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Warsi on Razia Sultan - "800 years before our great female leader"

Baroness Warsi - who has done nothing of note in her entire life, and was only given a peerage because she is female muslim Tory - can be heard on Radio 4, shilling again to further the cause of islamisation. She was basically rocketed into Parliament, specifically to fill the seat of "Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion". And since getting that position she's done nothing but cause division.

She talks about Razia Sultana, a 13th century female muslim leader in Delhi. Warsi says that she pre-dates Britain having a great female leader by 800 years (obviously a reference to Thatcher). Warsi goes on about how people are so ignorant about the history of islam, and so ignorant about the history of Britain.

Yet Warsi herself was brought up in Britain, but clearly knows nothing of Boudica. Perhaps it is a deliberate omission on Warsi's part. But whether it is not, it is shameful for the Conservative party to have chairman who does not know of the existence of Boudica. The very image of Brittania (which was on front of the Penny when I was a child), dates back to the Roman image of Britain from the 2nd century AD. And that image of Britannia was almost certainly the cultural legacy of Boudica. []

What Warsi also does not say is that Razia Sultana rose to her position from her ancestors being taken to India as slave, and the ever-spineless BBC says that Razia was "descended from humble stock", rather than dare mention islam and slavery [] - the agents of islamisation are determined to pretend that slavery is not an integral part of islam.

Unlike Razia Sultana, Boudica fought to liberate her people from slavery (which is why the song Rule Britannia says that Britons never shall be slaves).

Warsi doesn't talk about how the islamic invasion of asian led to the greatest known genocide in history. Warsi is proud of Razia Sultana, for ruling the Mughal empire. That's like being proud of Stalin - he didn't bring about the Russian Revolution, but he came to power through it. Or assuming the Nazis had been successful, it would be like being proud of Hitler's grand-daughter ruling the world.

Considering the 1300 years of the islamic empire, and the sheer geographical extent of it, the Wikipedia article on "female muslim leaders" contains only 3 who were not from the 20th century.

As an example of the ability of women to rise to power in islamic countries, Razia Sultana is one of the 3 exceptions who prove the rule: under islam women occupy the position of children or possessions.  When Warsi talks about her own father "making decisions for his wife and daughters", she immediately goes back and corrects herself saying "supporting the decisions they made".  Which do you think is the truth?

Incidentally, the Wikipedia entry also says that nearly 1/3rd of the Egyptian parliament are women. Those figures seem to refer to the Mubarak-era parliament. It will be interesting to see how many are women now that the Egyptian parliament is controlled by muslim fanatics.

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We both listen to radio 4!  One interesting bit i understood from the interview, while running on the treadmill, was how this great Razia Sultana ended her career as the leader.  The conservative and religious establishment eventually had enough of being ruled by a woman.  I thought of the times when Jews held positions of influence and power in Muslim societies (e.g. during Muslim ruled Spain) which was tolerated for awhile until the imams stir up the people with the truth about Islam - then off with their heads.

Like you, I only listen to it while I'm doing something else (I also use it to send me to sleep!)  The programme that was on immediately before Talentless Warsi was also very intersting -- about the formation of the Euro. After the UK suffered black wednesday, proving that linking countries together by their currency was a disastrous plan, the European Commission argued that "no, the problem was they were not linked tightly enough", hence the Euro.  They are fanatics - no matter what evidence they are presented with of impending disaster, they see it as a sign of impending success.  Also, the Dutch PM had said before the formation of the Euro, that it needed "a generation" before the economies of europe could be merged.  Guess what? His next job was Chair of the ECB (i.e. they bought him off with power).  When asked since they all knew that Italy had forged their statistics in order to join, why wasn't Italy called out on it, the pompous politician said "it was all down to political correctness".  So, rather than speak the truth and stop an impending disaster, they all stayed silent because they have no principles and no spine.  

And these are the people leading us.  If they can admit that political correctness silenced them from speaking about something uncontentious (generally acknowledged false economic statistics), imagine what facts they know about muslims and islamisation that they dare not speak.  They were prepared to risk the whole of the European Union, rather than say "Italy might have to wait 10 year to join the Euro".  They will stand by and risk the future of peace in europe rather than say "mass immigration of muslims into Europe is a terrible mistake".

Yes, i listened to that too (on the bike this time!) and what i remember is that 'behind closed doors the managers knew the truth about Italy' but in public they told a lie.  Why and how do they (and others) get away with it?  

I think in part people want to hear a lie than the truth and the elite (and managers) know it.  Like hearing wonderful stories about Mohammed:

It is best to sugar coat reality until it slaps you in the face, hoping you will avoid the truth and it lands on someone else, like future generations.


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