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I can barely work up enough enthusiasm to write this, so it will be short.  Tim Cook was announced as the leader of PegidaUK. He's now resigned. A week is a long time in politics. 

I had no interest in Pegida. About 10 days ago on Twitter I explained to the man who was supposedly the leader then, that it would fail. He was not interested. Never mind that he's already been associated with about 2 or 3 previous failed anti-islam movement this year alone. [Hmm... maybe there's a pattern here... another state agent?]

Here's Tim Cook's train-wreck 1st interview. 

Apparently in PegidaUK, they are all clawing to lead it. And Tim was considered to be the best of the bunch. It's depressing. I'm sure he's a very admirable man and a nice chap and all. But did they not spend 30 mins doing role-play, with some awkward pillock being the interviewer?  Obviously not.

Thank god Alan is too busy to see this. He would probably burst an aneurysm.

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UK Pegida leader Tim Scott struggles to explain why radical Islam is a threat

'What I’ve seen in Iraq and stuff like that… If we were to get to that stage, that’s my main concern'

I like him and I find very sincere . He has a lot going for him,


I put yesterday down to an epic fail in my life for many reasons. I have spent my life fighting and losing people close to me in the process. Yesterday my family did that again, not because they want to hurt me but because they have concerns for my little one. More happened last night they I can imagine and all because of one short clip on a Channel 4 interview that was clearly edited and cut to suit their left wing agenda.

I know I could have lead this movement well because I am here for one reason, and one reason only and that is I care about my country. I don’t need a title to prove myself, I've done that already with my previous achievements. It’s just a shame that others let their ego’s get in the way.

Yes people will be disappointed but I would like you to know I have not decided to leave the movement because of an interview or even the comments on social media (many of which were from people that should know better), but because of things outside my control.

I will be posting another statement which will be put out to stop the ridiculous rumours about why I joined the movement as leader.

I have spoken with Tommy and am pleased to say he will still be taking the movement forward all the way through to the demonstration on Saturday 6 February when we will show complete solidarity with Europe.

There is an excellent team in place and I have every faith that this will be the movement that finally makes the difference

Pegida UK Official

Yesterday at 11:25 · 

From Timothy Scott

To everyone that wanted to bring this movement down by accusing Tommy Robinson of using me. I would like to clarify that I was in no way tricked into doing an interview or taking part in the movement by Tommy or any of his team. Tommy has been very open and honest throughout the whole process. I am my own man and NOBODY was responsible but myself, it was my choice and I stand by it.

There seems to be a lot of people who think they know everything, all I cansay is that unless you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes and you have the full story, its better you just keep quiet. This was not something that had been planned for weeks, it happened within a very short period of time.

The interview was not 'signed off' by Tommy, anyone with half a brain would know that is not how it works and is a ridiculous assumption.

So to ALL those that have put out the rumours that have been circulating to disrupt a new movement, look at the facts first. I actually believe it is an insult to me that you think I would be that stupid. Please note also that I do not have PTSD.
To conclude my honour is intact and should never have been questioned, just make sure when you are thinking of your culture and your country that yours is too.


I know some of the back-story to this, and it is true that PegidaUK had another leader than Tim Cook, and that leader stood down only days before this interview.

I have been speaking to another man who has given many interviews to the news media about islam. I could only find one video on YouTube of him giving an interview, in which he acquitted himself very well. When I asked him about the other interviews, he said that none of them were ever broadcast.

But we know this pattern. We've been here before. I keep saying: if you give an interview that makes our cause look good, they won't show it. If you make our cause look bad, they will show it.

So there is no excuse for giving an interview, under any circumstances. The Controlled Media are not our friends. They are out to destroy us -- literally: they will give out our personal details to get us killed, as Andrew Neil did with Tommy

Kinana said:

There seems to be a lot of people who think they know everything, all I cansay is that unless you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes and you have the full story, its better you just keep quiet. This was not something that had been planned for weeks, it happened within a very short period of time.

Some role playing would have been a good thing.  I hope Tim recovers quickly.  He must have wished for the clarity of the battle field while he was in that chair being interviewed!  Tim, stay with us in some capacity; and thank you for your service!

He was set up to fail which is a crying shame.

I don't know how this media business works. Do the media goons contact people directly or is there a formal procedure?

He was contacted because he was given as the leader. Its the standard process. When an organisation names someone as leader, they are assumed to have the authority to explain policy.

As an aside, I think everyone should adopt the idea that the leader and the spokesperson are 2 different roles, and 2 completely different skill sets. In rare cases, as with Tommy Robinson, those skills may be combined, but one must never depend on that serendipity.

They arent just different skill sets, but also different mind sets. I now think that, whereas the leader should care passionately about the subject, the spokesperson should see it as a game, or an exercise in Game Theory, and not take the whole process too seriously. Taking the interviewer seriously is a fatal trap. He isnt taking you seriously, but just toying with you, so why should you take him seriously? Better to just play with him in response.

An example was at the beginning, with the demands for Tim Cook's surname. Tim could have asked for the interviewers home address. Then he could have accuse the interviewer of dirty tricks, and referred to the abuse, violence and job loss that his fellow fascists had inflicted on everyone previously who had revealed their full name.

In any case, I don't see why a spokesperson should give their full name. Just as the interviewer will react with horror at the request for his home address and defend his privacy because he is "only doing his job", the spokesperson can similarly argue that he is only doing his job, and has even more reason for protection of his private info in that role.

The demo went ahead in Birmingham today.

By lunchtime there were many scaremongering reports, which largely concentrated on attempts to stain UKIP by association, and to advertise Corbyn & Hate Not Hope. The reports said something like this "blah blah. We do no want people coming into Birmingham from outside & causing division. Jeremy Corbyn [an outsider] will be coming to the HNH tea-drinking session, where people from communities who never mix will have the chance to actually speak to each other".  That really is the kind of DoubleThink they had in the reports.

After the demo was over, I saw a short report + video where TR makes the journo look stupid and ignorant (surprised they left that in), and he managed to get in one of my key phrases: "more islam equals less freedom". That was just about the last word in the report + video, so if that slogan could get picked up by 1000 people, I'd say the demo was a success.

I keep throwing stuff TR's way. Eventually I see that most of it gets to him and gets absorbed.

Pegida speeches vid (with wrong date at top !) ;" target="_blank">


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