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From The Times 

I was told: ‘No one messes with the Muslims in here’
by Maajid Nawaz

January 11 2012 12:01AM  

Over the past 20 years, the number of Muslims in Britain’s jails has hugely increased. They make up more than 10,000 of the 80,000 prison population. This should worry us greatly — especially as British prisons have been the forcing houses of Islamist extremism.
This week we had a reminder of the danger. Tomorrow Jermaine Grant, a 29-year-old Briton who converted to Islam inside Feltham Young Offender Institution, will appear in court in Kenya charged with being behind a terrorist plot. Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, also converted while doing time in Feltham.
Few young Muslims go to prison because of their faith but a spell inside can forge a one-dimensional, angry and exclusive identity. I have interviewed young Muslims in Belmarsh’s high-security zone on many occasions and learnt a lot from them about what creates an extremist.
Young men, plunged into prison, find that safety lies in adopting an aggressive Muslim identity. I was told that “no one messes with the Muslims in here. The brothers run things.” Of course, some who are keen to correct the errors of their ways convert to Islam or rediscover the faith of their fathers. But for vulnerable new convicts, joining the “brothers” offers physical, if not spiritual, protection from the dangers of prison life. Someone who has gone to prison as a car thief suddenly finds no other choice but to categorise himself as a “Muslim” car thief.
The system inadvertently reinforces this outsider identity and the control of the Muslim gangs by catering for the communal needs of these prisoners. A special diet and collective prayer breaks are provided and very conservative Muslim chaplains are bought in.
None of this is bad in itself. None of these religious dispensations should be stopped — everyone’s faith should be respected. But I fear that the Government underestimates the explosive potential of young criminals seeking protection in a Muslim identity that rejects the mainstream.
The Prison Service needs to wake up. While many of the current Muslim chaplains are devout men who may be able to teach young convicts how to pray, they are not the men to combat the perversion of Muslim identity. We need a serious national counter-radicalisation strategy that stops angry young men from finding purpose in fanaticism.
If we don’t act, we may find that this burgeoning population of 10,000 prisoners harbours many more Richard Reids.


Just what percentage of the muslims who have blown themselves up in Britain, or attempted to assassinate a MP, or threatened to kill an author had actually been radicalised in Britain. I'd be surprised if it is as many as 5%

Yet here we have the Quilliam cover-up artists interviewing muslims in Belmarsh (a high security prison) about what radicalises muslims.  He's talking to muslims who are already in a high security prison, who aren't there because they were radicalised in prison, to find out what radicalised them?  Clearly, it wasn't the prison.

He doesn't want to blame islam for radicalisation (despite that being what the radicalised muslims themselves say).  The implication is that it is prison that radicalises these muslims.

Quilliam serve absolutely no useful purpose at all.  They are getting ready for the future onslaught of the radicalised and violent muslims coming out of prison.  They want to make sure that it isn't islam that gets the blame.

None muslims have been warning that there is a wave of radicalised muslims going to be released from prison (but it wasn't prison that led to the 20 years of islamic terrorism we faced in Europe):  [27 Aug 2010]

When Panorama revealed that muslim schools were teaching thouands of British kids to kill homosexuals and to consider jews to be pigs, it was Quilliam who covered up for these islamic hate-schools.

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When  Panarama did their documentary, they should have drilled home the point that, 1) when a child is born to muslim parents, they are muslims.

2) as soon as they learn to listern, they start to get radicalised. They all taught the Koran, they all get taught not to take infidels as friends, that jews are decendents of apes and pigs, gays should be killed, women are only worth half that of a man, the list goes on,  and that by believing all that shite it makes them superior. If thats not being radicalised i don't know what is!!

Quilliam try to defend Islam, they try to blame everthing other than the real cause's of peoples radicalisation. The Qu'ran, the hadiths, and the twisted minds that those teachings produce.

In 2008 the BBC let slip the astronomical rise in muslim criminality.

Four years later, and we have had no further information on this, and no national debate about it.  Yet by pointing out that they are "more than" 10,000 out of 80,000 it means they are above 12%.  Which shows the numbers have risen, and have certainly not fallen (they are probably more than 12% but less than 14%).

And of course, it stands to reason, if muslims are 4x over-represented in the prisons, they are 4x over-represented in all crime figures, including those that do not merit a custodial sentence.

Cultural enrichment indeed.

Incidentally, I looked a few weeks ago for the Quilliam response to the Panorama programme in November 2010.  It has been removed from their site.  Obviously they are trying to cover their tracks.  I'm pretty sure I downloaded a copy at the times, as I fully expected them to want to hide the fact that they defend such murderous homphobia and antisemitism.

Whilst on the subject of stats, when are the latest census figures due out, giving the latest proportion of muslims in the general population ?

When i get the most up to date figures i,l work it out. Based on old figures from 2009 it works out as;


Using population figures that show muslims = 2.5 million and non muslims = 60 million, it means that


1 in 250 muslims are in prison and 1 in 1000 others are in prison.  which = 4x over prescribed.  

The figures will probably have stayed about the same, what we need to find out about are the crimes that go unreported within muslim societys and are dealt with by unofficial sharia courts, and the percentage of muslims that are given caution's where non muslims are taken to court. And the figures for unsolved crime. Altough those figures will prove nothing on there own, it is possible to build up a picture of the types of crime being carried out, and in what areas. 

If anyone reads anything regarding those types of stats i,d be greatful if you'd post the links.

many thanx 

" None of these religious dispensations should be stopped — everyone’s faith should be respected."
'dispensations' = privileges = discrimination
So where are my special privileges? They can go to hell with their preferential treatment for the most pushy groups.

'faith' = belief system = political ideology (in Islams case)
So how about respecting the faith of Nazism, or cannibalism?



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