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Muslim-sponsored Report: EDL are white supremacists (photos prove otherwise)

The Independent carried an uncritical article on this report in November 2010.  The report was paid for by the so-called "inter-faith" group Faith Matters.  The report was hastily written (6 weeks) and based on the distinguished professor surfing the internet.  I doubt he would accept a student essay that was so shoddy.  Still, he had not problem taking the shilling of a fake inter-faith group, and had no problem putting his name to this piece of tripe (see attachment).  Photos follow showing how disgraceful the actions of Faith Matters, Professor Copsley, and The so-called Independent are.

The actions of Fizaz Mughal bear detailed scrutiny.  Once one recognises his tactics one can look out for them in others.  It is a particularly slimy form of jihad.

Not only is there video and photographic evidence of non-white people on the demos, but there are also reports by non-white people who are antipathetic to EDL going on the demos and receiving nothing but friendliness.

Mughal's "community cohesion" group sponsors a report that disparages the only organisation that does try to unite everyone in Britain - jews, muslims, sikhs, hindus, black, white, gay, straight.

Jewish? Gay? Join us, white extremists say


A white extremist organisation is forging links with Jewish, Sikh and gay communities to fuel prejudice and fear and hatred of the Muslim community, it was claimed today.

The English Defence League (EDL), which was formed last year in protest at Islamic extremist activity, has also reached out across the Atlantic to build close ties with the American right-wing group, the Tea Party.

Hundreds of EDL members are planning demonstrations in Nuneaton and Preston today to protest at the building of mosques and what they claim is the growing influence in the UK of Sharia law.

But a new report, written by Professor Nigel Copsey of Teesside University, warns that the growth of EDL membership will spread Islamophobia in communities sharing a perceived "historical angst" against Muslims.

New branches of the League, such as the Jewish Division, could exploit the existing religious hostilities caused by territorial disputes in the Middle East, says Professor Copsey whose report was commissioned by the organisation Faith Matters.

It claims that these inter-faith tensions were brought into sharp focus last month when the senior US Jewish leader and Tea Party activist Rabbi Nachum Shifren denounced Islam at a EDL rally outside the Israeli Embassy in London. Israeli flags have also been spotted at several EDL demonstrations across the UK.

As well as aggravating religious tensions, the EDL has established a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Division to "defend" gay people from Sharia law. There are also specialist divisions for women, soldiers and disabled people. The report warns these communities to be vigilant against "selective racism" and the EDL's attempts at manipulation.

Contributors to the EDL Facebook site confirm that the group wants to work with other minority organisation including those which promote women's rights. One members writes: "After all, leftists have portrayed themselves for decades as the only ones really interested in promoting a progressive and inclusive agenda: homosexual rights, women's equality, minority rights, reproductive rights, immigration, world peace, among others."

One member added: "Remember there is a difference between being anti-Muslim and anti-Islam. We are against the ideology not the people. Let's not forget that many Muslim women and children are victims of their own religion."

But Professor Copsey warned: "True to the spirit of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the EDL is targeting other ethnic communities. These communities need to guard against approaches by the EDL."

Founder and director of Faith Matters, Fiyaz Mughal, said: "The EDL's main aim is to increase tensions, raise hate and divide communities. Their attempts to portray themselves as a legitimate and open movement cannot disguise their violent, anti-Muslim agenda. This hate can easily mutate against another community."

The EDL membership claim that they are not a racist group. In guidance issuedto its members attending today's rallies the EDL leadership warns: "Violence and racism will not be tolerated. If you are found to be doing this, you will be ejected from the demonstration."

On Monday, EDL founder Stephen Lennon denied assaulting a police officer during clashes with Islamic protesters in west London. He was granted bail and a trial date was set of 12 January. About 30 supporters gathered outside the court, some with EDL placards.

The Faith Matters report is entitled The English Defence League: Challenging Our Country and Our Values of Social Inclusion, Fairness and Equality.

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Here is more information about Fiyaz Mughal and his manoeuvres.

He has an OBE, and is a member of the LibDems, standing as their Mayoral candidate in the 2007 London elections.  He is "Adviser to the Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Faith Issues and on Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation".  That's good, because I'm sure the LibDems find it really hard to understand what motivates all those buddhist terrorists.

His organisation Faith Matters presents itself as though it is interested in "inter faith dialogue".  Yet it seems quite transparent that FQM's function is to cover-up when muslim extremists get exposed.   On Pink News (in response to the islamic Gay Free Zone campaign in east London) he wrote a piece suggesting that Tower Hamlets re-invents the wheel, introducing yet another "no place for hate" (like the one they already have in place but which is not used unless the council is placed under duress.)

The piece by this "liberal" "democrat" seeks to shift the blame for muslim supremacism and homophobia, by finishes by saying that an anti-discrimination charter should be "pinned up in the foyer of a church, synagogue, mosque or temple will be the best signal to all people that discrimination and hatred of any form will not be tolerated at all. My aim is for all communities to be more tolerant of each other."  He first shifts the blame away from islam and the muslim community, to blame "the council" (most people won't realise that the council is overwhelmingly muslim).  Secondarily, he acts like the problem is one of christians in Tower Hamlets, and jews in Tower Hamlets (church, synagogue), rather than muslims.  Mosque comes third in his list, hidden between "synagogue" and "temple".

His actions do not serve to lay the blame where it should be laid (islam).  His actions serve to provide cover for islamic intolerance.  We can see this play out again and again.

Late in 2010 the Panorama documentary was broadcast on BBC, showing thousands of kids being taught to hate jews and kill gay people.  Immediately Mughal sprung into action, and created a new organisation "Muslims Against Anti-Semitism", then wrote a piece for the Jewish Chronicle to assuage the outrage of jews.

And how active has his new pro-jew organisation been?  There's been just one single blog post which appeared on 22 Nov 2010, then we've had total silence for the last 18 months (see attached screenshots).  Is that a cover-up operation, or what?  

Incidentally, that single comment by a muslim doesn't go on to tackle muslim anti-semitism, but just bleats on and on about the non-existent "islamophobia".  How else can we judge FQM's seriousness in combatting muslim anti-semitism?  His actions assuage the host society at a time of bad publicity for islam, but as soon as the crisis is over, his new organisation shows complete inactivity in combatting islamic anti-semitism.  This total lack of activity in both blog comments and events was noted in early 2011, and a year later, nothing has changed.

Clearly FQM's Muslims Against Anti-Semitism does not exist to oppose muslim anti-semitism in any meaningful way.  And it doesn't even have the primary aim of tackling muslim anti-semitism.  Once again, we see that FQM hides muslim anti-semitism, amongst anti-semitism in general.  And still his organisation is quiescent.  

One has to assume it is quiescent because it served its purpose.

FQM sprays his name all over the internet, so why does he target his actions on  islamic hatred at the sites read by those who the muslims hate?  Why does he not post them, for example, on the website he uses for promoting himself as a London Mayoral candidate?

Could it be he doesn't want the general public to see his apologetics for islamic hatred all collected together, where his modus operendi would be more easily observed?  There is absolutely no sustained critique by him and his organisation of muslim homophobia and anti-semitism, and either he does not bother to get his work published on mainstream muslim websites, or they are simply not interested in muslim opinion that might serve to moderate the pervasive muslim hatred of jews and homosexuals.

Muslim Council of Britain: 3 hits

Articles can be found by him on the MPACUK website.  For example, this "helpful" piece shortly after the 7/7 bombings, which basically exonerates the bombers and blames "islamophobia", "racism", and "foreign policy".  It is beyond bizarre that he should drag Israel into the explanation of 7/7.  Particularly of someone who purports to be opposed to people inciting anti-semitism.

He describes the 7/7 bombings as "probably the most serious incident to affect relations between minority communities and the wider public.... Many of us as British Muslims who have lived, provided so much socially, economically and spiritually to the UK are in a state of despair. How can we, who feel part of the fabric of this society, who enjoy the diversity of communities in our country and who live off the sheer energy of London, have been led to the point where we are regarded as the ‘fifth column,’ the traitors within and the subversives? If McCarthy was alive today instead of in the 1950’s, he would have had a field day with the sheer number of potential opportunities to point the finger of blame."  One might well question the fantasy world where Mughal lives - according to The Telegraph 50% of muslim men are unemployed and 75% of muslim women, and muslim ghettos such as Tower Hamlets are so disconnected and mono-cultural that they have entryist tactics employed by the IFE, resulting in a borough with 35% muslims having 60% of the councillors, where the muslim party Respect had 2 MPs, and where Lutfur Rahman became mayor after he was kicked out of the Labour Party.  Tres diverse.

He goes on: "A sense of citizenship is also lacking when Islamophobia has become the vicious hobby of many groups in the UK . Allied to this, racism, a sense of disconnection and alienation with civic society, breakdowns in familial relations (particularly between 1st generation and 3rd generation British Muslims) and a sense of being ‘under attack,’ all add to the problems. However, we must also take responsibility for our own futures and change the sense of victim-hood into a sense of empowerment.... If we are to combat the cruel acts of terrorism then we must also tackle the root causes of terrorism. Like effective neural networks, there are many patterns and possible links as to what can cause a person to be motivated enough to kill. However, it does not take a genius to work out that foreign policy programmes have shaped a sense within Muslims that their lives are seen as being somewhat cheaper and less worthy than those of others."

And yet despite this "serious incident", there were no retaliations from the general public.

But the most powerful muslim in the LibDems cannot get out of his muslim cocoon of paranoia and victimisation: christians in Britain do not go around attacking muslims for the offences muslims commit against christians in the muslim world.  Yet for this "moderate" that is an acceptable explanation for British-born muslims who choose to exterminate their own citizens because of some fake sense of identity with muslims in lands with which they have no connection.

Of course, he ignores Koran 5:51, which tells muslims not to take jews and christians as their friends.  Instead of blaming islam (the single factor that unites all muslims), he blames the host society.

In 2006 he writes on the MPACUK website justifying muslim aggression over the Motoons (and he draws attention to how his preference for censorship differs from that of the LibDem party which he advises - clearly he advises them to promote censorship):

He doesn't bother to say that the whole Motoons episode was manufactured by Danish imams, who toured the muslim world with extra cartoons designed to inflame muslims. The cartoons that inspired the murders of people around the world contained 3 cartoons fabricated by a muslim, Ahmed Abu Laban!

In defending censorship, this "Liberal Democrat" bases the strength of his argument on emotional appeals to the of persecution of jews in Europe (no mention of the millenium of persecution of jews under islam).  Yet, in 2006 Melanie Phillips noted:  "Anti-Semitism is rife within Britain’s Muslim community. Islamic bookshops sell copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the notorious czarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; as an undercover TV documentary revealed in January, imams routinely preach anti-Jewish sermons. Opinion polls show that nearly two-fifths of Britain’s Muslims believe that the Jewish community in Britain is a legitimate target“as part of the ongoing struggle for justice in the Middle East” ".  FQM has no shame trying to promote censorship to aid islam by invoking imagery of the very people who British muslims like to attack.

Two years later he also writes on the MPACUK website, commenting on the hostility that exists in Britain between sikhs and muslims:

Yet in him sponsoring a shoddy academic report accusing the EDL of racism, his "inter-faith" organisation does not draw attention to his own admission of the hostility that exists between muslims and sikhs in Britain.  This hostility pre-dates the EDL by several years, and even decades.  But, of course, Mughal's report on the EDL conceals this.

By his own admission, Mughal is a descendent of the islamic empire's 300 year reign in India:

Not something anyone should be proud of, particularly when Mughal's organisation recently funded the libelous work attacking the EDL and calling it a "white extremist organisation".

So much for a man who runs an "inter-faith" organisation and who is ostensibly interested in "community cohesion".  The effect of his soothing words as a founder of an "inter-faith" organisation is to stifle criticism of muslim intolerance when muslims give us cause to be outraged at their intolerance.   


An excellent summary and review of this "Liberal Democrat".

I would just add some words (in italics) to clarify this sentence:
"He doesn't bother to say that the whole Motoons episode was manufactured by Danish imams, who toured the muslim world with extra cartoons they deliberately fabricated to inflame muslims. " 

I've added a document + images which show the egregious fabrication on behalf of the muslim holy men who touted Westergaard's cartoons round the muslamic world.  (.mht files can be viewed in Internet Explorer & Opera web browsers).  Here is a link to the page I've archived:

I hadn't realised that Westergaard's cartoon set was so mild.  To consider that some imam actually fabricated cartoons portraying praying muslims being sodomised by dogs, and portraying Mohammed as a paedophile, and attributing these gross & childish efforts to a sophisticated Danish man, makes these cartoons the 21st century version of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion.  Those muslim "holy men" are responsible for the death of many people, including an innocent nun.

Of course, it is early days yet, and I daresay that muslims will try this tactic once again before europe descends into a brutal civil war.  It is utterly incredible to me that they got away with this.  It is the media equivalent of burning down the Reichstag.

We should certainly flag up the name of one of the Danish imams involved: Kasem Said Ahmad

So, this reflects even worse on Fiyaz Mughal, OBE.  The question is, did this "inter faith" expert actually know that the muslims who provoked all of this had fabricated the 3 most offensive cartoons?  You would think, since he's ostensible so concerned with cultural cohesion, that he would have actually wanted to see the offending articles.  The rest of us were, of course, denied any access to this subject matter at the time, since the spineless British media refused to print the cartoons.


In February 2012, Mughal's dawah organisation Faith Matters launched a phoneline for muslims to phone-in when they have suffered abuse and discrimination.  (Several surveys have shown that most British muslims have never experienced any abuse or discrimination).  Moderate, pro-censorship, Liberal Democrat Mughal, has no confidence in the plethora of muslim me-too victim organisations in Britain, and no confidence in the command-and-control centres that span the land, and no confidence in the many muslim-only newspapers distributed across the country, and no confidence in the police forces ability to record hate crime accurately.  

The helpline, Tell Mama, was launched at the same time as the trial began in February and is the UK's first for those wanting to report Islamophobia and record anti-Muslim attacks. About 20% of the cases so far are linked to the EDL, Mughal said, adding: "About half of those cases are online activity where there is invariably a mention of 'Muslim paedos'."

So, 10% of their claimed islamofauxbia comes from people on Facebook quite rightly asserting that Mohammed had sex with a 9 y.o. girl (as proven by the laws of many islamic countries).  Even the recent BBC documentary asserted that Aisha was 9, and only added a qualifier that some muslims believe she was older.

He obviously expected these paedos to be convicted, so he sets up an organisation that can "report" in the future that there has been a rise in islamofauxbia, in order to protect the project of islamising Britain.

It's strange he didn't think to setup a helpline for all those young girls who have been the victims of the muslim paedos, taught by multiculturalism and PC that they can get away with the kind of rapacious behviour they would get away with in their own countries.  They are the true victims.

The schools, social services, police, CPS and journalists of their own country looked the other way, and denied what was happening to those girls.  But no, a muslim's first duty, even a moderate muslim, is to ensure that islam continues to spread.

Yes, just like the Muslim charities which only look after Muslims. Whereas the infidel charities are happy to look after everyone (if the Muslims don't think they are too dirty, that is).

I think that analysis of Fiyaz Mughal should ALSO be in a separate forum, which is featured, it is so important.

A British Asian group not aligned with EDL has come out and written a report showing EDL is not a racist organisation.  Those academics like Prof. Copsey are, as predicted, going to be left with egg on their faces.  As will Fiyaz Mughal OBE will, when his various  tactics are exposed for the public to see.  Be great to see him trying to stand for the Mayor of London again, and have the press pick over his record in full public view.

Inside Britain's street movement: Interview with the leader of the English Defence League

By Glen Jenvey for Asian Tribune
London, 27 May, (
The British media and political leaders mainly from the left call the British street movement the English Defence League (EDL) racists. But having been invited by the EDL to meet its members and talk with its leader Tommy Robinson for the Asian Tribune, I found out they were not!

What I found out was quite the opposite - the group has members from every Asian country, as members working behind the scene, members were not just white men with short hair, but a whole unseen membership which was Asian and Black who don’t attend demo’s due to death threats from radical Muslims living in the same communities as they live in.

I was amazed at the grass root support of EDL and the British Freedom Party which is a new political party which has been now merged with the EDL leadership. it was made up of every race as they have a open membership which is not reported in the UK media. I asked several Asian members why they support the EDL and they told me that their way of life in the UK is being attacked not by the EDL but by Muslim gangs linked to terrorist organizations who collect money in Mosques and doorstep them and their family collecting money in exchange for protection of their homes and business .

Other members are serving members of the British armed services who I also met in a English pub for a drink in Salisbury, a British army town in Wiltshire. 18 local members turned up 15 were serving members of the armed forces who told me how they cannot attend demonstrations because of fears of being thrown out of the military.

The EDL has over 33,000 members on their online forum which I was told that the real membership is much bigger and that some accounts have been misused by Muslims and far left supporters posting remarks that have given the EDL a bad name in the media. I spoke with a person who helps run the forum who said we get thousands of hits a day on the web-site we can only do our best monitoring racist postings posted by Muslims and the far left supporters.

I then invited the EDL to send some Asian members to my home for a meeting and 25 turned up and spoke about their concerns about how radical Islamic groups have given the whole British Asian community a bad name, some said that they want no part in the attacks on the British public by Muslims, They said they felt let down by the police in not acting against Al-Qaeda UK, Their concerns were that racist attacks on them were coming from Muslim groups who run mafia style gangs in every major British city in the name of Islam.

I asked what they think as Asians would happen in the future and was told. The British public will get fed up of Muslim terror gangs and will take to the streets at a demonstration held by and . So I asked them all can you see the British people taking to the streets and attacking these Radicals? The answer was yes but not the EDL as we are a peaceful organization we only defend ourselves if attacked on demonstrations, but we as Asian members do not show our faces due to personal attacks and threats. So I asked them straight out if Anjem Choudary holds another insulting demo people not connected to the EDL in your view will turn up and attack him? They would not reply other than saying the British can only take so much.

Two days later I interviewed the EDL leader Tommy Robinson a who tells me he has to wear a bulletproof vest due to threats on his life and family, a man who has been attacked many times by Muslim gangs in his home town of Luton .

I asked Tommy what do you say to people who call the EDL racist? He replied you have met some of my members yourself who even came to your hometown do you see anything racist about them? Which i had no choice but to agree his organization was not racist as i had met both black and Asian members as well as white members.

I asked Tommy what was his organization about ? He said we are against Shariah law and Islamic terrorism and Radical Islam , we do not want the UK to be exporting terrorism to other countries and we want the UK government to act now against Islamic street gangs, and terror gangs, you know the 7/7 bombers came to Luton my home town to get on a train to London to bomb the underground and a London bus killing many people of all races. If i’m right the 911 attack’s a Sri Lankan women was one of the people killed in the attacks in New well as many other nations passport holders.

I then asked him why he came out in public about the Asian Tribunes campaign ‘MUSLIM SEX GANGS NOT ASIAN’ and he said because its right, these sex gangs were Muslim not from the Sikhs Buddhist or Hindu religions and he is calling on a public enquiry into the matter. He went on to say his organization will hold a peaceful demonstration in Rochdale on the 9th of June and said any Asian wanting to join the march in protest of Muslim sex gangs is welcome .

"The helpline, Tell Mama, was launched at the same time as the trial began in February and is the UK's first for those wanting to report Islamophobia and record anti-Muslim attacks"

Another dirty trick from FQM.  I am referring to the helpline's name: Tell Mama" - its a callous and duplicitous attempt to mimic the cries for help from the groomed young girls, and tries to imply that the plight of grown adult (and male) Muslims is the same.  

The man has no shame.  But like Mohammed said "War is deceit".


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