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It takes a nation to protect the nation

By Kinana

Originally published 20 September 2009

The police are discussing how to relate to EDL and other demonstrators (e.g. SIOE) who bring out the UAF and Muslim anti-demo demonstrators as what has happened in Birmingham on 8 August and in Harrow on 11 September.

If I had a chance to speak to this important group, and maybe they are monitoring sites like this one, this is what I would say.


I sympathise with your predicament. I realise that you called off the demonstration by SIOE because you were afraid that you could not control the crowd and you were ‘fearful of the safety of your own officers.’

I will assume you also had a similar feeling for the actual demonstrators.

You will have further anxious moments in the future, both near and far. For example, on 10 October in Manchester the English Defence League will be hosting a rally which will inevitably call forth the anti-demo demonstrators, like the UAF and allied Muslim objectors.

What to do?

For certain, the anti-demo demonstrators will try to prevent the gathering of the demonstrators as they successfully did in Harrow.

Will you protect the right of freedom of assembly? Will you protect the right of the citizens to travel from one place to another in order to stand peacefully and state their opinion on the problems that are besetting this country vis a vis the push for Sharia law and other aspects of Islamisation in daily life?

As people travel to the point of assembly by car, coaches, trains and walking will do your best to prevent harassment and intimidation? Such was not the case on 11 September in Harrow.

Assuming that a good number people actually arrive at the point of assembly will you protect them from mass charges and thrown objects with intent to maim and injure? At the Harrow I saw a metal object being thrown that could easily have killed.

Can citizens of this country rely on you to protect them in the lawful exercise of their rights of freedom of speech and assembly?

Will you bring the necessary resources of personnel and equipment in order to up hold the law?

I hope so.

The challenge to you is not just for the 10 October EDL demonstration but for many more such demonstrations to come. They will not go away. A growing number of people are learning about and object to the Islamisation of this country required by Islam and pushed by many Muslims, and their supporters.

The challenge is more than just this one demonstration or this type of demonstration. It strikes at the heart of what the majority of people consider to be a crucial part of human rights and law in this country.

If you do not create the conditions whereby the exercise of such rights are allowed you will have conceded the ground to those who shrill ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’ when they only mean ‘you do not have the right to publicly disagree with our perception of Islam.’

In Islamic terms, you will have become a dhimmi, a person who is subservient to and subdued by your Muslim betters. (ref. Qur'an 9:29)

In social terms you will loosen the grasp you have on the loyalty and expectation that most citizens have of their police force to uphold the law and protect civil discussion and the expression of ideas and opinions. The market place of ideas will become a ‘one-stall for all’, which is run by those groups with the biggest and most violent mob.

In short, you will have abdicated your role as Guardians of civil rights and secular law.

Such a situation would leave people to rely on themselves alone in order to protect their families, communities and this great nation.

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Reply by cimmerian on September 20, 2009 at 11:22am

Well argued, Kinana!

Reply by Gaia on September 24, 2009 at 8:28am

Great letter Kinana. Have you sent it to the police?

Reply by jim morgan on September 25, 2009 at 7:26pm

Good stuff, composure under pressure in response to desperate times.

Reply by tommy robinson on September 28, 2009 at 7:56pm

very good points, gonna forward it to the lady liasing with the police about oct 10th

Reply by Kinana on September 28, 2009 at 10:20pm

glad you found it helpful. please feel free to forward it to all and sundry.

Reply by Kinana on October 1, 2009 at 1:37pm

I have emailed this piece to the Mr Chris Sims, Chief Constable of West Midlands Police.

the initial reply was:

'Thank you for your email which I have forwarded to the Chief Constable's Office.'

Reply by Netcon on October 1, 2009 at 2:45pm

Good on ya, Kinana!
Reply by Trevor Kelway on October 6, 2009 at 10:09am

Thank you Kinana.

You would have probably received my email by now, but I, and i think many members are getting so tired of being called Racist etc.

Thanks again.

The EDL "About Us" page is now up. Click Here to view.
Reply by Morrigan Dunn on November 23, 2009 at 2:02pm


That was excellent! :) Well done!
Really an excellent letter, coherent argumentation, sober and yet saying exactly what need to be said.
Great letter, however I believe the police will only protect people from Islam if they are told to do so from the Govt and at this time I believe the Govt is too scared of being called Racist or Islam-a-phobic.
I believe it will not be too long before we patriots will have to start forming our own units of trained men to protect our own people because the police are so corrupt and or Inept.

Be Bold, Be Proud, Be British.

No Surrender.

Alain Wagner said:
Really an excellent letter, coherent argumentation, sober and yet saying exactly what need to be said.
Tha Grenadier

Thanks for the compliment.

And I hope that you are 100% WRONG in your prediction. I shudder to think of

‘forming our own units of trained men to protect our own people because the police are so corrupt and or Inept.’

We must do everything in our power to bring the forces of the State and all the resources of the State to our way of thinking in order to avoid the scenario you suggest. I tried to express this in one of the previous EDL speeches here where I state:

‘To the State and all the institutions of the State: the police, courts, civil service, military, government of the day, etc. we say: we hold you accountable and demand that you protect and defend these precious rights.’


I think the EDL is causing tremendous headaches within many areas of the Government. I like to imagine that heated discussions are happening behind closed doors. The persistent growing presence of the EDL (and other counter-jihad forces) is forcing decisions and reassessments about immigration, Islam, social cohesion, freedom of speech, etc. I have no doubt that some want the EDL to fail but that some also are encouraged by the EDL and are working in their own way to secure and safeguard our freedoms.

Like I say I hope you are wrong, but the next few years will tell whether this country moves into a Lebanon-type situation or not. Crucial to this process will be the election results in the Netherlands. If Geert Wilders is elected PM that will be a flash point for all of Europe. I admit that I expect nothing of significance for the elections in this country (UK).
Kinana, I understand your dismay in what I say and I do believe that it should be the very last coarse of action by patriots.
However as it stands at the moment there were £500,Milion worth of weapons and equipment smuggled in to Europe in the 12 months up to November 2009 and of that £20 Millions worth were smuggled in to the UK.
Only a fraction of the total has been intercepted by the Police and customs.
We really must ask ourselves why are the Muslims smuggling so much military hardware in to Europe if there not going to use it ?
At this time if they rose up tonight, Easter Monday, the British Army in the UK would be hard pushed to survive.
Most of our Army is spread between Afghanistan, Germany, Cyprus, Gibraltar, The Falklands, Canada and Brunei as well as about a dozen other small training teams such as is in Indonesia.
The trouble with the British government is its intolerant of any organisation once it is in power, yes they promise the world at the elections but once in power they renege as we saw when it came to a referendum on the EU.
You can really only negotiate with the British Govt from a position of power, An example of this is the Northern Irish protestants in 1915, they formed in to military units that the British would under normal circumstances have crushed, but unfortunately for the British Government they were fighting ww1 and needed men badly.
Because of that military unit the UK was forced to negotiate and that is why Ulster is still part of the UK.
Basically the UK Govt maid a deal that if they Joined the British Army and fought for Britain then they guaranteed that Ulster would remain British after the Irish Free state came in to existence in 1922.
They formed in to the 36th Ulster Division and won 8 VCs at the Somme on July 1st 1916.
It may come to it through the British Govts dogmatic attitude of we know best (No mater who wines the next election) that we will have to take a leaf out of the Ulstermen’s book and form some sort of paramilitary organisation in order to make the mongrels in parliament listen to us and take us seriously.

Be Bold, Be Proud, Be British.

No Surrender.
Wonderful Kinana. Hope they actually get to read that. Sums it up perfectly,
Kinana, I feel I should elaborate on my last, what I am proposing is not a paramilitary army that would be a threat to our country, but may be seen as a threat to its government, our loyalty is and always will be 100% to our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II and her people and no one else especially the gutless mongrels in parliament.
We would never be a threat to our people, we would be more an insurance policy that we hope would never have to be used, lets face it, it is better to have a military you don’t need rather than not having one when you need it.
I know that people will say that it’s the Governments job to have an army not ours, well all I know is they have one they are misusing and disrespecting but still control, we would be beyond there control.

Be Bold, Be Proud, Be British.

No Surrender.
Tha Grenadier
I follow you. You are elaborating on what I actually was only able to allude to at the end of my essay.

'In short, you [the police] will have abdicated your role as Guardians of civil rights and secular law.

'Such a situation would leave people to rely on themselves alone in order to protect their families, communities and this great nation.'

I hope and work for the best outcome in this struggle but...
Kinana, I can assure you I am not a member and never have been a member of the British Police force, I have been a soldier all my life.
here here kinana


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