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Some years after adding this discussion, I found an article from 1999, about a report from The Commission for Racial Equality, stating that most of the victims of racist attacks in the UK are white.


This is divided into 3 sections: 1. racist murders, 2. serious racist violence/attempted murder, 3. more "minor" racist violence.  Within each section, new items are added at the top of each section.

2001: "asians" behind most racist attacks:

2006: white people are the victim in half of racist murders ("political correctness stifling debate"):

Racist Murders of White Men/Women by Muslims

88yo Margery Gilby in Shadwell care home murdered by 17yo muslim from Romford (2013)

Alex Holroyd (2013)

Lee Rigby (2013)

Kieran Crump-Raiswell (2013)

William McKeeney (2012)

Victor Parsons & Keith Needell (2012)

Rosina Waller (2010)

Christopher Folkes (2009)

Keith Brown (2008)

Andrew Holland (2008)

Vicente Delgado (2007)

Christopher Yates (2005)

Mary-Ann Leneghan (2005)

Kris Donald (2004)

Gavin Hopley (2003)

Charlene Downes (2003)

Ross Parker (2001)

Marilyn & Nicholas Cook (1992) 

Attempted Murders/Extreme Racist Violence by Muslims

Barnsley Soldier (2013)

 Attacked from behind, stomped on while unconscious by a "pack of dogs"

Aaron Dugmore (2013)

 9 y.o. hangs himself after being victim of racist bullying by "asians"

Adrian McCarthy (2013)

Ronald O’Connor (2013)

Daniel Stringer (2012)

Gary Smith (2011)

Shaun McNally (2010)

[muslims know of Kris Donald, when the white population does not].

Joseph Haigh (2009)

Oliver Hemsley (2008)

John Payne (2006)

"Minor" racist attacks by muslims:

22yo muslim man gets 18 weeks in prison for unprovoked attack on white schoolgirl, breaking her jaw (2013).

Mr. Tull, bus driver (2013)

Tara Quigley, victim of acid attack (2013)

Muslim men in racist attack on 11yo white boy (2013)

Christopher Riley (2013)

Un-named 25yo father + baby son (2005)

Walter Chamberlain (2001)

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This race-baiting, anti-white liar passes as a right-wing Prime Minister.  If she'd lie about this, she'd lie about anything.  She is one of the most disgusting politicians the UK has seen, ever.  No wonder Leftism has faced no opposition for the last 100 years. A politician who banned Robert Spencer from entering the UK because he was likely to cause dissent, goes ahead herself and promotes race-baiting.  Every white person I know who has been the victim of racist violence has had the police refuse to do anything. No wonder when scum like this get on with their race-baiting lies, even when they are told that the data proves the opposite to be true.


A few years ago, Theresa May set out to make a hard-hitting speech about how too many law-abiding black men were being stopped and searched by the police. Her officials got to work on it, but soon hit a problem: the only in-depth study showed that, if anything, white men were the ones being singled out.

There was no evidence to suggest any kind of racial discrimination.

It was all a bit embarrassing, so reference to this study was removed from the draft of the speech – and the then home secretary went ahead anyway with her spirited  j’accuse. Black men, she said, are up to seven times more likely to be stopped and searched. It cannot continue.

Politically, the speech was a great success. It was a potent charge, and it helped to establish Mrs May as a reformer with a social conscience.

As Mark Steyn points out, she is another of Europes childless elites, adrift, like a rudderless boat in a moral sea.

Joe - well said - she, as Home Secretary oversaw the persecution of EDL,Tommy Robinson,BNP etc, and the "anti semitic" hate speech legislation of a year ago - now she is not "muddling through" as many Tories put it - she is actively betraying Brexit, and they have so far refused to get rid of her, even during last years summer recess. She and Amber Rudd are just despicable traitors.

Your prediction was correct.

I've been looking at the list of attacks at the start of this thread.  Bearing in mind that this discussion thread was only initiated 5 years ago, about 20% of the links in the discussion are now dead.

Alan Lake said:

The above video "Muslims Attacking white couple", is one that Muslims, and their secular Fascist allies, will try get removed.  This is in accordance with the Quranic instruction to suppress any facts, including the truth, if it is not helpful to Islam. So if the above embed doesn't work anymore, just play the copy below.

That list has gone.  Various websites that contained lists like this on 4F have disappeared.

paul collings said:

Heres a list of attacks that'll make  Islam proud.

This article -- complaining about the deletion of the Gavin Hopley entry from Wikipedia -- has now been deleted from The Telegraph website.   

The winners get to write the history. That article is not 5 years old, and it has gone.  Only found now on and here on 4F.

Joe said:

Wikipedia is hideously politicised (leftist) in its content.  

On the day when Doreen Lawrence was made a Labour peer, it transpires that all the details about the ignored racist murders of white people by blacks and asians has been deleted.

Muslim phoned up UKIP candidate and told him he was going to behead him. Courts found the Muslim guilty, but his conviction was later quashed on appeal.  The appeal judge decided the Muslim did not really intend to behead him.

Wow. It's not like we've never had people beheaded by Muslims in the UK.

It's not like we've never had Muslims beat up political candidates and get away with it (this happened to Tim Burton of LibertyGB).

It's not like we've never had prominent, respectable Muslims of good character go and stab their MP (Stephen Timms).

Do you think I'd get away with phoning up a Muslim and threatening to kill him?  Would a later court quash the sentence because they were mind-readers and could determine that I'd never carry that threat out?

We all hate the system now, the courts, the police, the media, and most MPs. We know they will sacrifice us as easily as throw away used tissues.

Now if someone rings up Aftab Ahmed and threatens to behead him, I wonder if he will be let off with a community order?

Artist who painted Obama's portrait is known for painting pictures of blacks beheading whites ;

At least one of those convicted for the murder of Mark Sharp had his sentence quashed 2 years later.  I'm going to see if I can get hold of a summary of the case.!fetch.action?id=242150e3-7a1b-4e5c-9bd1-7d25717af207

LORD JUSTICE SWINTON THOMAS: Five Asian men, Rejan Uddin, Abdul Shah**, Forid Miah, Jomir Miah and Abdul Tahid, were charged with murder. The particulars of the count laid against them alleged that on 30th August 1995 they murdered Mark Sharp. They were tried at the Luton Crown Court before Dyson J. Uddin and Tahid were convicted of murder, and the other three accused were convicted of manslaughter.

On 19th March 1998 Uddin's conviction was quashed by this Court. Shah**'s application for leave to appeal against conviction has been referred to this Court by the Registrar, and Forid Miah appeals against his conviction by way of a reference from the Criminal Cases Review Commission. We have granted Shah**'s application for leave to appeal against conviction...

A search for mark sharp's murder (including names of those convicted of murder) only returns 4 pages on google (one of those pages is Alan's 4F site). In a few years time there might be not one site that remembers what happened to Mark Sharp.

Joe said:

Mark Sharp, murdered in Luton in 1995.  Just read about how light the sentences were.  Staggering to think that Muslims can get away with industrial-scale rape of schoolgirls, terrorism and even racist murder.  No wonder ordinary people don't fight back when the courts are on the side of the replacement population.


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