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I can barely work up enough enthusiasm to write this, so it will be short.  Tim Cook was announced as the leader of PegidaUK. He's now resigned. A week is a long time in politics. 

I had no interest in Pegida. About 10 days ago on Twitter I explained to the man who was supposedly the leader then, that it would fail. He was not interested. Never mind that he's already been associated with about 2 or 3 previous failed anti-islam movement this year alone. [Hmm... maybe there's a pattern here... another state agent?]

Here's Tim Cook's train-wreck 1st interview. 

Apparently in PegidaUK, they are all clawing to lead it. And Tim was considered to be the best of the bunch. It's depressing. I'm sure he's a very admirable man and a nice chap and all. But did they not spend 30 mins doing role-play, with some awkward pillock being the interviewer?  Obviously not.

Thank god Alan is too busy to see this. He would probably burst an aneurysm.

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Interesting that Trevor Phillips was there. He is one of the handful  (Goodhart, Casey are others) who represent the elite's "change of direction". Or maybe that should be "change of misdirection".

This video is useful at the beginning for the interview with Tommy Robinson by the BBC, in which he swiftly dispatches their attitude to the dustbin of history, as usual. But towards the end the video degenerates into the usual vile racist and fascistic propaganda that the left repeatedly spew. They call for the hate and bombing of Tommy with Anthrax (because he is full of hate, apparently), and accuse him of provoking attacks on Muslim women (when he's the one that suffers all the attacks). Their view of the world is so inverted that even glaring factual inconsistencies mean nothing to them.

That BBC reporter makes me think of Marie Antoinette. She stands there smiling happily while Tommy is suffering with death threats from ISIS and police harrassment, as well as vilification and abuse in the media. The reporter is the type of person to ride past the starving serfs in her carriage whilst saying "Let them eat cake!". She doesn't risk being beaten within an inch of her life. She doesn't risk losing her job and all her assetts. She doesn't risk having literally millions of the people of this country hate her and wish her harm. And yet on top of all that, she has the impudence and callousness to call Tommy far right? Its just adding insult to injury. He was too nice and polite to her. Its time to recognise the spoilt elite for what they are: quislings who help mask the fascism of Islam.

You are right Alan.  Politics, even the kind that target life and limb of people like Tommy, is, for many people, little more than entertainment; and a pay cheque for some.

At least he's raising issues that play on a lot of people's minds, that they're too afraid to speak out against for fear of being branded racist or ignorant (which is incredibly ironic seeing as what they're so concerned about)

Tommy has secured the services of a QC in an amazing, worldwide fundraising campaign:

Tommy Robinson: THANK YOU for all your support!


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