mohammed Amin
May 2012 Rochdale Hamid Safi
May 2012 Rochdale Shabir Ahmed
May 2012 Bradford Shabir Ahmed
May 2012 Bradford Munwar Khan
Feb 2013 Ipswich Surin Uddin
Feb 2013 Ipswich Mohammed Sheikh
Feb 2013 Ipswich Hamza Ali
Mar 2013 Birmingham Raja Khan
Mar 2013 Birmingham Adeeb Sultan
Mar 2013 Keighley Shazad Rehman
Mar 2013 Keighley Bilal Hussain
Apr 2013 Brierfield Mohammed Imran Amja
May 2013 Oxford Kamar Jamil
May 2013 Oxford Akhtar Dogar
May 2013 Oxford Anjum Dogar
May 2013 Oxford Assad Hussain
May 2013 Oxford Mohammed Karrar
May 2013 Oxford Bassam Karrar
May 2013 Oxford Zeeshan Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Naeem Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Nabeel Ahmed
Jul 2013 Barking Hassan Raza
Jul 2013 Manchester Shamin Uddin
Jul 2013 Manchester Giash Uddin
Jul 2013 Manchester Robert Jackson
Aug 2013 Leicester Aabidali Mubarak Ali
Aug 2013 Leicester Rakib Iacub
Aug 2013 Leicester Wajid Usman

99 convictions
6 non-muslims (maybe they saw muslims getting away with it, so copied them)

20% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are called "Mohammed"
94% of those convicted in the grooming gangs are muslims

The Times article from Jan 5 2011, on this grooming phenomenon shows a realisation (at least in one newspaper) of the scale of the problem (attached as a PDF here).  You can see his original list (to the end of 2010).  There have been as many convictions since 2010, as there were in the previous 13 years investigated by Norfolk.

The vast majority of the victims of the gangs listed above were white/non-muslim girls.  However, some were asian (there's no evidence of any of the asian girls being of any religion other than sikhism). 

See this discussion on the grooming of Sikh/Hindu young women/girls.  The police have been as inactive about prosecuting the abusers of those girls as they have been inactive in prosecuting the white victims. 

This shows that it is not the police being anti-white per se, as them refusing to do anything to upset muslims, because of muslims being prepared to act collectively to deflect any criticism.  Muslims will close ranks (and thus protect the groomers).  Muslims will do this by rioting or by using their 100s of pressure groups/infiltrators.

We originally began collecting information based on Norfolk's definition in early 2012.  The main table in this post will be updated regularly, as new convictions come to light.

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Hello Cimmerian,

The Tim Lenihan you refer to is a lecturer at the London School of Economics (LSE). Some of his nonsense can be found here:

I won't cut and paste the entire article onto this website, as it is important to keep an acceptable level of standard on this board!

Tim also hails from planet progressive, a place which exists in a parallel universe where reality has no bearing. On planet progressive, any act of immorality (such as the pimping of children) can always be explained by "poverty". Religion, and culture can never cause immorality on planet progressive. So, as, all evil derives from poverty, then eliminating poverty will eliminate immorality. If this is achieved, we will then be living in a Utopian State.

On planet progressive, this Utopian State can be achieved by implementing something called "Socialism", as it will dispel poverty. And if anybody tries to tell you that poverty is not the root of all evil,  and things such as religion can cause strife, well that is very bad. So to counter this, you have to label them as "far right", or even as a "fascist", and prosecute them for inciting hatred.

On planet progressive, those "fascists" will sometimes try and use something called "the facts" against the righteous progressives, in an attempt to confuse them. One example which could be used here for example, is to point out that Tim Lenihan has never studied Islam, so how does he know that Islam is not affecting the actions of Muslims who are engaging in criminal activity? Therefore, in order to avoid being confused on planet progressive, it is very important to ignore the facts, otherwise you might question the virtues of implementing a Socialist State.

And we can't have that.

I've now done some research that shows the same problem has existed in the Netherlands for at least as long as here (there is a report from Radio Netherlands from 2001).  Of course, it is euphemistically described, in order to avoid any implication that it might be a form of "cultural enrichment".

Hi Derius,

Many thanks for that information. Good catch. Lenihan = Lenin? One can only hope that as the scale of the problem in the UK (and rest of Europe, Australia etc) is revealed,there will be less opportunity for people like Lenihan to peddle their false narratives as fact even via the Biased Broadcasting Corp.

There is something more than a little strange about the attitude to sex and women in Islam generally and Pakistan in particular. Thinking about it, I realised that the few Pakistani films I've seen - mostly horror and other popular genres - all had violent, prolonged rape scenes in them, even when such scenes had little to do with the rest of the film. I'm also reminded of the experience of an Irish guy who was making little CJ videos and putting them on YouTube. Most of his videos had fewer than a thousand hit. Then he put one on called something like 'Rape in Islam' (which covered some of the same ground we've covered in this thread) and in no time at all he had well over a million hits! From a browse of the comments it appeared most of the hits originated in Pakistan. Likewise, I've read that 70% of the world's users of internet porn reside in Pakistan and the Middle East. No idea how accurate that is - I'd previously assumed the main market for porn was the US with Europe second.

On the whole I feel some advance has been made in recent weeks with even the Beeboids conceding that the accused are of Pakistani origin and their victims English and white. This is progress. We have to keep on hammering stakes of truth into the wicked hearts of disinformation vampires like Tim Lenihan, driving home the point that these men are accused and convicted not because of their colour or ethnicity, but becuse they committed truly evil abuse of under-age children!


"But the way we talk about child prostitution has changed less. For example, ever since projects for sexually exploited children were first opened by Barnardo’s there have been reports of Asian gangs at work. This information was, very sensibly, not publicised by Barnardo’s because they knew that their workers depend on the goodwill and support of the local population – also largely Asian – to gather information about the girls so they can help them. Publicly highlighting the racial profile of the perpetrators would inevitably turn the community against them." (Tim Lenihan)  

So the LSE prof /BBC contributor thinks it was a "sensible" thing that Barnardo's (and presumably others like the social services) kept quiet about the organised abuse they knew was happening. By taking this spineless approach, they actually enabled the abuse to continue for year after year and ensured that the lives of hundreds more children and their families were effectively destroyed.

No doubt Barnardo's have done great work on behalf of deprived children in the past, but in this instance the organisation seems to have acted, arguably, as an accessory after the fact.

Never mind the tiresome Leveson Inquiry, there really needs to be a full, thorough and independent public enqury about how these alien rape gangs were allowed to pursue their loathsome crimes with impunity for so long.

Cimmerian, I agree - this is bigger than the Leveson Inquiry.

I also wanted to point out, that these things have been brought up before on 4F; twice in 2010, once in 2009.

We are not just jumping on a bandwagon.  We were part of the effort to get these things discussed and to have action taken.

Trevor Phillips has now spoken out on this - and his statement goes directly counter to those by leftist, apologist, appeasing journalists and politicos.

Trevor Phillips, the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the fact that the men convicted were Asian and their victims white could not be ignored.

He expressed concern that the men came from closed communities which may have turned a blind eye to what was happening - either out of fear or because the girls concerned were from a different community.

And he said it would be a national scandal if it turned out the authorities had failed to intervene to protect the children because of fears that it would lead to the "demonisation" of the Asian community.

Of course, he is wrong that the race of the perpetrators is relevant - it is their religion that is relevant.  It has been hard enough to get this information out about what was being done to vulnerable white girls.  I suspect that the abusers & rapists have also been hurting muslim girls too.  That will have a different pattern of behaviour to it (I doubt they are doing it in gangs, nor ferrying girls round to be abused) - but I believe that information will eventually come out about their own daughters/relatives being abused.

He is right to draw attention to how the muslim communities have failed to play the part of anti-racist, concerned citizens.

Prof David Starkey delivers the goods again on muslim grooming gangs ;

The chain of complicity goes deep.

A specially commissioned film warning young girls of the dangers posed by Asian sex gangs is yet to be seen in schools after almost three years, it was revealed today.

My Dangerous Loverboy, a 20-minute drama ordered by UK Human Trafficking Centre in 2008, was intended to be seen by 13 and 14-year-old girls across BritainIt tells the story of an under-age girl whose older Asian boyfriend lures her into parties where drug and alcohol abuse are rife before selling her for sex with older men.

Officials feared teenage girls were increasingly at risk of become victims of such crimes, concerns that have recently been backed by a string of convictions.

However, after a series of delays blamed variously blamed on technical difficulties and budget problems, the film has only been seen by a small number of youngsters in test screenings.

The authorities were using exactly the same phrase as used by the Dutch authorities.  Which shows they knew of the extensive history of these activities in Holland, and of the precise measures the Dutch authorities were taking to combat the crimes.  

However, not only did they refuse to follow through on the Dutch example and show this film in schools, they also failed to prosecute the perps.  The UK authorities have left the girls open to abuse by a) not educating them about the tactics used by the groomers, b) by not investigating, prosecuting and taking the groomers off the streets.

And it looks like back at the start of 2011, The Times was also making this connection between the activities in Britain and in Holland:

In the Netherlands they call them loverboys, young men who ensnare younger Dutch girls via a lengthy grooming process. It begins with gifts and declarations of undying love and ends with a lost young woman working “in the window” as a prostitute.

As a pimping technique it has proved so successful that every year an estimated 1,500 young teenagers, typically aged from 13 to 16, enter relationships with a boyfriend whose sole purpose is one day to make money from the girl by selling her for sex. He can make as much as £6,000 a week, more than he could earn by selling drugs.

The Dutch loverboy model shares some features with criminal cases in the North of England and the Midlands that have exposed the on-street grooming of girls aged 12 to 16 by groups of young men whose aim is to exploit them sexually.

The grooming process in both countries involves making the girl feel special and loved, building trust and dependence, undermining relationships with friends or family and normalising sexual activity. Bonds are formed that become so unbreakable that even after a girl has been removed from the abusive relationship she often refuses to make a complaint against her abuser, remaining loyal and continuing to regard him as a boyfriend. Others are silenced by threats of violence.

The two models have something else in common. In both countries, most of the victims are white girls and most of the perpetrators are Muslim: Moroccans and sometimes Turks in the Netherlands; usually British Pakistanis in England.

Acknowledging that highly sensitive fact and seeking to address it by carrying out preventive work within the ethnic minority communities involved have thus far proved beyond the relevant statutory and voluntary agencies in Britain. In the Netherlands there are the same concerns about recognising a statistical reality that might be seized upon by the far Right and used to inflame inter-ethnic tensions.

Labour MP wants muslim child rapists to be deported !

Crikey - a Labour MP says something I agree with for once ! shame he did'nt open his mouth 20 years ago when it was clear this was going on, and shame his party inflicted mass immigration and multi-cult on the white working class he was supposed to represent in the first place.

Still, I'm glad this option is now in the open, whilst he's at it, he should have called for the deportation of all muslim and immigrant criminals and islamists, and benefit scamsters and NHS-tourists.

Lower down in the article featuring Trevor Phillips we read:

‘…Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West of England, has said the authorities should have acted sooner to protect girls in care. Speaking on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, he said he had offered to apologise to a 15-year-old girl whose complaints were not acted upon in 2008, as reported by the Daily Mail last week.

‘We are on a journey of improvement,’ said Mr Asfal, himself a Muslim. ‘We have come across victims who deserve better. She deserved better.

‘I think women suffer enough without being let down by the criminal justice system.’

He said part of the problem was that some immigrants bring ‘cultural baggage’ with them from misogynistic societies.

‘What some communities believe is there is a right of self-determination for men but not women. Women are seen as lesser beings.’

But he added: ‘By focusing on race, you are diverting from the reality which is men. Most of them were taxi drivers but no one is talking about this as an issue for the taxi drivers’ community.’

Read more:

So the problem is either race or men or Asians.  These are the three prevailing paths of misdirection.  How confident can society be, in the search for justice and protection, when the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West of England is a Muslim?

The standard of reporting is not only misdirection, it is insulting to Asians and non-white men.   Nazir Afzal speaks of ‘cultural baggage’ and ‘misogynistic societies’ and again ‘men’ as being the problem.  Surely from someone of his intelligence and position we should expect a bit more analysis and focus. 

Like what ‘cultural’ is he talking about?  How is that culture formed, and what are the prevailing atmospherics in such a culture? 

Can he gives us an example of ‘misogynistic societies’?  Why do we have to fumble around and guess for ourselves?  He is paid to defend us and is this the best he can do? 

And why are ‘men’ the problem?  All men?  What type of men?  Is this misdirection a sop to some feminists who blame men for anything that is wrong with society?

‘We are on a journey of improvement,’ said Mr Asfal.  Indeed, and one improvement I suggest is to replace Mr Asfal.

Fellow patriot,
Please try and digest this email, without exploding in anger!
"Don't worry. In a generation or two, Islam will be the only religion in England. Your men are weak, and Islam is strong. Every Islamic male needs a few English females for slaves. It's Allah's will...Glory be to Allah."
The quote above by a Muslim extremist shows the utter contempt that those who preach hatred and fundamentalism have for us.
The English females he refers to are our children, sisters, grandchildren, cousins and loved ones.
In towns and cities all over Britain, there is a hidden problem of Muslim paedophile gangs targeting underage non-Muslim girls for sexual exploitation...this problem is called 'grooming'.
As of yet, the police and media have been extremely reluctant to take action for fear of being labelled 'racist'.
Young English girls are described as 'Easy Meat' by these Islamic beasts!
Grooming of English girls by Muslim paedophile gangs is happening right NOW in towns and cities across Britain.
We have all been disgusted by the recent media coverage of the nine Muslim paedophiles convicted at Liverpool Crown Court...but would it surprise you to know that the police and the Crown Prosecution Service could have acted earlier to stop the abuse of our young girls?
Several years ago, Nazir Afzal (pictured above right), chief CPS prosecutor for the North West, actually dropped a case against those now convicted for grooming young English girls!
From the BBC website:
"Three years ago, a Crown Prosecution Service lawyer [Nazir Afzal] dropped a rape case involving an under-age girl which could have left a sex grooming ring undetected for years."
Nazir Afzal decided that the girl who reported being raped by Muslim paedophiles was not a 'credible witness'!
This very dubious decision allowed those men to continue for another four years - this girl was proven right!
The nine Muslim paedophiles have now been imprisoned, but the reckless, incompetent co-religionist who allowed them to operate in the North West must be forced to resign!
We are calling upon our supporters to use our specially-created complaints page to send a stern message to the Crown Prosecution Service demanding that Nazir Afzal is forced to resign his position.
We have already created a template complaints letter....just a few clicks is all that is needed!
Help our campaign today by clicking on the link below:
Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First


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