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Proud and Prejudiced

UK, Channel 4, 27 February 2012

A review

The English Defence League

Proud yes, but ‘prejudiced’?  Come on.  Prejudice means a judgement or an assessment without knowledge.  That case was not demonstrated by this program.  If anything, the opposite was proven by the time given to Tommy Robinson’s nemesis, Faysul Islam.  At the beginning of the program, this Faysul Islam is shown on camera slapping/assaulting Tommy without cause or provocation.  Will the police act on the is evidence?  To his credit Tommy did not respond in kind.  As Tommy said to the camera after the slap: This is Islam!

The knowledge of Islam as presented by Faysul Islam is countered, supposedly by a moderate Imam who claims that Faysul Islam has not established his credentials and is basically a fraud as far as his knowledge of Islam goes.  But this Imam is not much of an improvement.  Sharia, he says, is marriage, family and ‘being kind to your neighbour, Muslim  and non-Muslim.’  Of course, no where in the program are the texts of Islam presented or someone with over arching authority is presented so the viewer can choose which Islam is true Islam.

On the contrary, a non-Muslim is presented who seems to really put the two extremes in their respective places, the leader of Luton Council, Sarah Allen.  She basically said a plague on both your houses and both Tommy and Faysal are simply acting like children seeing who can piss the fartherest.  The Luton-in-Harmony festival was started to counter all this extremist messages and to prove that Luton is in harmony with each other, to ‘undermine the hateful messages’; and but for Tommy and the EDL, and Faysul’s groupings there would be no problem.  She affirmed for the camera that Tommy has ‘a misguided view of Islam.’   How do we know this?  It must be true because she is the leader of the Luton Council.

The program uses words to give a negative impression.  Like Tommy ‘likes to give the impression the EDL is not a racist organisation.’  The program goes on to say that the Unite Against Fascism group feels the need to counter the EDL protests.  The implication is that Tommy’s ‘impression’ is a lie because of course the UAF would not be involved in counter demos unless the EDL really were a racist (and fascist) organisation.

Also the program says EDL ‘demos turn violent.’  They state this without indicating how or who or why this violence happens.  The fact is the violence is started by the counter demonstrators and the vast majority of the arrests are from them.

The program’s best feature was giving the Muslims Against Crusades the chance to show the world what their plans are for the UK and beyond.  The slap by Faysul Islam on Tommy is the best illustration that such Muslims exist and are growing in numbers.  The slap says: shut up and do not criticise Islam or you will get more than a slap next time.  That slap is meant for all non-Muslims. 

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To all readers.  I wrote the above just a few minutes after watching the program.  Please add corrections and your impressions below.

from the Channel 4 website:

Proud and Prejudiced

Watch this episode now on 4oD Proud and Prejudiced

Proud and Prejudiced is the story of two of the most controversial men in Britain.

Tommy Robinson, a tanning salon manager, is the leader of the English Defence League, the biggest far-right street protest movement for a generation.

Sayful Islam, a former tax inspector, heads a small group of Muslim extremists, who have become notorious for abusing British soldiers and burning poppies on Remembrance Day.

Both men enjoy a cult-like status with loyal followers, both are specialists in making highly inflammatory speeches and defying the authorities, and both are from the same town: Luton.

Caught in the middle is Sarah Allen, the leader of Luton Borough Council's 'Luton in Harmony' initiative, the official fight back against the town's reputation as a hotbed of extremism.

Filmed over the course of a year, this is an intimate portrait of the two men and how a dangerous local feud has become an alarming national drama.

Comment by paul collings

Well i don't think c4 were as neutral as was expected. Tommy told everyone to watch this program at saturdays demo. I think hes been set up.

The only reason i didn't kick my tele is that dispite what the c4 commentator had to say they didn't really have enough on the EDL to make them look totally unreasonable. I think Islam took the bigger hit. Noone is going to want that mob and their talk of world domination.

I see C4 used the adverts to push their documentary about bradford. I reckon that program will show a nice cuddly islam with all the non-muslims being portrayed as bigots and islamophobes.

I think that Tommy did well until the last quarter, when he buggered it up a bit.


I think Tommy did well (apart from the drunken scene !). Overall, the documentary seems to have taken the government & peurile "Luton In Harmony" propagandist line that the whole islamification issue is just a squabble between two groups of extremists and nothing to do with the fact that the rest of the UK populais loathes islam and mass immigration.

Channel 4 had been filming with Tommy in close quarters for 1 year.  That year ended with the Tower Hamlets demo.  I'm absolutely sure that the Dispatches production team had decided to get him drunk that night because they were not getting the stereotypical view of the EDL that they wanted.  I'm sure he'd been out to drinks with them before, and that on the night he was drunk they too were drunk behind the camera (i.e. the production team).  Why were they all in the same hotel bedroom?  Anyone who spent a year with a TV crew would let their guard down.  Tommy has to do an incredible balancing act between being open to the media and protecting himself and his family from assassination.

Tommy's performance on the day of the Tower Hamlets demo redeemed any misstep in trusting the Channel 4 production crew too much.

This link provided by Antony shows how stupid and corrupt the director of that programme is.

Marc Hawker thinks that people like Anjem Choudary etc. are "jihadists of the word", when one of their number was only 3 weeks ago sent down for a terrorist plot that would have been on the scale of the Mumbai massacre.  Of course, my short and polite comment stating this on the Huffington Post was deleted by a moderator.  Various others in the comments section are pointing out that their comments are being deleted.  Thus the 4th Estate works hand in glove with the state.

Considering the delusions of the director of that programme, and the actions of the production team in undermining EDL, I'd say they deserve (along with Dispatches) to go on a blacklist.

After watching the Channel 4 documentary, I decided that the BBC 3 one was actually the more shocking of the two for a viewer who was not already opposed to islam.  I think the attempt by the BBC to present it all as a matter of ignorance failed miserably.  The images we saw and the words we heard uttered by muslims ("moderates" and "extremists" alike) showed the truth.

And as for Luton in Harmony, did you notice how few people were attending this stupid jamboree?  There were more people in one pub or on one coach on their way to an EDL demo.

The Veiwing British public will have to make up their minds if they are going to put up with the media continually putting out programs that fail to address their concerns.  People are watching their country change before their eyes, and Channel 4 have failed to acknowledge that a wider problem exist's.

Again the MSM has tried to blame the islamic problem on a few isolated radicals, and the EDL as a group of racist's hooligans. The program was just another stitchup. I don't know why i expected anything else, and i don't know why i bother watching such bias rubbish. The MsM have again proved themselves the enenmy of the truth.


I notice the EDL website is not available today.  That means a) it is overwhelmed by demand from the public wanting to find out more, or b) it is under a denial-of-service act of cultural terrorism by muslims.

Thanks Antony, you provide some really good links.  I'm going to embed that YouTube video here.  I am still in a state of disbelief that our government will actually act like the KGB and censor the truth in a documentary.   We know now that they would allow the rape jihad to continue, they would allow gay people to be attacked and gay bars to be closed down.  They would rather keep on suppressing the truth, until the country explodes.  I'm convinced more and more that islam has been introduced into the west to cause civil disorder.

Rather hilariously, the left-wing islamist-critical Harry's Place simply re-posted a "press release" from Nick Lowles (still claiming he represents Hope Not Hate).

In the comments he gets slated, as do HNH and UAF.  The left-wing and media lies about EDL went on for almost 3 years, with almost no basis to them.  All the ridiculous claims that EDL were "nazis, fascists, racists, black shirts" etc.  It has been a long haul for EDL to dismiss those claims, but reality is like that -- it wears lies down, like a wave crashing on rocks.

No wonder UAF has come out explicitly as a front for the pro-fascist IFE.

This is holding someone to a standard that few could maintain.  In an era of instant and intimate revelations the viewing public is privy to way too much information of various levels of seriousness.  Let’s get Nick Lowes drunk and follow him around for a year and see if what he says and does can be without fault and not reveal any inconsistencies.  The only leader in the last 100 years who would have been up for that sort of scrutiny (and pass it I believe) was Mahatma Gandhi.

To judge the EDL, let’s look at their statement of purpose and discuss that.

A lot of the Indians and Pakistanis who admire Gandhi are not happy about the revelations that Gandhi was gay.  A lot of the left-wing jew-haters are not happy that Gandhi's boyfriend was jewish.

There's just no pleasing some people.  Personally I thought Gandhi had very poor fashion sense.

Kinana said:

This is holding someone to a standard that few could maintain.  In an era of instant and intimate revelations the viewing public is privy to way too much information of various levels of seriousness.  Let’s get Nick Lowes drunk and follow him around for a year and see if what he says and does can be without fault and not reveal any inconsistencies.  The only leader in the last 100 years who would have been up for that sort of scrutiny (and pass it I believe) was Mahatma Gandhi.

To judge the EDL, let’s look at their statement of purpose and discuss that.


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