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I'm no expert but I sense the beginning of a civil war right here in mainland UK. I'm not promoting this, but to be honest I do forsee it. The police, the government, the establishment stand by and do nothing. What difference is peaceful protest from a few hundred guys like you and me likely to make? They brand us racist thugs. They call us fascist scum.

Are we on the brink of a civil war?

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The whole of the civlized world sits on a dangerous edge with the influx of islamization...and perhaps we are headed to civil war. My Sabba insists that here in the US until the *South rises again* we are follwoing you...does that mean civil war too?

Stand your ground. Mohammedans have declared internal war on the west, if the Governments won't back the people against such an ideology........the people have little choice but to stand up against the political processes that islam uses against us.

Just my 2 cents.......
If we're to avoid civil war then there needs to be a raising of awareness. People in this country are naive, blinded by the lies of this government and the Islamic appeasers.

Awareness is not easy to achieve.

To avoid civil war, we need the airwaves on our side. Media is the key. How are we supposed to take over the media circus?
Civil war??? I would not get too ahead of ourselves just yet people. All it would take is strong leadership from our government to stop tollerating this nonsense. If the appeasement was to stop then these so called peace loving nutters we see in these films would be quickly locked up with the key thrown away!
civil war!? i dont think so,although we detest our government for what it has let continue, civil war is the last thing. we are not a few 100 we are thousands and we grow and when we grow our voices become louder, the louder it gets the more people we wake up. civil war is extremist talk its militant that is not what we are about. we have to wake up those who still sleep, talking with a militant attitude will not draw people to the cause it will turn people off and give our detractors ammunition to use on us, now i was going to remove this thread but we are all intitled to free speach but be warned no militant talk will be tolerated, do i make myself clear, ol war dog youve become afriend ove rht epast few weeks and you kno my stance. yes we are angry yes we are frustrated yes they may only seem to be a few of us, but we as britons have always been the underdogs and it is with our spirit and pride in our nations that we will overcome any foe who dares threaten the us.
forgot to mention you start talking with a militant attitude all you'll do is atrat some idiot from outside the movement to stoke the fire even more and that wont look to good in the daily star will it!
Good call road runner!! Militant talk should not be accepted. I understand the temptation and allure of it, i really do. The only way you'll win this is by boxing clever. Being media savi is also a way to keep at the top with our opposition. The last thing we need is them using this as ammo against us.
My last post wasn't a call to civil war though you seem to have taken it that way. My words are mere observations. I'm not calling for militant action, that's not my place or that of anyone here. I'm just observing the civil unrest in our country. We are on the verge of a civil war, an unrest, unsettled protests, call it what you will. Whether you want to face that or not is up to you. That's what happens you see, when people are pushed to the edge, no where to turn, no one to support them, they rise up. That's civil war and like it or not, we are on the verge in this country. People are getting pushed to their limits.

If you see this as some sort of stand-off. Some sort of extremist militant talk. Then that's not my fault. See me for what you will. I speak the truth.

Again, I want a peaceful resolution to Islamic extremism. Somehow I don't think anyone's listening though ;-)
If we are on the brink of Civil War then it will be the powers that be that will incite it. History points to the possibility, an unpopular overseas war, crippling taxes, bankrupt state, threat of a change of religion, the rule by european powers and a corrupt ruler/Parliament.

There are dark forces at work in this land and it is up to the people to reverse this through legal peaceful revoluton.
Sounds pretty much like history repeating itself then. I'm 100% for peaceful revolution but we need many more supporters to join our demos.

We're talking 100,000 for any government to take notice of us.

I do know this though. The state of England in the video pinned above cannot be left unchallenged!
hmmm quite spooky how he predicted the way the country would turn out.I have often thought that this country is at boiling point! When i see video clips of these muslim marches it makes me feel so helpless on the way our country is being led,the government has got to do something about our immigration policy now,before we become the minority.
You're taking the piss mate. This is exactly what Labour and Conservative had planned for the country. This is the result of their policies and they still stand by them.

If you want a government that's going to do something about the state of old England then for Christs sake don't vote Lab/Lib/Con. Vote for someone with bollocks. I'll leave it to you to decide which British politician has a pair.
I think you might be right, but whatever the case it will be the so called fascist that will cause it according to the left wing press. I was at Leeds yesterday and a few of the so called anti fascist managed to get to within about 20 yards of the EDL meeting. the police quickly intervened to stop both parties clashing. Then the coin throwing started from the anti fascist organisation. We need to put more bodies on the streets. Also to show the ultra left wing Muslim sycophants press we intend to remain British.


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