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Muslim Grooming Gangs (MGG) targeting Sikh girls - collected articles

"We (Muslims) have more control over our girls, unlike your girls, they're slags and have no sharam (shame)"

Emotional video, of a true story in which a mother expresses her pain over her daughter falling into the traps of Islamic extremists! A 15 year old Sikh girl becomes pregnant by a 25 year old man wanting a passport to stay in the UK. A must watch and please alert other Sikhs.

This has also been posted in the Sikh room.

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I'd referred to these grooming activities on another thread not being confined only to white non-muslim girls.  So, I decided to add the cases I've found that show that muslims were also doing this to Sikh girls.

2001: Derby

Children injured in school rampage

A TEENAGE girl needed treatment in an intensive care unit after a gang attacked pupils and staff at a school with hammers and axes.

Around 10 teenage boys smashed more than 40 windows as children on their lunch break cowered in fear. Five pupils were injured. Staff who rushed to protect them suffered cuts and bruises.

The violence is understood to be part of the escalating tension between Sikh and Muslim communities in Derby. Police are investigating a link between the attack and a scuffle last week involving three girls over the terrorist attacks on America, which ended with one of them, a Muslim, having her headdress torn.

On Monday, the gang, understood to be Muslims from a rival school, climbed through a hedge into the grounds of Derby Moor Community School and, after smashing several windows, got into the reception area.

Brandishing axes and hammers, they attacked five pupils, one of whom was a 15-year-old girl said to have been involved in the fracas the previous Friday. Children spoke of the group "running wild, attacking anybody who got in their way".

As members of staff, including David Roles, the headmaster, ran to protect their pupils, they were also attacked. All five children were taken to hospital. Four were released after treatment.

The injured girl suffered head and spine injuries and, after a period in intensive care at Derby Royal Infirmary, had been transferred to a general ward last night. Her injuries were described as serious, but not life threatening.

Police arrested two suspects, aged 15 and 17, the younger one having been wrestled to the ground and detained by staff. Shortly after the incident, gangs roamed the streets near the school, some chanting Osama bin Laden's name. Police stepped up their presence at two multi-racial schools nearby for fear of copycat or revenge attacks.

One resident living near Derby Moor Community School said: "It was frightening. There were young men hyped up looking for trouble from anyone who wanted to give it to them. This place has always had a record of inter-racial harmony but since September 11 things have gone downhill rapidly."

Stephanie Collins, a parent, said she was telephoned by her daughter Amy, 14, shortly after the incident. "She was very distraught and had run out of school. She said people were running round smashing windows, carrying knives and hammers. There was panic and she was absolutely petrified."

She kept Amy off school yesterday because it was "unsafe". "I spoke to some teachers and they also feel security has to be looked at." Tensions between the Sikh and Muslim communities have increased since the riots in Oldham and Bradford this year and even more so since September 11.

A Muslim group calling itself Real Khilafa has been trying to whip up trouble by distributing a letter encouraging young Muslims to take out Sikh girls to get them drunk and convert them to Islam. The letter has incensed the considerable Sikh community and the police have been present at meetings called by community leaders.

Mr Roles said: "We are very upset that people should believe they can do this. If staff hadn't rallied round it could have been much worse." Hardyal Dhindsa, of Derby City Council's lifelong learning department, said he was satisfied at the level of security at the school.

2007: Birmingham

Protest march over 'conversions'

Last Updated: Sunday, 10 June 2007, 11:04 GMT 12:04 UK

Police say they are listening to concerns from Birmingham Sikhs who are demanding action against alleged forced conversions to Islam.

About 100 Sikhs protested on Saturday, marching from Handsworth to the police headquarters in the city centre.

The march followed confirmation earlier in the week that police are protecting a teenaged Sikh woman who is said to have decided to convert to Islam.

The protesters carried banners calling for an end to "extremist behaviour".

2007: London

Police protect girls forced to convert to Islam

Last updated at 17:04 22 February 2007

Extremist Muslims who force vulnerable teenage girls to convert to Islam are being targeted by police, Met chief Sir Ian Blair has revealed.

Police are working with universities to clamp down on "aggressive conversions" during which girls are beaten up and forced to abandon university courses.

The Hindu Forum of Britain claims hundreds of mostly Sikh and Hindu girls have been intimidated by Muslim men who take them out on dates before terrorising them until they convert.

Sir Ian spoke about the problem at a conference organised by the forum.

A Met spokesman said: "Neighbourhood officers work with university authorities in London and we would encourage anyone targeted in this way to seek help and support and where necessary use third party reporting facilities if they do not want to contact police directly."

Ramesh Kallidai, of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said: "Some girls are petrified because they are constantly being phoned up, having their door knocked.

"One girl was beaten up on the street and others have been forced to leave university."

2011: Preston

Teenager who lured girls into house to be raped by Asian gang is jailed for seven years

A teenage girl who lured two young white girls on a night out to be raped by three Asian men was jailed for seven years yesterday.

Stephanie Knight, then 17, told the 16-year-olds they were going for an 'exciting night' clubbing but instead plied them with vodka and drugs before forcing them to have sex with 'her boys'.

The girls had been taken in a large 4x4 vehicle to a derelict house where they were subjected to a sickening sex attack by the three men, one of whom was on licence after being let out early from an eight-year prison sentence for robbery.

Yesterday as the three attackers, Amjad Hussain, 34, Shahid Hussain, 37, and Tanveer Butt, 39, were jailed indefinitely at Preston Crown Court and ordered to serve at least seven-and-a-half years, a judge also sentenced Knight to seven years in a young offenders institute, saying she played a vital role.

Judge Beverley Lunt said the teenager, who had been in care most of her life, had distorted views on morality and knew exactly what she was doing when she led them into the trap.

She told Knight: 'You knew what has likely to happen when instructed by Amjad Hussain.

'You lured these two 16-year-girls from the safety of their homes and lured them into the clutches.

'You lied to them you said you were going on an exciting night out when there was no such intention.'

She added: 'It is clear you have had a difficult life so there is no doubt you have distorted views on morality and appropriate behaviour.

'There is no question that you were badly used by these men.

'But this means that you knew what they were like and what their interests were yet your lured the girls into their clutches.

'But for you neither girl would have been exposed to the danger of that night and subjected to humiliating rapes.

'You played a vital part in this conspiracy and knew what you were doing.'

Yesterday Knight, now 19, fought back tears as she stood in the dock alongside brothers Amjad and Shahid Hussain, and their cousin, father-of-four Butt.

Addressing all four defendants Judge Lunt continued: 'It is a total lack of humanity shown by any of you as this girl was repeatedly raped which disturbing and horrifying in this case.'

The case is the latest featuring Asian sex attackers preying on vulnerable young girls which has prompted former Home Secretary Jack Straw to warn that some Pakistani men in Britain see white teenagers as 'easy meat' for sexual abuse.

Knight met the three attackers after one pulled up in the street beside her six months earlier in his car and asked for her number.

Soon she was regularly performing sex acts on them. Friends said the men would lavish her with attention, pay for her meals and take her for rides in their cars.

One source said she was 'plasticine in their hands' and had been living on the streets and sofas for six months before the rapes.

Knight befriended the two girls a week before the attack in her home town of Blackburn, Lancashire.

After arranging to meet up with them in December 2009, she received a call thought to be from one of the gang during which she was heard to say 'got them'.

The girls were made to down vodka and coke and smoke drugs, leaving one victim 'feeling smashed'. They were then taken to a derelict house with no electricity.

Knight ordered one girl to perform a sex act on one of the man, before holding her back as the other girl screamed as she was raped.

As the screaming continued, Knight told the girl her friend would suffer even more if she did not comply, telling the victim that her friend was only 'chilling with my boys'.

The men took turns to rape the second girl throughout the night after she was barricaded inside a room. Both girls were then raped again as Amjad Hussain drove them home.

He also threatened them with a knife. The court heard that one of traumatised victims now felt invisible and often woke up crying.

The girl said she suffered from anxiety attacks, was still frightened by a knock at the door and 'at the time hated Stephanie with every bone in her body.'

But Elizabeth Nicholls, defending, said her client was as much of a victim.

'One does not have to look far for an explanation as to why this young lady has been drawn into the offences. At some stage she was much a victim as those that later become victim to her,' she said.

Miss Nicholls gave a 'chilling account' of Knight's life in 23 different placements between the age of 11 and 17.

She added: 'It is little wonder that she became a child deprived of love, affection and emotion support.

'She was a victim herself but did not regard herself as a victim but rather welcomed the attention of the men who preyed on her and these men.'

In April 2009, Knight made a complaint to the police that she had been raped but no charges were brought and she continued on her 'destructive and chaotic lifestyle', Miss Nicholls said, adding: 'She was and still is vulnerable.'

The court was told Amjad Hussain was on licence at the time of the attack after he was jailed for eight years for robbery in 2004.

The father of one, whose partner was pregnant at the time of the attacks, had become hooked on alcohol and cannabis after his fabric shop closed due to be debts.

Yesterday the three attackers were ordered to serve seven-and-a-half years for rape.

Knight, of Rawtenstall, was jailed for seven years for conspiracy to rape and aiding and abetting.

All defendants were told to sign the sex offenders' register.

Following the hearing, Detective Sergeant Paul Langley, from Lancashire Police, said: 'These two girls thought they were going for a night out and instead were given alcohol and drugs and taken to a strange house where they were subjected to an horrific sexual ordeal at the hands of three much older men.

'What's worse is that this abuse was facilitated by someone the victims believed was their friend.'

Several police forces are currently investigating gangs suspected of abusing young girls.

A damning report which revealed one in four men accused of street grooming young girls for sex is Asian was commissioned after the ringleaders of a gang which struck in Derby were jailed earlier this year.

Ashish Joshi, of Sikh Media Monitoring, said efforts to tackle the problem needed to focus on the Muslim community.

'It's a small element who treat white and Sikh girls as sexual playthings, and we aren't going to tackle it successfully unless the politically correct lobby stop putting up a smokescreen to hide the fact that this issue is about the Muslim community.'

2011? : London, Birmingham, Leeds and Bradford

'Hindu girls targeted by extremists'

Muslim extremists who try to force teenage Hindu girls to convert to Islam are being targeted in a new police crackdown.

The recruiters – often paid £5,000 for each success – are stepping up 'aggressive conversion' tactics, especially around universities, religious leaders believe.

The Metropolitan Police have stepped in after commissioner Sir Ian Blair said many Hindus felt neglected by Scotland Yard.

Some young students have been beaten up and forced to abandon their courses by extremists, Hindu leaders told a security conference.

Islamic extremists invited the girls on dates before beginning campaigns of 'terrorism' until they converted, they claimed.

Ramesh Kallidai, from the Hindu Forum of Britain, said: 'Extremist Muslims make life miserable for Hindu girls.

'Some are petrified; they feel these men have complete hold on them.

One girl was beaten up in the street and others have been forced to leave university.'

The problem was most common in cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Bradford, he added, while London universities had 'at least two or three cases' each.

Mr Kallidai estimated hundreds of girls had been targeted, with some reports of Muslim boys being offered £5,000 'commissions'.

The National Union of Students said it did not want to discriminate against Muslims but agreed some extremists were causing concern.

They have managed to infiltrate Brunel University in West London, Bedfordshire University, Sheffield Hallam University and Manchester Metropolitan University, according to a Muslim charity.

Sheikh Musa Admani, a 'troubleshooting' imam, fears many radicals are easily by-passing university bans on extremist sects such as Hizb ut Tahrirs and Al-Mujahiroun.

Scotland Yard is to set up a Hindu Safety Forum with 'aggressive conversion' as its top priority.

Sir Ian said: 'There is a feeling in the Hindu community that we have not given them as much attention as other groups.'

The grooming going on in these instances is not only aimed at Sikhs & Hindus, the grooming is of a different nature.  It seems to be motivated entirely at conversion, although it's not clear that they are not using similar techniques to the grooming/pimping gangs.  Clearly not only are they choosing a different kind of target (educated hindu/sikh girls), but different venues for grooming (universities, not kebab shops/malls/schools).

Yet strangely, from 2007 the police have clearly been taking these cases seriously, more seriously than they have taken the predatory grooming/pimping gangs.  These latter gangs were targeting younger, vulnerable girls (often removed from their family/community and supposedly in the care of "the caring professionals"). 

An educated, young adult being groomed to convert to islam would seem to be of a lower priority than vulnerable 11 to 15 year olds being groomed to be raped, drugged & driven to prostitution.  Yet the police have been on the case when it comes to young Sikh/Hindu women, and almost completely ignored the vulnerable white girls.

The discussion concerning the sexual grooming of young white girls by gangs of muslims is to be found here:

This is where a conspiracy theorist would say that the authorities are deliberately incubating the hatred, in order to justify the later intervention and seizure of our civil rights.  But hey, what do I know?

Alan - I think the police take more action when Muslims target Sikh/Hindu/Black girls as they know these groups are more likely to kick-off, as with the Birmingham riots between Muslims & Blacks a few years ago after there was an alleged rape of a black girl by muslims.

They have to maintain a semblance of control of the streets and the facade of multi cultural community cohesion, indiginous Brits don't seem to kick off like they used to any more - the harsh might say they're "wimping out" after becoming too demoralised,browbeaten and befuddled by years of PC propaganda and legislation -....its easier for our dear leaders to shit on their own loyal subjects than to take on immigrant usurpers such as muslims and yardies.

The Sikh Awareness Society has done a video about these muslim grooming gangs.

We keep hearing about girls falling into the hands of 'extremist's', what proof is there that these rapists are extremist's.

Are they gun totting bomb making jihadist's, or are they just ordinary Muslims going about their buisiness, working hard, brining up their kids, while raping other peoples kids.

It seems its not extreme for Muslims to rape non muslims. If this was not true then there'd be more muslim girls getting raped as well. Or maybe there is. Its just they don't report it as this would risk serious reprecussions.

The islamic community keeps itself well away from the rest of society, so we know very little of what they get up to. the only experience most of us have of them is when they're taking our money in taxis, shops and take aways. Or when they're rioting on the streets of the world burning flags, killing each other, cutting the heads from western citizens or in court charged with raping mainly venerable young white girls.

it doesn't seem that many actions taken by the followers of mr  muhhamad are deemed extreme.

The fact that the islamic grooming gangs have been targeting other groups shows just how above the law they must feel. Even in the light of all the cases going to court, and the members of the islamic community being sent to prison, this has not detered the men to carry on. Maybe like getting a ASBO, getting done for grooming non muslim girls is like a badge of honour for some of the men.  After all, they are following in the footsteps of the perfect example.  

The "grooming" seems to take two forms. 

That of sikh/hindu girls seems to be all about conversion.  I think that is being done by very religious muslims.  Are they extremists?  They aren't bombing anyone, so our government & media would say they are not.

The grooming of white girls is about sex/pimping out i.e. ownership/booty.  Are they extremists?  Since it is likely most of them don't have beards, aren't converting the girls to islam, aren't bombing us, then according to our government and media, they are not extremists.

But both groups are definitely following the example of the Profit of 20%.

 Anthony said

 Alan - I think the police take more action when Muslims target Sikh/Hindu/Black girls as they know these groups are more likely to kick-off, as with the Birmingham riots between Muslims & Blacks a few years ago after there was an alleged rape of a black girl by muslims.

 Yo Anthony.

It has been reported in the media that the police and faith leaders in Leicester met last Thursday night to find ways of easing tensions after the ransacking of a Muslim-owned restaurant by a 40-strong Sikh mob. The attack took place at the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in East Park Road, Spinney Hills, last Monday, 14th Jan, night. Some workers and diners were injured when the mob piled into the restaurant smashing doors and windows and three men were reported to have been hospitalised.

Police has said they were worried the incident – which they said was fuelled by false rumours – would lead to revenge attacks and escalate as both groups sought retaliation.

City police commander Chief Superintendent Rob Nixon has said that Monday's attack was sparked by misinformation regarding the rape of a teenage Sikh girl.

"We are aware of a number of rumours and misinformation which is circulating within the communities in Leicester," he told the Leicester Mercury.

"As part of a separate investigation, officers are speaking with a girl and her family in relation to concerns her family have raised for her welfare. We are unable to comment further on this investigation.

"Leicestershire Police urges members of the community not to listen to rumour or speculate about the incident," he added further.

It has now been reported that police have arrested five men and a youth in relation to their investigation of an alleged sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl after her family raised concerns.

However, since the incident at the restaurant a number of shops have also been attacked in the area, including a Sikh owned shop, which have led to further appeals by the police for calm.

Six men have now also been charged over the restaurant attack.


There was no misunderstanding as we can see by this report.

Leicester, UK (January 19, 2013)–Police investigating the alleged sexual assault and grooming of a 16-year-old Sikh girl have arrested five men and a youth of Pakistani origin. The investigation was launched after her family and the Sikh community raised concerns about her welfare.

This morning, five men, aged 20, 22 25, 27 and 39, and a 15-year-old boy, were arrested from different addresses in Leicester. All remain in police custody while inquiries continue.

Grooming refers to racially motivated sexual exploitation. The UK Sikh community has been concerned about this issue since the early 1990s, however the issue has only recently been acknowledged by the mainstream media and some politicians. In November 2012, the Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) interviewed, Times newspaper journalist, Andrew Norfolf, on the issue of the heinous crime of sexual grooming of young girls by gangs, particularly from Pakistani origin, in the UK. From Mr. Norfolf’s extensive ongoing investigations it appears that racially motivated grooming of girls by groups of Pakistani Muslim men stems from 1990s onwards and is being underplayed by the Police, media and politicians fearing political correctness.



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