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Some years after adding this discussion, I found an article from 1999, about a report from The Commission for Racial Equality, stating that most of the victims of racist attacks in the UK are white.


This is divided into 3 sections: 1. racist murders, 2. serious racist violence/attempted murder, 3. more "minor" racist violence.  Within each section, new items are added at the top of each section.

2001: Senior police officer says "asians" behind most racist attacks:

2006: white people are the victim in half of racist murders ("political correctness stifling debate"):

Racist Murders of White Men/Women by Muslims

88yo Margery Gilby in Shadwell care home murdered by 17yo muslim from Romford (2013)

Alex Holroyd (2013)

Lee Rigby (2013)

Kieran Crump-Raiswell (2013)

William McKeeney (2012)

Victor Parsons & Keith Needell (2012)

Rosina Waller (2010)

Christopher Folkes (2009)

Keith Brown (2008)

Andrew Holland (2008)

Vicente Delgado (2007)

Christopher Yates (2005)

Mary-Ann Leneghan (2005)

Kris Donald (2004)

Gavin Hopley (2003)

Charlene Downes (2003)

Ross Parker (2001)

Marilyn & Nicholas Cook (1992) 

Attempted Murders/Extreme Racist Violence by Muslims

Barnsley Soldier (2013)

 Attacked from behind, stomped on while unconscious by a "pack of dogs"

Aaron Dugmore (2013)

 9 y.o. hangs himself after being victim of racist bullying by "asians"

Adrian McCarthy (2013)

Ronald O’Connor (2013)

Daniel Stringer (2012)

Gary Smith (2011)

Shaun McNally (2010)

[muslims know of Kris Donald, when the white population does not].

Joseph Haigh (2009)

Oliver Hemsley (2008)

John Payne (2006)

"Minor" racist attacks by muslims:

22yo muslim man gets 18 weeks in prison for unprovoked attack on white schoolgirl, breaking her jaw (2013).

Mr. Tull, bus driver (2013)

Tara Quigley, victim of acid attack (2013)

Muslim men in racist attack on 11yo white boy (2013)

Christopher Riley (2013)

Andrew Goodram (2011)

Un-named 25yo father + baby son (2005)

Walter Chamberlain (2001)

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An interesting story from the same paper. A Muslim family attack and try to kidnap their sisters  girlfriend. I wonder what would have happened if they'd got her away, and got the sister.

Man attacked by gang of "youths" for being ginger.  This is almost certainly an attack by muslims.  The perps (all unnamed) come from Fallowfield and Cheetham Hill, the most islamised areas of Manchester.

It would be most unusual for white lads from south Manchester and north Manchester to be out together.  Something else had to unite these gangs from different sites of the city: in all propability, islam.

I saw when this murder was reported, that the reports went out of their way not to give any detail about the murderers whom the police were seeking.  Of course, those of us in the know, realise that as soon as the media do this, they are covering up for non-white people.

Police hunt for two men after Greenford street murder

Last updated Tue 18 Feb 2014

Detectives investigating the murder of a 24-year-old who had learning difficulties have released CCTV images of two men they want to trace. Dean Mayley was attacked and stabbed in the heart as he walked along Ruislip Road, Greenford on February 7.

Credit: Metropolitan Police
Credit: Metropolitan Police

What the police/media often do, is days or weeks after such a crime has taken place, and the event is mostly out of the headlines, they release information then that makes it clear the people they are seeking are not white.

of the many comments on this attack no one has mentioned the similarity with the 'knock out game' 'played' by Black people on White people in the USA.


for the story and comment on this assault that happened in Bournemouth last year (2013), outside a branch of Tesco see:

You can bet you're bottom euro that if this had been a white attacking a black then the press would have been using it as an excuse to call the British "racists" for the next few decades.

Looks like the only way that the media will be any attention to the white victims of muslim violence is if the "racist thugs" of SDL, EDL, etc. get one of the victims' names as a tattoo.

Apparently that website had slapped a "copyright" notice on the photo, before Casuals United pointed out that The Sun had nicked the photo from someone else!

From last year, but worth remembering at the Rotherham demo.

I saw these on Twitter today.  That these professional, ennobled, in-our-face "anti-racists" are proud to have 3 billion people to see them stand with a known racist explains how white people can be racially victimised in our own country.

A FATHER-of-two who hit an innocent man in the face after a racial slur — even though the victim didn’t make it —has been jailed for 15 months. Adeel Ashraf, 28, had been in a car in the Accrington area when a woman dog owner complained her pet had almost been mown down and shouted an offensive comment.

Ashraf then got out and punched Paul Dutson, who had nothing to do with the abuse. The defendant delivered a single, forceful blow, knocking the victim into a wall, then to the ground, unconscious…


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