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Naturally we start with the Lee Rigby execution, which I cross link below to save time reposting:

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Man in court over beheading murder

Published on the 18June 2013 

Aras Hussein appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court accused of murdering Reema Ramzan, 18.

Miss Ramzan, who was from the Darnall area of Sheffield, died on June 4 following an incident at a property on Herries Road, in the city.

Detectives said she suffered a severe knife attack resulting in fatal injuries, including the severing of her head.

Hussein, of Herries Road, Sheffield, is also charged with assaulting five people at Sheffield's Northern General Hospital, where he was taken following his arrest by police.

BREAKING NEWS-Another SAVAGE murder S.E. London

Mon, 17/06/2013 - 20:35
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Yet another sickening murder in London by a Muslim happened over the weekend when a disabled wheelchair bound man had his throat cut.

Daha Mohammed, 51, of Abbotts Close, Thamesmead, was charged with the murder of Mr Colin Greenaway and appeared at Bexley Magistrates’ Court today.

Colin was described as a ‘great neighbour and friend’ by Gary Cook, who resides in the flat above, and said he rushed down after one of his neighbour’s carers knocked on his doors in floods of tears on Saturday.

Colin aged 56, was confined to a wheelchair having had toes amputated due to gangrene.

Mr Cook said he cannot come to terms with what has happened, saying he would often have a great laugh with Mr Greenaway, and only saw him just two days before he was murdered by the Muslim coward.

He said: “Colin was a neighbour and a friend and I can’t believe what’s happened.
“I’ve known him for about 10 years, he’s helped me out and I’d help him out.

Because he was wheelchair-bound I’d go and get something for him at the shop if he needed anything.”
He continued: “I can’t believe something like this could happen in this area, everyone’s so nice.

I’ve had to go to my doctor to get some pills because I’m struggling to sleep
“When one of his carers came to my door in tears I got dressed quickly and rushed downstairs.

I saw him lying on the floor and he wasn’t breathing.
“It was clear nothing else could be done for him.”

A post-mortem examination at Greenwich Mortuary gave the cause of death as incised wounds to the throat.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Service on 0208 721 4205, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

A MAN accused of beheading his mum and burying her in a shallow grave told a pal "I might be evil" a murder trial heard today.

James Dunleavy, 40, had been showing a keen interest in Islam, after also experimenting with Buddhism and New Age beliefs.

He told a pal that he had been hearing voices in his head and that the Koran would not protect him.

Shop manager Mohammed Razaq - who used Dunleavy's bedroom to pray when he could not get to his local mosque - told the High Court in Edinburgh of their conversations - just weeks before the dismembered remains of Dunleavy's mother were found in a secluded woodland clearing.

Mr Razaq, 40, said there was a bond between them "like brothers" and he had a set of keys for Dunleavy's flat, which was above in shop in Edinburgh's Balgreen Road.

He went on to tell how their friendship broke down soon after Dunleavy's mum, Philomena, 66, came from her home in Marino, Dublin, to visit her son in late April last year.

Mr Razaq witnessed a conversation when Dunleavy was angry and agitated because his mum had split with his dad and moved in with another man.

But of course, beheading has nothing to do with islam.  Nope, not even when the killers of Lee Rigby cut his head off for islam.  Not even when it's a state punishment in islamic states.  Not even when muslim militias do it.  Beheading has nothing to do with islam, even though Mohammed did it.

No evidence whatsoever that Buddha or Christ beheaded anyone.  But beheading has nothing to do with islam.

Wife Stabbed And Decapitated – Found By Police

Not a word about the children.  Have they adopted the views of the father or the mother?  If the father, then why are we complacently growing killers and beheaders in our midst?  Silly me, of course we know why.  Its because the Leftist lemmings keep protecting them, under the guise of "anti-racism".

As Mark Steyn said: "we are becoming them".   A return to barbaric medieval practices, in 21st century London.

Woman beheaded, "not terrorist related".  But almost certainly islam-related.

I saw this and thought of writing to David Cameron about it.  Have you noticed how many beheadings we're getting in Britain lately?  So we need a new law against it, yes?  And that law would also outlaw any texts which prescribed, instructed or encouraged such beheadings, yes?  That must be a no-brainer (terrible pun I know).

Why should we not have such a law?  Who could object to such a law?   Clearly, the current law is not sufficient to deal with this.  It would be fun to see the Muslim fascists, together with their UAF allies, arguing for an exemption for their Apartheid political doctrine.

I'm back and I think maybe a bit over my head at the mo :)

The man is reported as being a convert to islam.

The Left will love it when the first non-muslim beheads someone in Britain.  They must be desperately hoping for that day.  
But even if (rather, when) that happens, all it will show is that "we are becoming them".  It is part of the process of islamisation: non-muslims adopting behaviours they learned from muslims (just like the non-muslim minority who took part in grooming gangs, just like gays threatening to kill their "enemies", etc.)

Joe said:

As Mark Steyn said: "we are becoming them".   A return to barbaric medieval practices, in 21st century London.

Woman beheaded, "not terrorist related".  But almost certainly islam-related.

Just as we predicted a few weeks ago (maybe we should start placing bets on these things, at Ladbrookes):

Three terrorism suspects were involved in a plot to behead a member of the British public "imminently" when they were arrested, a court has heard.

Nadir Ali Sayed, Yousaf Shah Syed and Haseeb Hamayoon were arrested three days before Remembrance Sunday.

Of course, this is NTDWI, and if you think it is, you are an Islamophobe.

Husband pleads guilty to decapitating his wife in attack at the home they shared with their two children 

  • Naveed Ahmed, 41, initially denied the murder of his wife Tahira Ahmed, 38
  • She was beheaded at their home in Northolt, west London, on May 27 2014
  • Couple had two children - who were not believed to be in house that day
  • Judge has warned Ahmed he faces life in prison at sentencing next week 

A husband faces life in jail today after he admitted decapitating his wife at home.

Naveed Ahmed, 41, initially denied the murder of mother-of-two Tahira Ahmed, 38, at their home in Northolt, west London, on May 27 last year.

The couple had two children, who were not believed to be in the house on the day their mother was beheaded. 

In October last year, Ahmed pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared before the Old Bailey via video link from prison.

Change of plea: Naveed Ahmed, 41, left, initially denied the murder of his wife Tahira Ahmed, 38, right, before a last minute plea change today

But at a brief hearing before judge Christopher Moss QC today, attended by his wife's family, he pleaded to guilty to murder.

The facts of the case were not opened and the judge adjourned sentencing to Wednesday, January 28 at the Old Bailey.

Death: Police found Mrs Ahmed's body with injuries to the head and neck and her husband was found nearby sweating profusely and with blood on his clothes  

Death: Police found Mrs Ahmed's body with injuries to the head and neck and her husband was found nearby sweating profusely and with blood on his clothes  

His lawyer Mark Kelly QC told the court that the issue at the previous hearing had been determining Ahmed's state of mind at the time of the killing.

At the time the couple's neighbours spoke of a 'lovely couple' who 'always looked very happy together'.

But around the time of the murder a row was apparently heard at the house and Mr Ahmed was seen taking his children away from the property and returning alone.

One neighbour said: 'He was standing outside trying to get back into the house.

'They have an electronic code system to get in and I thought she may have changed it because he was outside for a while.

'The next thing we know we looked out of the window, maybe an hour or two later, and there were police cars everywhere.'

Officers found the mother-of-two's body in the house and her husband was arrested in an alleyway nearby,  

Today Ahmed, dressed in a dark blue suit and black tie, spoke only to confirm his name and enter the guilty plea in the courtroom attended by members of Mrs Ahmed's family.

Murder: Mrs Ahmed was found decapitated at their home on this street in Northolt, west London, on May 27 last year. Her husband was arrested in an alleyway

Murder: Mrs Ahmed was found decapitated at their home on this street in Northolt, west London, on May 27 last year. Her husband was arrested in an alleyway

The judge warned him that he would face a life sentence for the killing and he would decide on the minimum term at the hearing next week.

Ahmed was remanded in custody.

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God, I feel so culturally enriched already! Thank you Tony Blair!


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