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Galloway's letter to the muslims of Bradford, prior to him winning the parliamentary election there in 2012.

Muslims in Britain have been talking about the Caliphate for 25 years.  I wonder how long before "pan-islamic" and "pan-islamist" move into public discourse.

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On Galloway's win:

"The chickens are finally coming home to roost for Labour’s leader."

George Galloway in front of a Muslim Brotherhood flag.  In 1946 the Palestinian founder of the Socialist Workers Party described the Muslim Brotherhood as "clerical fascists".

Of course, none of that matters to the likes of Galloway or Livingstone.  Provided muslims can get them into power, they will convert to islam.  Galloway probably has already (he had 2 muslim wives, and I cannot see the muslim extemists in Gaza tolerating something like that, since it is against islam for a muslim woman to marry a non-muslim).

George Galloway the shill for Saddam Hussein, the supporter of Hamas, the Islamists’ friend, has been returned to Westminster as an MP after a landslide shock by-election victory of truly unprecedented proportions.

The 53% vote increase his Respect party took in tonight’s result represents the largest EVER increase of a vote in Westminster parliamentary history. His over 10,000 majority, is about as comfortable as any MP could e...

Bradford West’s demographics are startling. The Islamic tipping point has been passed, so that the Muslim population dominates every aspect of culture, identity and politics, regardless of actually only consituting 43% compared to the 53% of indiginous whites. These are however 2001 census figures (!). Bradford West, is Europe’s future.

This startling result is a powerful representation, both of the rapidity with which Muslim populations can swell in the blink of an eye, and, of what a block vote can accomplish if an ethnic group votes together for one candidate.

The muslim population of Britain has gone up by almost 100% every ten years for the past 3 decades (I'm anticipating the 2011 census results,and going off the labour force data [NB the LibLabCon have decided to abolish the census, 2011 was the last one -- think on that!])  I've no doubt that the muslim population of Bradford is closer to 70% (many muslims in Britain are now moving out of such muslim enclaves, because they are too islamic even for them).  

What we seem to be utterly unable to get people to contemplate, is what does this mean for a future parliament.  The islamic-nazi party Hizb ut Tahrir has been around for 25 years.  Muslim leaders from Algeria, to Libya to Turkey have told us they will breed their way into control of Europe.  By the time the muslim population reaches 40%, they will act en masse and elect an islamic government.  Bradford and Tower Hamlets have shown they have no loyalty to traditional parties, only to islam.  Those of you with children and grand-children had better hope against hope that when the islamic parliament takes over, it is not under the aegis of Hizb ut Tahrir.  They've been saying for 25 years, they will abolish democracy.  That will be the last election ever.

The Sikh commentator over at Vlad Tepes has more details about exactly how Galloway achieved this gain.  Far more informative than any of the MSM reports, of course.

Thanks Joe. Posting on FB and Twitter. That man is a disgrace! Islamic apologists are bad enough, but attempting to hide in the closet is even worse. Despicable!  Labour bleating that they have lessons to learn and people foolish enough to think that voting for him was merely an anti war vote. It is an out and out pro sharia vote and still they are asleep!  This letter says it all really

These other remarks by Leicester Tiger are good:

Finally, I also noted last night how this win decisively proved the case for the Islamisation of Western Europe made by Kent Ekeroth in an interview last week on RT, where he was harangued as a fantasist by the others speakers and even the host.

One of those “debunking” his “absurd” assertions was Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadhan Foundation, “the UK’s leading Muslim youth organization,” and a “moderate” group aimed at “helping young Muslims… and fostering interfaith dialogue.” So who’s this on the right of Mr Galloway last night in the pink tie? Why, if it isn’t Mr Shafiq!

It shows just how two-faced and deceitful these "moderate" muslims are.  Nothing has been learned since Ed Hussain published The Islamist.  The media just lap it all up - in their eurocentric, arrogant racism, it is beyond their imaginings that the muslims are playing them like a ukelele. 

At another rally that evening, the man who is now Bradford’s MP talked again about divine judgment. “We stand for justice and haqq [the Islamic concept of truth and righteousness],” he told the overwhelmingly Muslim crowd. “Many of us, myself included, believe that for religious reasons… I believe in the Judgment Day, that all of you do. And I just say this: how will you explain, on the Last Day, that you had a chance, on 29 March 2012, to vote for the guy who led the great campaign against the slaughter of millions in Iraq, but instead you voted for a party which has killed a million Iraqis?

"Allah’s messenger emerged, carried aloft by his supporters like a victorious football captain, to be driven off to his victory party in a Hummer, a variant of the vehicles used by American troops in all Mr Galloway’s least favourite imperial wars."

Gilligan has been reading the Koran, and sees that Galloway is presenting himself as Mohammed (let's face it, Galloway loves dictatorship, so The Life of the Prophet would really appeal to him.  He recognises that the threat of judgement day is to be found peppering every other page of the manual of dictatorship.  Galloway has plugged directly into the narrative that permeates muslim culture.  He's plugged directly into the pan-national identification that muslims have for other muslims, an identification that transcends any feeling they have for their fellow citizens, or for the country that has given them and their families welfare payments, free healthcare, free schooling, etc.  The likes of him will just encourage more muslim terrorism in this country.

We should never have got rid of the death penalty.  And Galloway should be on trial for being a traitor.  I heard him interviewed yesterday where he said he would not condemn those Afghans or Iraqis who kill British soldiers.

Labour is finished. They have been playing sectarian politics with the Islamic community for years, and now have finallly fallen foul to somebody who can play that game better than they can.

They now realistically have only three options, all of which will prove to be their downfall if picked:

Option 1 - They can try and win the sectarian political game by appealing to the Islamic hardliners who really call the shots in the Islamic community.

This will of course mean that they will alienate further the support they currently have from other groups such as gay people, jews, and the white working class. It will also make it impossible for Labour to put up a decent pretence that it believes in free speech, human rights etc. Labour will effectively become an Islamic party, widely despised and viewed as a party which betrayed its support base.

Option 2 - They stop playing sectarian politics and go back to their traditional support base.

Up to 3-4 years ago, Labour could have done this, but not now. The white working class are now completely aware that Labour has betrayed them, and have neither forgotten nor forgiven. The same goes for certain minority groups as well, whom have been discarded as they do not yield as many votes as the Islamic community (such as the gay vote).  So in effect, Labour's traditional support base has been eroded to the point that it will not keep them in power.

Option 3 - try and win the middle ground vote

Fighting for the middle ground is also a losing strategy in the long term, as there is no middle ground between classical liberal values and religious fascism. More of the electorate are becoming aware of this and will not settle for  platitudes and multicultural happy clapping in the face of rising crime, societal breakdown and sectarian violence. As time goes on, there will be fewer middle ground votes as the harsh realisation will sink in to most people that we are facing a civilisational collapse if things continue as they are.

Labour is finished. Lets just hope we can still save this country.

I'm not sure about this Derius? Hard to know just how many die hard voters remain. I'm not convinced about the white working class either. People seem to be growing dimmer by the day. For as long as they keep tuning into the BBC, they won't have a clear picture at all.

My guess is that right now Labour are having frantic meetings in which the big question is 'What can we do to attract more muslim voters?' (Basically the first option you list, Derius.) If they're serious about that, the first thing they're going to have to do is ditch their leader, and his brother  - who are, of course, Jewish. They will have drawn the same conclusion as Livingstone: that the muslim vote is now many times  larger and more desireable than the traditional Jewish vote for Labour.

Unfortunately, I think you're wrong when you say that 'the white working class are now completely aware that Labour has betrayed them.' If only! As they're fond of pointing out on the Guido Fawkes blog, there are large areas of the UK where if you could put a red rosette on a dog turd and the locals would vote it in. The old 'my family has always voted labour and always will' syndrome. Remember how Gordon Brown condemned Mrs Duffy (a keen Labour activist!) as 'a bigot' and 'an awful woman' because she expressed reasonable concern about her neighborhood changing with the influx of immigrants? She went into shock for a couple of days, then went right back to promoting Labour, her concerns unaddressed. The scandal of the muslim paedophile rings might help wake up some people but the media - and the BBC in particular - are working hard to keep the M word out of the story.

One significant thing about the Galloway campaign is how he kept banging on about being teetotal while his supporters claimed that the Labour candidate - a Pakistani muslim - was spending all his time in the pub! Galloway has the look of a boozer and I find it hard to believe he has never had a tipple. Great acclaim and rewards await the person who produces photos/film of the Bradford Ayatollah looking as pissed as one of Ken's pets....


From comments on by a poster named Peter:

Posted March 31, 2012 at 11:22 am | Permalink

It is not my ‘recollection’ either: I had a pint with George at the SCPS Conference in Blackpool, 1986. It may be the case that his was a non-alocholic beer, I did not see it poured.

Politically I support George Galloway’s anti-war and anti-cuts position, but his comment concerning the drinking of alcohol was shameful, regardless of whether its substance is true or not. Where there are alcohol-related innuendos and fundamentalists, there is danger: a young lad near me lost his life not so long ago as a result of similar but less public innuendo. It is sad to see someone who should be ‘of the left’ allying himself with the religious far-right."

Personally, I rather wish he did drink. Might be some excuse then for his prolific nonsensical monologues 


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