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Saudi Arabia: Morals police arrest Colombian soccer player for having tattoo of Jesus on his arm

Saudi Arabia: Morals police arrest Colombian soccer player for having tattoo of Jesus on his arm

Pino.jpgPino: Immoral

In Muslim countries, non-Muslims must respect Islamic law. In non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims must respect Islamic law. Got it? Sharia Alert from the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places, and an update on this story: "Saudi Arabia arrests Colombian soccer player over religious tattoos," by Tim Hinchliffe forColombia Reports, October 11:

A Colombian soccer player was arrested in Saudi Arabia Monday for displaying religious tattoos.

Colombian-born Juan Pablo Pino was arrested by the Saudi moral police after customers in a Riyadh shopping mall expressed outrage over the sports player's religious tattoos, which included the face of Jesus of Nazareth on his arm.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative countries in the Muslim world, and according to one of the country's most respected clerics, Nayimi Sheik Mohammed, Saudi law prohibits tattoos, no matter what their form, and every player has to abide with these rules.


Memo to Colombia Reports: "conservatives" don't generally arrest people for having tattoos of Jesus on their arms.

The cleric went on to stress the importance of respecting the status of "Sharia" (Islamic law) and that the tattoos must be covered at all times.

Pino, who plays in the Saudi league, has expressed "deep sorrow" for his actions and said he respects the laws of the country. He was released from custody when a team delegate arrived and discussed the matter with the police.

A similar event occurred in Saudi Arabia last year when a Romanian player kissed the tattoo of a cross he had on his arm after scoring a goal, which also caused public outrage.

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I like to think of myself as a fair and just man. Some years ago I took the liberty of writing my personal version of The Golden Rule. It goes like this.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Then...Do unto others as they are doing unto you.

But...If they do not at all unto you then do unto them never more. 


We the people of the Western nations have opened our lands to the people of the world. Most appreciate it and they let it show. The exception is the Muslim horde that threatens to envelope us...Literally threatens! We have lived up to the moral clause in the original Golden Rule. We can do no more than we have done and hope to survive. 

We should now proceed to line two of my revised version and treat them almost as they are treating us.

They want nothing to do with our world, instead they wish to conquer and make our world theirs. At the time I wrote this I could not even conceive of such evil as they have brought to our shores, and I cannot fully live up to the words of my own making. Neither can ask any civilized being to treat Muslims as badly they treat us, but I do call upon all to dispatch them as quickly as possible to the lands from which they came, and then proceed to line three...

Forever doing unto them Nevermore.


Good points, and lets file that lesson away together with a qualification of another phrase:

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"  (wrongly attributed to Voltaire).


- since it is pointless us dying to defend the free speech of people who aim to destroy our free speech.


So perhaps that phrase should now be qualified with:

" - as long as you respect my right to free speech and you are similarly prepared to defend it"


You are right to pick up on these statements.  Honestly, I think they are a little immoral.  They spring from an over-weaning desire on the part of their writers to be "holier than tho", so they over-reach themselves in their scope, creating an impossibly high and unrealistic standard which, say, only Jesus can meet (e.g. 'turning the other cheek').


BTW, there's a part of Game Theory related to this.  One model, can't remember the name now, used to be used by Japanese companies.  The idea is that you co-operate with the other person / company in a friendly way.  But the first time they break your trust or safety, you cut them off.  Then if they behave in a decent way for some time, you forgive and re-establish a business link with them.  So its something like:

"single bad behaviour breaks the relationship; prolonged good behaviour enables forgiveness"

You can use this with friends, lovers, companies, and even ideologies (like Islam).  

Ah, if only our leaders followed this model!

If only!


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