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Anti-islamic politics sweeping Europe - OIC says it hasn't got the means to stop it

JEDDAH, 8 Safar/Jan 3 (IINA)-Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said that the European Union offered to host the third meeting of the ‘Istanbul Process’, which deliberates, in a series of meetings, on developing mechanisms to implement UNHRC Resolution 16/18 on combating intolerance, discrimination and incitement to violence based on religion ore belief.

The Secretary General of Islamic Cooperation in his office in Jeddah on Tuesday 30 January 2012 pointed out that the EU’s offer to host the meeting represents a qualitative shift in action against the phenomenon of Islamophobia, which spread in many European countries, targeting the Muslim communities there.

The phenomenon of Islamophobia is found in the West in general, but is growing in European countries in particular and in a manner different than that in the US, which had contributed to drafting Resolution 16/18. The new European position represents the beginning of the shift from their previous reserve over the years over the attempts by the OIC to counter “defamation of religions” in the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Officials in the Cultural Affairs Department of the OIC said that the European Union’s offer to host the third meeting (the first was in Istanbul in July and the second in Washington DC in December) is considered a promising new possibility of solving this problem. The ‘Istanbul Process’ will have an added momentum by holding the meeting in Europe, which is more affected by the phenomenon of Islamophobia and hostility towards Islam.

However, Ihsanoglu said that the growing role of the extreme right in politics in several European countries has become stronger than the capacity of the Organization, explaining that the extreme right, who hates Muslims, became leverage in the hands of politicians. He added that the rise of the extreme right through elections has become an issue that cannot be countered, considering the democratic way in which these extremist reach their positions. He pointed out to the referendum held in Switzerland, as an example, which resulted in suspending the construction of minarets there following a vote by the Swiss people.

Islam - a psychotic condition where the bully claims to be the victim.

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What are they grumbling about that they don't have the capacity to counter the "islamophobic" proles - of course they have - the cultural marxists of the EU will happily silence and repress their own people for them !

If the OIC does hold a meeting in Europe, may I suggest a noisy and witty counter demonstration by ant-islamists outside the venue ?!

Yes Dave, I thought it was a bit rich to talk about spreading hate, as well.  Their entire ideology is full of hate and contempt for other people.  Assuming that words matter, that is.

But there again, the leftist will have-it-both-ways again, and say that, in the case of scripture, the words don't matter.  

Which kind of begs the question, if words don't matter, why do we even bother having a conversation?  If words don't matter, as they say, the next step is that we all go get our guns and start killing each other.  Whatever.

The problem for the left is that being "right" is the new "left".  For decades now the left has been able to ride a wave of unthinking goodness and wholesomeness - "right wing" was a term for someone who didn't care, "left wing" was a term for someone who did "care".  Well, the issues that people "care" about have been changing for 10 or 20 years.  The issues they care about are losing their national identity, being swamped by immigrants, and most especially, losing out personal and political freedoms to islamisation.  By being against all those things, the left is making sure it is unelectable.  If someone has a link to a map showing the distribution of left/right governments across europe 10 years ago vs now, I'm sure it would make it concrete how the left is making itself irrelevant.  And what does the left do when it's not able to influence issues?  It resorts to terrorism.  The Europol reports for the past 10 years or so make it clear that almost all (literally 95+) terrorism in Europe is from muslims and the left.

Yes, but the Left can also gain power by importing voters (thru lax immigration controls), or even now, by growing their own with a higher birth rate.

A fundamental problem of every democracy, which probably has no solution.

I doubt any democracy before has faced the issue of a party simply importing voters en masse.  There was not even universal suffrage in Britain 100 years ago.

When I hear the islamists talking on the news now, I notice they are very happy to embrace democracy (even though they are in principle against it), because it is their means to power.  

Our talk of "democracy" is blinding us to the other issues that are necessary.  Too often we talk of "democracy" and at the very least omit the word "liberal" from in front.  Democracy by itself is simply rule of the masses, or as JSMill said "tyranny by the majority".  Also, we live in a world of Newspeak and Groupthink.  Hizb ut Tahrir can go about their business and no-one objects to the fact they are calling themselves "Party of Freedom".

Alan Lake said:

Yes, but the Left can also gain power by importing voters (thru lax immigration controls), or even now, by growing their own with a higher birth rate.

A fundamental problem of every democracy, which probably has no solution.


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