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Of course, I recommend everyone gets a copy of Bat Ye'or's book Eurabia, and sees for themselves.  The last 40% of the book is copies of the actual documents from the EU, showing their explicit plans.  The allegations that it is "a conspiracy theory" are nonsense - conspiracy theories cannot provide you with the actual documents that prove what you are saying.  I don't expect any informed person opposed to islamization to trot out that line.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I'm including photos of the very Journal that was called Eurabia.  Bat Ye'or did not even invent the word. It is the word the enemy chose themselves to openly tout their project.

Here are photos in an article by the great woman herself, to prove not just that the conspiracy of Eurabia predated Bat Ye'or's exposure of it, but the very word predated her exposure.

If anyone wants to allege there was a conspiracy, it is not Bat Ye'or who created it.  She just exposed the conspiracy.


Who conspired? – by Bat Ye’Or

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Eurabia 500x654 Who conspired? by Bat YeOr
Bat Ye’or - 

A bad wind blows from Norway onto the world. It is not only the monstrous massacre by the deranged Breivick perpetrated for several hours without the police intervention. Now is added the political violence of a desperate government before the past elections— that it would probably have lost— if the horror caused bythe killing spree of a psychopath, had not given it victory. Exploiting politically this crime, the government launched its bloodhounds, its anathemas, its fatwas and edicts against all writers on the planet who, painfully defying terrorism, professional ruin and social ostracism imposed by the single thought, struggle to maintain democratic freedoms and human dignity in Western societies. The crime of Breivick strengthened the government party and took hostage the right to think, speak and criticize political power. It imprisoned Westerners in the jail of totalitarianism and intellectual tyranny by criminalizing critical thinking.
Did Breivick— unknown to the writers he cited but not the Norwegian police—read my books? Was he inspired by great names throughout the centuries ofscholars, and writers he quotes or rather by the jihadists and terrorists he admires? Was he not guided by the exterminationist jihadist terrorism excused by his government? Let us remember Ma'alot and its Israeli schoolchildren massacred by the Palestinians, Beislan, Mumbai … New York (September 2001), Madrid (March 2004), London (July 2005) … the civil wars in Lebanon, the countless victims in Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria …

Am I the creator of a diabolical theory because I re-humanized in the concept of dhimmitude, the millions of victims of jihadist imperialism throughout the ages? Did I conceive a conspiracy because I studied its current extensions in modern Europe, as stated by a witch hunt organized by ignorant hacks who only rely on the defamation of a work they have not even read? Is it more moral to ignore these victims and side with their executioner, groveling to their ideology?


Who invented Eurabia? judge it yourself! Here are two front sides of a journal called Eurabia. Look carefully at the dates: July and September 1975 for the numbers 2 and 3.


Eurabia n°2 500x640 Who conspired? by Bat YeOr
Eurabia n°3 500x654 Who conspired? by Bat YeOr

Look well down the back of No. 2. It is written:


Eurabia vesro 500x613 Who conspired? by Bat YeOr


16, Augereau street, 75007 Paris

Publishing director : Lucien Bitterlin

Chief editor : Robert Swann

Edited by the European Committee of Coordination of the Associations for the Friendship with the Arab World and produced with the collaboration of: Middle East International (London), France-Pays Arabes (Paris), and the Group of Studies on the Middle-East (Geneva). The same address is provided with a telephone number.



These groups and people were very well known in the 1960-70s and later. We learn who was Robert Swann from an article by Richard Eyre, written on September 2, 2009, published by The Council of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), taken from the obituary in  the Guardian (August 23, 2001). According to the article, Robert Swann was secretary general of Amnesty International. The only son of German parents, he converted to Catholicism, and after a short stint at the Foreign Office he founded, in 1974, with the Labour MP Christopher Mayhew and French Raymond Offroy, a member of the National Assembly, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation  (PAEAC). Posted in Paris, he became its first secretary general, a function to which was added thedirectorship of the Arab-Non Arab Friendship Fund (ANAF) located in Switzerland to finance the activities of this organization.  Swann is credited with havingconvinced the European parliaments to adopt a unified position favorable to the Palestinians and the Arab world.
The origin of the word Eurabia which earned me the wrath, the jeers and threats of self-righteousness Eurabian, then comes from the founders of PAEAC. 
My book entitled “Eurabia” has a perfectly justified title because it examines the activities of the organization that itself created the name and politics associated with this word. My research examines books, official and unofficial documents and statements of the European Community, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, today Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. It is the PAEAC that, with the support of the European Commission, was responsible for conducting the unofficial policy of the Member States of the European Community with the Arab League countries under the umbrella of the Euro-Arab Dialogue,the formula credited to Michel Jobert, born in Meknes ( Morocco) and French Minister of Foreign Affairs (1971-73).
A booklet from the archives of the PAEAC lists presidents and vice presidents. It reads as follows:


Screen Shot 2012 02 16 at 21.25.21 300x97 Who conspired? by Bat YeOr




Here is the English translation of the French page:
“Executive Committee and Chairman
Twice a year the Association meets in a European capital with its Executive Committee. Each section will normally send a representative of the majority and the opposition to best represent the different political tendencies of his country. These Executive Committee meetings allow members to know each other better; to appreciate the motivations and obligations of each other; to define what should and could be the action of the Association in view of current events. It is the Executive Committee, decision-making body of the Association, which elects, usually for two years, its two co-Presidents and two Vice-Presidents.
“Presidents and vice presidents since 1974
Raymond Offroy (F)
and Hans Jürgen Wischnewski (D)
(No Vice-Presidents)
Christopher Mayhew (UK)
and Raymond Offroy (F)
Lelio Basso (I)
and Hans Jürgen Wischnewski (D)
Lenelotte von Bothmer (D) and Raymond Offroy (F)
Lelio Basso (I) and Myles Staunton (IRL)
TijlDeclercq (B)
and Dennis Walters (UK)
Lelio Basso (I)
and Myles Staunton (IRL)
Tijl Declercq (B)
and Dennis Walters (UK)
Achüli Michele (I)
and Daniel Goulet (F)
Achüli Michele (I)
and Klaas De Vries (NL)
Daniel Goulet (F) and Jaak Henckens (B)
Michele Achüli (I) and Klaas De Vries (NL)
Antonio Lacerda From Quieroz (P) and Alain Mayoud (F)
Klaas de Vries (NL) and Alain Mayoud (F)
Andrew Faulds (UK) and Antonio De Lacerda Quieroz (P)
Rafael Estrella (E) and Alain Mayoud (F)
Andrew Faulds (UK)
and Michael Lanigan (IRL)
Rafael Estrella (E) and Michael Lanigan (IRL)
Wendelin Ettmayer (Aus) and Andrew Faulds (UK)
Tijl Declercq (B) and Michael Lanigan (IRL) Ettmayer Wendelin (Aus) and Andrew Faulds (UK)
Michele Achilli (I) and Michael Lanigan (IRL)
Andrew Faulds (UK) and Joost Van Iersel (NL)
Michele Achüli (I) and Rui Amaral (MEP, P)
Jacques-Roger Machart (F) and Joost Van Iersel (NL)
Rui Amaral (MEP, P) and Jacques-Roger Machart (F)
Inger Lise Gjorv (N) and Robert Hicks (UK)
Robert Hicks (UK) and Marck Pol (PEM, B)
Katrin Fuchs (D) and John Lipkvowski (F)
“General Secretariat
“During the creation of the Association, born from a Franco-British initiative, it is a former Foreign Office, previously Secretary General of Amnesty International,who was chosen to become Secretary General of the PAEAC. Robert Swann was in charge of the day by day living of the new organization. And as he was British, the office was, for question of balance, based in Paris. It was he who, as a true pilgrim of the Palestinian cause in the parliamentary assemblies, quickly increased the number of members despite the difficulties of that time. Assisted by Patrick LEZONGAR, he gradually found ways to be surrounded by a small team of collaborators both in Paris and in other European capitals. In 1983, Hans Peter Kotthaus, previously coordinator of the German section, was summoned to Paristo become Deputy Secretary General. The following year he was transferred to Brussels, where an office for contacts with European institutions had existed for two years, under the direction of Jean-Michel Dumont. Circumstances having changed, the Association became more prosperous and respected. Hans Peter Kotthaus succeeded Robert Swann in 1988, and the General Secretariat was moved to Brussels, while an office was maintained in Paris. But if the Palestinian uprising had made more popular one of the main causes championed by the Association, this uprising also drained some of the funds that enabled its action. And the war that broke out Aug. 2, 1990 in the Gulf, with its attendant suffering for the Palestinians, limited more financial means”.


Regarding funding, here is what this booklet tells us. English translation of the page:


“Until 1992, the Association was funded almost entirely by a Swiss foundation, the ANAF Foundation, established in 1969 and managed by a board composed of European political figures. This was to avoid that particular conditions could possibly be attached to certain gifts—what would have been totally incompatible with the independence of action to which the association uphold above everything else. This also had the advantage of relieving the General Secretariat and Presidency of those concerns. From 1987, ANAF encountered increasing problems raising the necessary funds, which had probably originated from the main Arab businessmen, mostly Palestinians.
“Since 1992, the Presidents took the responsibility to seek their own funds and other assistance needed. Various companies based in Europe, foremost among which include Airbus Industry, and some Chambers of Commerce, some parliaments of European countries now account for most of the operating budget of the association. Besides part of its activities are funded through grants from the Commission of European Communities”.

So that infamous word Eurabia which raged against me in particular — but also against other honest researchers and writers -—an international campaign of hatred that threatens my safety, was created by Robert Swann, Director General of PAEAC, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, and Director of the ANAF fund. It is therefore quite justified that I shall return to him, and to his organization the PAEAC, the glory of this invention and the fruits of this policy discussed in my book, appropriately titled, as a tribute to its very genitors: Eurabia.


You can reproduce this article as long as you mention the name of the author, and the following link : 
© Bat Ye’or pour

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