Summary: First a video with Barroso's nervous speech to the masterminds of the EU - the Council on Foreign Relations.  Sweden wants an answer as to why EUFOR soldiers are not being used more outside the EU - has even created a Nordic Battlegroup whom Sweden wants to use! Two exercises have been held in Sweden, where EUFOR as the Southern Liberation Army was to defeat a Nordic National League for the benefit of Southeners! Since 2006, there is now a European Gendarmerie Force, consisting of armed combat troops in police uniforms. They are the Sturmabteilung (SA) of the  New World Order. The gendarmerie is primarily under the EU, but may be ordered to be deployed anywhere by the UN, NATO, OSCE and other international organizations. They are to be deployed in expected unrests and civil wars (against Muslims?) in countries under the Treaty of Lisbon - as well as against countries that do not want to join it. Gendarms from outside will be sent to a rebellious country, lest they should stick at shooting into demonstrations and at others, which they are entitled to, after death penalty is reintroduced with the Treaty of Lisbon (Prof. KA Schachtschneider, German politician, Klaus Buchner). Buchner describes the Lisbon Treaty as a coup d´état. None of the German Bundestag members had seen an authorized version of the Treaty before they voted for it - because the party leadership said they had to!

We have seen that  death penalty will be re-introduced in the EU by the Lisbon Treaty, how Mr. Barroso calls the Lisbon Treaty the Treaty for enlargement - and the EU body, the EESC, calls it  the Treaty for a common immigration policy (directed from the top) - and Barroso also calls it the Treaty for world governance and EU-aggressive war. In order to remove any doubt as for who ultimately masterminded the Lisbon Treaty and the EU on the whole, see this video: The errand boy, Jose Barroso, EU Commission President, speaks on 21 Sept. 2009 as nervous as a schoolboy in examination to his masters, the Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations, who initiated the unifica... and still pulls the EU strings through other Rockefeller clubs encompassing EU´s top leaders – including Mr. Barroso. Nordic-battle-group-lionuAd omnia paratus? (Motto of Northern EU rapid reaction force, meaning: ready for everything) The coat of arms of the Nordic EU battlegroup is since 2007 depicted as a castrated lion at the request of female Swedish soldiers. The Times: Coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown.”

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS 8 Sept. 2009 - The Swedish EU presidency wants defence ministers to have a closer look at the bloc's quick response forces, which so far have never been deployed due to a lack of consensus among member states. "The concept of EU battlegroups is good, but they have not been used until now. We want to have a political discussion on why this is the case," Olof Skoog, a diplomat representing the Swedish EU presidency told members of the security and defence committee in the European Parliament on 7 September.

Last year, Stockholm co-ordinated the set-up of the  Nordic battle group, comprising 2,800 soldiers mostly from Sweden and also from Finland, Norway, Ireland and Estonia. The endeavour cost Sweden more than €100 million. "We made the investment in order for the battlegroup to be used."

Since January 2007, the EU has in theory always had two battlegroups on call, each comprising at least 1500 combat soldiers.

In Sweden they have had civil war games, where EU´s  rapid task force, EUFOR, invades Sweden to fight  the "Nordic  Nationalist League" (Swedish Home Guard!) on behalf of the good Southeners. In another war game the Nordic Nationalist League was fought by an invasion army of the good Southern Liberation Army alongside of Swedish regular troops around Malmö! (Swedish Army´s link removed!! I previously had the story  here - and had it, too ).

Set up for deployment within 5-10 days, the battlegroups are designed as rapid response forces in emergency situations, when the United Nations or Nato cannot intervene quickly enough. They need the unanimous approval of all EU member states in order to be deployed, which is the main reason why they have not been used so much.

Brussels has set up a new EU police force The Daily Express 9 Sept. 2007: Critics last night warned that the force could eventually patrol the streets of Britain if Gordon Brown signs up to the new EU constitution,  Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, described the new force as “sinister”. He said: “It is not at all clear to me why the EU needs its own police force." 

Wise Up Journal 16 Sept. 2009    reports what I read on and cut  from the following EGF-linked articles, which were then suddenly removed from the internet!!! Nevertheless, I keep the links, as they prove this manipulation and the sensitivity of that gendarmerie. Sometimes, the links work again.

The following is official text from the European Gendarmerie Force (, September 16th 2009: “The European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) is an initiative of 5 EU Member States - France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain – aimed at improving the crisis managementcapability in sensitive areas. Now the Romanian and Polish Gendarmerie have joined in, too.

“EGF responds to the need to rapidly conduct all the spectrum of civil security actions, either on its own or in parallel with the military intervention. “Based in Vicenza. “EGF´s goal is to provide the International Community with a valid and operational instrument for crisis management, first and foremost at disposal of EU, but also of other International Organizations, as NATO, UN and OSCE, and ad hoc coalitions. “Turkey joins the European Gendarmerie force as Observer”

“Furthermore, it is excellently suitable for deployment parallel with or immediately after a military operation to maintain public order and safety as well as in situations where local police services are not (sufficiently) deployed.”

Eu-gendarmerInternational Military Police The EGF was declared fully operational on 20 July 2006 . Europe de la Defence:  It is made of units from the regular armed forces of each member State. Here is a video showing them in action (training). They are very aggressive.  European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) FAQ ( The EGF will possess an initial rapid-reaction capability up to 800 persons within 30 days, that can be reinforced. The rapidly deployable EGF must be able to conduct, amongst others, operations that support the fight against organised crime and also be able to protect participants of other civilian missions.

Eu-gendarmer3The total strength of the Force could reach 2300. Usually the mandate will be based on relevant UN Security Council Resolutions or on political guidelines from EU or other international organisations that intervene in the field of crisis management. The civilian police capabilities … comprise both police services with civilian status and police forces with military status of the gendarmerie type. Recognising that a number of countries have initiated studies aiming at changing military police forces to gendarmerie-type structures, the EGF is willing to help facilitating institutional changes in other EU Member States. The Sturm Abteilung of the EU: EuroGendFor  The European rapid reaction force for future civil wars. "At the European level we are already preparing intensively for the counter-insurgency, which - considering the envisaged measures - could certainly assume civil war proportions.” This is according to a report by a usually very reliable informer under the symbol of "EUROGENDFOR (European Gendarmerie Force). Eu-gendarmer-2 In a crisis situation, the following course of events is expected:  1. the local police are trying to become masters of the situation. If they do not, 2. EUROGENDFOR then comes to their aid – and their forces do not shrink from shooting. This is how they would still avoid the impression that the national army of an EU-country is to shoot at its own citizens. Only if this measure does not show the desired success, 3. the military can be used "to correct". It is also intended to use troops from "friendly" foreign nations to let them shoot at one's own rebellious people. But it goes even further: The EUROGENDFOR's founding documents  also provide for the basic possibility to intervene in EU countries that have not ratified the Treaty of Lisbon or want to leave the"fold". On its use in an emergency, a "war council" consisting essentially of the ministers of defense and of  the interior of the participating countries, will decide.

EUFOR1Once the EUROGENDFOR force has become active, the national self-determination of the country concerned is out, all buildings occupied by members of the reaction force are no longer accessible for local authorities. National law will as far as possible be overridden." Excerpt from the weekly information sheet “Confidential Communications” - from "Politik, Wirtschaft und Geldanlage, No. 3836". Berliner Umschau 7. Sept. 2009  : The head of the German Ecological-Democratic Party, Klaus Buchner, handed a complaint to the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe on the Lisbon Treaty. Klaus Buchner:1. The Treaty virtually abolishes our democracy. The eternity clauses are removed by the Treaty of Lisbon. It is a coup d´état. 2.The article 151 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the Union: all social legislation is subject to the condition that the competitiveness of the economy is not disrupted. 3. Coercion to arm and the possibility of wars of aggression. This is explicitly stated about war of oil. It is also expressly stated that in legal suppression of rebellion and insurrection - it is literally in the European Convention on Human Rights - selective killing is allowed. This means that not only is shooting into demonstrations allowed, but people can be taken out and executed. The basic law remains in force only for so  long as it does not contradict any small edict by the EU.


The written form of the consolidated Treaty came only after the vote (in the German Bundestag). The House voted without knowing the contract. I have the testimony of an SPD deputy. He said: “My party leadership has said that the agreement is good, so I agreed.” To me it was shocking that the military aspects of this Treaty have not been negotiated by the judges. On military aspects was not to be spoken.

But maybe here is hope. The Telegraph 21 Sept. 2009: But the council of ministers will continue to decide foreign policy by consensus, not by qualified majority voting, leaving national governments in the driving seat. In the end, none of these reforms will alter the central fact that member states do not think of themselves as forming a cohesive union. Eu-censur (hammer-segl-mundbind) Comment This is indeed very sinister. By means of the Lisbon Treaty the cynical New World Order elite is planning to introduce an absolute dictatorship – reintroducing death penalty. If people protest too vigorously, they will be defeated by professional gendarmerie – possibly military forces from other countries not afraid of shooting against their own fellow countrymen. That small countries like Serbia have the New World Order imposed, is an old story. That the EU detached an ancient Serbian province from Serbia and lets the Muslims destroy Christianity there is part of the EU “unity in diversity.” The EU elite seems to have an itching in the trigger finger – to show the world how big they have grown – and in order to have their share of world governance glory and profit.

The EU builds on 3 policing pillars: 1. The  Europol 2. the EU-gendarmerie 3. the Eufor/EDSP. However,other international institutions, e.g. the UN, can order the EGF into action, too. Klaus Buchner is right: The Frankfurter Allgemeine 5 Oct., 2008: "The Federal Army is to be brought into action within Germany proper in emergencies, and a Constitutional change will be made," said the chairman of the Union´s parliamentary group, Volker Kauder, after a meeting in the coalition committee. But the necessary “legal” basis for the offensive application outside the EU of these forces is the Lisbon Treaty. And without that treaty they are not allowed to kill us.

But whom do they suspect to turn violent? Us or the Muslims they let in in ever increasing numbers? Ordo ab chao, say the elitists – order out of chaos – but first create chaos!