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This topic is not particularly about the 4 freedoms, but having written a comment on this article for a friend, I thought I should share it.

Anarchy in the UK

Britain is sailing into a storm with no one at the wheel

Jun 26th 2016, 19:47 by BAGEHOT

I find the responses so comical.  On the one hand you have the mindless, indoctrinated drones saying "who will lead us now?  who will protect us?  who will tell me what to do?  what should I do with all this freedom and choice?".  It's like watching the Borg in Star Trek wandering aimlessly around, when their Borg Queen has been destroyed.

Then you have the totalitarian liberal elites, upset that their plans to take control of society and implement the 'master plan' that only they fully understand, have been thwarted by the hoi polloi, the common people, the 'dumb' masses that ought to know better.  Their response is so primitive.  They still think there is a 'right answer' to all political questions, whereas in fact, many of them are simply unresolvable.  So, all you can do is let the process wander about according to democratic inclination.

Moses came down from Mount Sinai with two tablets of stone, giving us the moral prescriptions for mankind.  Well no, it was actually just for judeo-Christian mankind in the end.  So I've looked on the surface of the moon and mars, and haven't managed to find any other tablets to give us our over-riding prescriptions.  But the Remain camp are convinced of theirs.

What the Remain camp lack, amongst other things, is humility.  Their conceit in the correctness of the EU master plan, is distasteful, especially since only a very brief survey of history shows the fallibility of all master plans.

Anyway after those introductory remarks, I will consider Shagalot/Bagehot/I've-got-a-fancy-name-so-I-speak-with-authority-a-lot.

Who is Bagehot?  Is he more important than Alanelot?  This is not a fallible single humanoid, surely?  Perhaps he even brought some more tablets down from Mount Sinai?

Well actually Walter Bagehot (1826-1827) was a British journalist, businessman, and essayist, who wrote extensively about government, economics, and literature.  One of his most famous quotes is:

" The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

Hmmm, swimming against the tide, deviating from the accepted narrative and orthodoxy.  That would be leaving the sacred cow of the EU then?  So many words and I've only just finished some introductory remarks.

On live television Faisal Islam, the political editor of SkyNews, was recounting a conversation with a pro-Brexit Conservative MP. “I said to him: ‘Where’s the plan? Can we see the Brexit plan now?’ [The MP replied:] ‘There is no plan. The Leave campaign don’t have a post-Brexit plan…Number 10 should have had a plan.’” The camera cut to Anna Botting, the anchor, horror chasing across her face. For a couple of seconds they were both silent, as the point sunk in. “Don’t know what to say to that, actually,” she replied, looking down at the desk. Then she cut to a commercial break.

The children are wetting their panties, yes.  But too many obvious points are not made here for me to deal with.

  • There are plans.  The Bank of England proudly explained all the contingency measures it had put in place to protect against risk, and there was no major collapse, like before, with Black Monday, when Soros lead (and won) an attack on the pound.  There was nothing like that.  Nobody remembers.
  • What about when we won the 2nd world war?  Where were the plans?  The crippled, exhausted troops returned to destitute Britain and a life of grinding poverty compared to today.  There weren't any grand plans at that stage, because that's not how life works.  I don't want to say more than that.
  • I really don't know where to stop with this nonsense.  When I got attacked in the media, they had so many people discussing what I said and thought, and fabricating all kinds of junk and imagination - but they never asked me, and rarely quoted my actual words. 

    So what they hell is this interviewer doing speaking to these people?  The pro-Brexit MP is not even Cameron, the party leader, so how can he speak of the grand strategy?  Was he even a minister, privy to closed meetings?  But then, its even the wrong group in the party.  Cameron is out. 

    Why didn't they ask Boris Johnson?  He is the putative leader of the tories now, and he will be the person advocating the plans.  Even Cameron would not be able to say the plan, it would make him look ridiculous.  Nigel Farage could have spoken to give advisory comments, but even those would be subservient to Boris's direction. 

    As for Anna Botting, WTF?  Why not just go focus on  what your Mum's response to this is?  She is as relevant as Anna Botting.  This is what I mean by cheap indoctrination.  There is nothing substantial in that whole section, it is specious, and doctrinal.

So "The pound has tumbled"?  Currency fluctuations on a daily basis are even more meaningless than the share prices, and it is too early yet to make meaningful observations on those.

Here, on Monday, is a clearer view of share prices following Brexit.

  • If you pick the 5 day view there appears to be a drop of 200 points from 6200 to 6000
  • However, if you pick the 10 day view, there is effectively no change
  • On the 1 year view, prices dropped in July 2015, and have stayed lower since then
  • On the 5 year view, we have again no change, and the price in 2011 was just before a big crash, so the 2011 pricing may have been a bubble about to burst, anyway.

My conclusion is that the share prices are not yet a statistically significant indicator of the effects of Brexit, and won't be for some time to come.

Do I need to explain the currency markets to them?  That the market is amoral, and merely seeks to exploit any variation for profit?  If the UK decides to execute the Queen, and the next day the market jump up, does that mean it was a good thing? No.  Does it even mean it was statistically significant? No, not even that. We need a road sign: "Warning: children at work".

Skipping on.

At home mounting evidence suggests a spike in racist and xenophobic attacks on immigrants.

Funny, because on the same page I first read about that I also found this:

Foreigners entering Britain 'were not routinely checked for convictions at the time Alice Gross' Latvian killer came to UK'

So that girl lost her life and the rest of that mother's life is now a sad decline.  But that's ok I guess, after all, shit happens, yes?  But could we just connect a few dots here?  The Latvian wouldn't have been in the country if we didn't have open borders with Europe.  He wouldn't have been physically able to live, with housing and benefits etc.  But forget about that, what really matters is that some people have said unpleasant things, and sprayed some graffitti - if you want to virtue signal to your fellow liberal scum that is.  Nobody will congratulate you for worrying about
damaged people and families like Alice Gross, but if you keep on about foreign victims, you will score far more points.

I'm not excusing any acts, I am merely asking for a fair comparison.

And as for the acts, I saw some leaflets on with swastikas on, very professionally produced and well drawn.  I would bet you money that they are a false flag operation, made by some pro-remain leftist group, in order to discredit the leave victory.  I can't find the news item now.  Maybe it has already been exposed.  On 4F there is a forum just for FFOs (False Flag Operations) related to Islam, and it already has over 20 entries.  FFOs are not as rare as you think.  As for any reporting by Tell Mama, Fiyaz Muhhal has been shown to be a total liar many times, has lost his government funding, yet still the media quote his false statistics like a mindless telephone answering machine.

Northern Ireland’s peace settlement may hang by a thread.

Hello?  Was anybody reading the news about Northern Ireland before?  I guess not, because its an unimportant little spit of land.  But if you were, you'd know that there's been a mounting level of attacks on police and prison officers on their homes and private cars, and disturbing levels of non-cooperation from Sinn Fein.  Sinn Fein sometimes seems to be using the terrorist attacks to quietly further its agenda.  I already thought the Good Friday agreement had failed, and that Hume should give his Nobel Peace prize back and Tony Blair should shut up.

And while we are on this, the US has an unsustainable $20T of foreign debt, and several of the EU countries as well.  Some kind of new crash is due around now or in the next 3 years.  What do you bet its blamed on Brexit?

I'm going to skip most of the rest, its a waste of my time.  Just 2 final comments.

Number 10, however, seems to have done little planning for this eventuality

Yes it does "appear" that way, altho it would be nice if you asked Cameron. Maybe you did and he decided you'd be a waste of his time, just like I have.

The country is sailing into a storm. And no one is at the wheel.

Ha ha, the infant can't even get his language right. Countries and boats are always sailing into storms.  Its what they do.  Daily bread and butter.  What is not so relaxed is sailing into dangerous or violent storms.  That's like the Mandelson (?) claim that it should be made illegal to shout 'Fire!' in a crowded theatre, missing out the crucial "falsely" - where his slip revealed how his mind really works. In the same way, Bagehot reveals his fear and lack of resolve.  My God, if he's like this over Brexit, how would he be facing the Nazis after they'd captured all of Europe; or the Soviet Union in a nuclear stand-off?

Is no-one at the wheel?  Obama is currently on his Lame Duck presidency - so is no-one at the wheel of the most powerful nation on earth?  Or is that just how politics works?  If I may borrow the expression, Cameron is now on a Lame Duck premiership.   OK children,  Little Johnny can say "OK, I'm in charge today, then you be in charge tomorrow", but adults and democracies have to go thru carefully controlled processes to ensure that power is transferred to the proper parties.

Instead of crying in his corner, the mighty Bagehot could suggest a generic method by which the process of transition to a new prime minister can be accomplished more rapidly.  Nothing to do with this particular kerfuffle, but dealing with a general problem the two main parties have had since day one.  Its happened before, and it will happen again.  Perhaps the transition process needs a little bit of thought and planning, and maybe some amendments to the party constitution?  I'm just saying, that's all.  I'm not a mightly political commentator, I'm just a fly on the wall.

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You have probably seen the black shirted fascists of Black Bloc joining the Remain demonstrators.  Yet 12 years ago, those anarchists were producing documents like the attached.  The retards are so backward, they don't even grasp their own about face.  It shows that for the Fascist Left, politics is just fashion.  It's an exercise in groupthink and following the crowd.


Theresa May's shocking track record on islam ;!Theresa-May-Her-shocking-track-record-on-Islam-exposed/c193z/5779f1450cf23a71a16118a0


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