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An Islamic (Nigerian) Immigrant in The Netherland attempted to blow up a Flight to Detroit. He has been stopped by a Dutch Passenger who saw some Fire around the (Nigerian) Passenger, and switched it off by his Hands (getting slightly burned and saving the Plane - People travelling on that Flight -).

The Islamic (Nigerian) Immigrant was trained by a couple of Ex-Guantanamo Detainees, who has been to Saudi Arabia and followed an "Artistic Rehabilitation Course"; he is the Son of a very wealthy Islamic (Nigerian) Immigrant (to UK, London), and got Universitarian Education.

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The time has come to click their wings. For that purpose, I created and posted the Clip Their Wings Petition. Google will find it for you.

This attempt was the second. And Israel caught a panty bomber on the ground in August. How will you detect a bomb that has been swallowed or inserted? Lets get real! Ban Muslims from flying to or over our territory.
I am disgusted by the US Homeland Security downplaying the incident. Errors occurred on many levels. Getting on an international flight without a passport and visa should be impossible. A bribe must have occurred. I hope that someone is looking into it. I think the Dutch Passenger is a hero and all the passengers on that flight. I have heard hardly anything in the US news reporting about it much. Something is seriously wrong.
lets do a little further investigation into this, its not as simple as it is being hand fed to the public.. This guy appears to me to be more of a puppet (you decide who is pulling his strings) I can't believe a proper terrorist would even attempt to board a plane with intent to blow it up without a passport...and better planning. This was not a true attempt to blow up a plane, it was planned to look like a botched attempt so the US and others can make a case for the war on terror and instill yet more privacy invading and more stringent controls on the people. It stinks of State involvement.. (just my opinion)

This guy had a Nigerian passport, but didn't bring it with him to the airport because he was already on the terror watch list.

1: Instead, he was helped onto the plane by a well dressed Indian man who spoke to authorities to get him on the plane, the well dressed Indian man then disappears and does not get on the plane. How was this Indian man able to talk this poorly dressed Nigerian onto a plane bound for America with no passport? Why did the US authorities let him on? Instead of thus trying to fly on his compromised passport, the disheveled and poor-looking Mutallab is escorted by an expensively clothed Indian-looking man of around 50 years of age, who tells the boarding gate check box that Mutallab is a Sudanese and needs to board without a passport, and that "we do this all the time." Mutallab is silent and obedient, the Indian does all the talking.

The check in staff at the gate, naturally refuses, but takes the pair away to see their superior to deal with this case, and the entire conversation up to that point was overheard, unfortunately for the conspirators as it turns out, by successful Michigan lawyer Kuret Haskell, who is sitting a few feet away with his wife Lori, on their way home to the U.S. after a visit to Africa.

Shortly after the young Mutallab terrorist and his wealthy VIP "Indian" handler disappeared down the corridor to see higher-ups, the passengers along with the Haskells, boarded the flight. As there was no delay for departure to wait for the terrorist, it is evident that clearing the terrorist with the higher-ups took a matter of a minute or so - the "Indian" obviously has a high-level pass (high level security clout).

Then the flight proceeds over the Atlantic Ocean with no peculiar events, except for one man sitting somewhere in front of row 19 - the row the young terrorist is seated in - who films much of the flight on his camcorder, always facing back wards toward the terrorist, whom he is recording with extensive video footage. This passenger too, we are not told about, are not to ask about, and we do not get to see his video.

it is known that Umar Farouk Abdul-Mutallab holds a Nigerian passport with a multiple entry visa to the United States, which is valid until June 2010.

The young man fell out with his father, and may have visited Yemen and mixed with Islamic terrorists there, to join with those he believed to be at the opposite end of his father's allegiances (money, USA, banking, arms industry). He will not have known that those terrorists in Yemen are supported by MOSSAD.

A text message was received by his family in Nigeria, apparently from the young Mutallab, which led his father, who is received as a VIP by the U.S. embassy in the capital Abuja, to visit that embassy to alert the U.S. of his son's activities, on November 19.

Naturally, as all things at European airports, all movements of all people are recorded on CCTV video, so it would be easy to track and identify the "Indian" accomplice of the bomber-to-be. Yet, as happened in London with the infamous 7/7 bombings, this material appears to be withheld from media and the public, and we are told to believe "authorities" there that there is no Indian and no accomplice.

Remarkable too is that these security companies involved with European airports are often run by ex-military or ex-MOSSAD agents, on the pretext that the threat is from islamist terrorists, which then does not allow for checks against MOSSAD "false flag" operations, with ever tighter measures implemented against the public.

As a result this information is shared by the U.S. embassy with U.S. agencies, resulting in the son being placed on a terror watch list. For this reason, the son cannot show that passport or he would be unable to board the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam, where he flew after returning via Nigeria from Yemen.

It is claimed by U.S. media that in Yemen he even met up with some of those released without charge from Guantanamo.

Throughout this incident however, the man continues recording the terrorist, calmly and without interruption. Very unusual behaviour, as observed by many other passengers on board this flight. Then the pilot comes onto the intercom, somewhat nervously, to briefly announce an immediate landing, and the plane is floored, but then remains on the tarmac for 20 minutes before anyone is allowed to leave.

This 20 minute delay, is only something that can happen at a U.S. airport, the inefficiency of security and systems in the U.S. are well known to the world, both pre-9/11 and after it. Anywhere else in the world, such an aircraft with a subdued terrorist on board, would be evacuated immediately, and anywhere else in the world, passengers would be told to leave all baggage behind. Not so in the U.S.A.

After that 20 minute delay putting all passengers at danger of further fire as it had not been established that the aircraft was safe or that the fire had not spread out of sight into the skin of the craft or toward the fuel tanks, or bombs that may be stashed and detonate, the passengers are made to sit with all their luggage for around six hours as they are slowly interviewed by FBI agents and others.

After around an hour, dogs that arrived, sniffing for explosives, loved the smell of explosive substances in an Indian looking man's bag (Haskell confirms this Indian is much younger than the one in Amsterdam, who was not on board the flight) and this Indian is taken away in handcuffs. Yet, after this too, we no longer can hear any information about this Indian or what happened to him.

The timing of the latest terror threat could not be more convenient for the US terror and war industry: only two weeks prior president Obama was refused an extension and expansion of the infamous Patriot Act rushed in after 9/11 and since then used extensively for spying on the American populace. At the time the administration was only granted a 60 day extension until February. The broadcast of a "live" terror attack on an American aircraft will ensure that the CIA gets everything they ask for next time round. It will also boost the calls for a direct American involvement in Yemen, where the Obama administration has started a proxy war through Saudi Arabia, and it will give the security industry the green light for installing the body scanners they trialled in various countries amidst concerns of invasion of privacy.

This information is reprint from Mathaba..My point is that we need to seek further information as to what is behind the *official* information that we are being fed, and be careful how we allow our strings to be pulled by propaganda and set up operations designed to sway our opinions..
I am not saying that there is no threat from Islam or Islamic terrorists, but we also need to be vigilant as to who is behind some of these incidents.....
I agree that the Situation on the Plane looked quite weird (according to the Dutch Man's Report). The Islamic (Nigerian) Terrorist was Reactionless, and he did Nothing to hide Fire arising from his Belt - I mean: is that Possibile that an Islamist Terrorist is so ... how to put it ... "slow", "retarded" [*]? Half of the Plane did not even realize that there was a Terrorist getting caught - I mean: either they were all sleeping, otherwise it sounds quite impossible that half of the Plane got not informed (by a Neighbour) about what was happening "under their Eyes".

Anyway: the Islamic (Nigerian) Man boarded at Amsterdam, not in the U.S.A.; and in The Netherland Politics toward Immigrants is known to be very/too much relaxed (therefore a Man like Geert Wilders HAD TO arise). It could be possible that the Islamic (Nigerian) Man got not checked very much (Explosive was fixed on his Genitals).

I anyway do not think that the whole Story is a Bluff: Ex-Guantanamo Detainees, Saudi Arabian "Artistic Rehabilitation Course", the rich Father of the Islamic (Nigerian) Man, ..., are involved in this Case - if it was a complete Bluff, someone would have harshly protested: don't you think?

Here a Text by Tawfik Hamid, Reformist of Islam, Former Jihadist to be:

and the most recent one:

REMEMBER: this Plane's Attack it is not the only Attack against "The West" and "Westerners", which recently happened in The West, at the hands of Islamic (African) Immigrants (connected to al-Qaida) - what about Kurt Westgaard's attempted Murder? - I mean: either these are all fake Attacks, or their are (all) true Attacks and therefore we can be copletely grateful to our professional or spontaneous Bodyguards ....

LISTEN to Anjem Choudury's Speeches (and Fellows) in U.K.: they are crazy People, and dangerous ones - They encourage harsh Violence, in The West too, and against Westerners (and Non-islamic people). This is Reality, not a Bluff:

we should rather criminalize those Preachers (and their Fellows); I feel offended and outraged that they have the Possibility to state what they state, without them being reported.

[*] "Retarded": not that Terrorists are not retarded. They are: they have heavy psychiatric Problems, but when it comes to blow themselves up in order to kill Innocents, they act very "smartly" (which is typical in People affected by harsh psychiatric Diseases: when it comes to act ill, they are "the Best"! And Islamic/-ist Organisations and Enrolers know it very well).
drugs? hypnosis...what do you think? why did he not react?
. First of all, Islamic/-ist Doctrine is HYPNOTIZING: I think the chant of their (dreadful/racist/discriminating/hateful) Sourats encourages a State of Hypnosis (and I almost DON'T DOUBT that Muhammad and Khalips/Jihadists are - and still be - fully aware of that). Islam manipulates Brains and People's Psychism, and it works as a sort of black Magick [*].

I experienced that myself - I mean: the Islamic Textes Brainwashing, or Sourats' Chanting Brainwashing [**].

If one is a Male, his main Goal will be goint to the "Paradise of Allah", and if he compares it to Reality on Earth (especially that of Islamic/-ist Life), it is no Wonder that he will "calmly" commit Suicide [***] (Women let themselves blowing up since Islamic Lifestyle on Earth [*** *] is especially depressing for them) .

. Second of all, al-Qaida in Afghanistan (and Islamists there) control the main Commerce in Heroin, which is a powerful "anesthetizing" Drug - my Opinion is that SuiciDAL-Bombers/Murderers get some of it before letting themselves blowing up (and maybe during their "Training Camps", too). [*** **]

[*] Islam is a lot mixed with black Africans and black African "Traditions": Islam has - like those black Africans had/have - Formulas to curse Others, wishing them the worst, and Islamic/-ist Psychism is devoted to (negatively and hatefully) destroy Others - in the Name of Islamic Justice, which is Shari'a Law, which is a main Example of ... Injustice -.

[**] Then if you have a strong basic Education in Human Rights and Humanity, a strong Sense of Justice and - so to call it - inner Love, you end by (brutally) waking up to Reality: Islam is unjust, misogynist, discriminating, racist, sadist (and sado-masochist), ....

[***] Suicide only is forbidden in Islam. If one commits it, he/she goes to (Islamic/Allah's) Hell. On the other hand, murdering Others ("Un-/Mis-believers") while suiciding oneself is rewarded with (Islamic/Allah's) Paradise.

[*** *] Please watch here:

[*** **] Islamic/-ist Textes and Chants are an anesthetizing Drug themselves.
I was not referring to this as a bluff persay. what I was pointing out is that we are not being given the full story on this.

I do think it is interesting Hilary Clinton is now speaking out on the troubles in Yemen....following this *incident*. It is very convenient for her agenda..and no lives were lost!
and now they have closed and evacuated the US embassy there.

I realise there are serious attacks, however this was hardly a serious attack, there are too many *odd* variables. Why did the Indian man get him on the plane, then leave? How did he convince authorities to let him on with no passport if he didn't have some sort of clearance? how were two men able to get on a plane with explosives? How could this plan have gone so smoothly then completely fizzle out on the plane? Why was it being filmed? Look at this man and his family connections...then again look at the capability of this man.. why send someone so *slow* and unresponsive in to such a serious job? It just doesn't add up..

I don't think everything is so black and white as to either ALL are fake or ALL are real. There are real attacks, but in addition to REAL attacks, state agencies (CIA, Mossad, MI5/6 etc) are perfectly capable of orchestrating situations in which a willing victim carries out their plans to set another agenda into action. I think this guy believed he was committing a terrorist act, but I think he had help...from people with other agendas than his agenda, that is all I am saying.

This stinks of CIA and other state backed involvement. This particular incident looks to me to be a set up to look like an intended attack and to scare people, so that another agenda could be pushed forward.

As I said before, there are Islamic terrorists and extremists killing many people and they are serious, and they get the job done. This was too much of a muck up for me to take it for anything other than a badly planned state set up..Clinton is already putting the next phase into action..

I also never said there weren't violent fanatical extremists. There are. I don't believe this guy was one of them, I think he was a pawn. Just my opinion..
I understand. But there maybe are other Terroristic Attacks which could be avoided, but which don't (Fort Hood - People knew about Major, sic, Hassan weird Behaviour and Speeches, but no one felt like reporting it; if they did, Major, sic, Hassan would have been caught before "bombing" Others -).

It is said that CIA and Government (Security System in Airports?) have no good Relations and the Communications between them is not perfect; this Situation allowed 9/11 Attacks to be accomplished (and Islamic/-ist people all around the World enjoyed seeing the Twin Towers being bombed: I saw one with my Eyes, and at that Time I knew Nothing about Islam/al-Qaida/Whatever).

I mean: I really do think that the dreadful Ideology of Islam (Islam) isn't a CIA/Mossad/Whatever's Plot - it is Islam, and it is a dreadful Ideology (against liberal Democracy and so called human Rights, and Duties).

What I read about the Amsterdam-Detroit Flight was: that the Man (Islamic Nigerian) was travelling alone; I never heard about the Indian Man you talk about; the Man get on the Plane at Amsterdam (not in The USA) and it was not a 100% USA Citizens Flight (other kind of Attacks are pretty much against 100% USA Citizens).

There were other Attacks which "worked": Fort Hood, the Murder of CIA Agents in the USA Military Base in Afghanistan by a "Collegue" of them, ..., and if just Someone would have said "I don't trust our (Islamic) Collegue", those Tragedies could have been spared.

Islamic Extremism is Islamic - Period. Honor/Horror Murders are Islamic, Apostates' or Critics of Islam's Murders are Islamic, Death Fatwas against those who sell "Virginal Blood" are Islamic, "Resolution against Defamation of Religions (Islam only)" is Islamic, ....

The Nigerian (Islamic) "Suicide-Bomber to be" simply had a Yemeni Mother: not that Yemen is "double checked" Now (just) for this Case; Osama bin Laden has Roots there, too - I think it is very Islamic to see a CIA/Mossad/Whatever's Plot, in every Action that drives Others to be suspicious toward Islam(-ism) and its Adepts.

My Lord: it is enough to follow MEMRI's Reports and what Critics of Islam report and say (about Islam), to be suspicious toward Islam - I don't think that being scared of Islam is anything irrational or provoked by false Informations: Islam is really a dreadful Ideology, incompatible with liberal Democracy and so called human Rights, and Duties; it is a Middle Age's Ideology, which is both religious and juridical and political.

According to the Power gained by Islamic/-ist Associations and Organizations at international Level (in Europe and USA too), and considering the Connections they have with other Totalitarian Systems (Southern America, Russia, ...), it could be that Islamists organize "Actions" meant to throw a bad Light upon "Western Organizations" and "Western Civilization" (Secret Services included).

A FACT must be pointed out:

several al-Qaida Members got trained by USA (when they collaborated against Communist Russia); even Great Britain (...) helped to create al-Qaida itself.

Islamic/-ist Terrorists (driven by the dreadful Islamic Ideology they are following) are using the Western Intelligence's Informations to carry on their anti-Western/-ers (both ideological and practical) Attacks; and they add some other Strategies, provided to them by other West's Haters.

It is very ambiguous the Relation between Islamic/-ist world and Russia, for instance; then, many Communists sympatize for Islamic/-ist Terrorists and they ally with them, many Socialists and/or Leftists (anti-White, anti-West, anti-Christianity) ally with Islamists - I mean: the Problem related to Islam-ism and Terrorism is very complex.

I KNOW that Things are neither black nor white: but Islamic/-ist Textes, well, they really are "black on white" (written); Radicalism in Islam is a Reality and so called Mujahidin all over the World (and their Actions), too - this is what matters to me, Abdul-Muttalab existing or not.
"What I read about the Amsterdam-Detroit Flight was: that the Man (Islamic Nigerian) was travelling alone; I never heard about the Indian Man you talk about"

that is exactly the point i am making, the full information on this is not being given to the public by authorities. However, the indian man is being reported by witnesses on several news agencies.

There were other people on the flight sitting right there when the well dressed Indian man helped talk the Nigerian onto the plane, claiming he was Sudanese. The first attendant they approached wouldn't let them in, they then asked to speak to a higher up, disappeared into a room (and keep in mind the flight was not held up, so they didn't spend long in there) he was given then given clearance to fly, and the nicely dressed Indian man who was doing all of the talking according to witnesses, then did not get onto the flight with him. The Nigerian terrorist said not a word getting onto the flight.. don't you find this strange?

I understand what you are saying, I am adding to it, that our own governments are using these situations against us to further their own agendas, apart from the part that the Jihadists are playing to further their own agendas. The US wants the oil and gas pipelines running thru the middle east. They are using the excuse of protecting us from terror to further those interests. So bear in mind, actually fighting the "terror" war is a diversionary tactic to gain their true would be nice if they actually would fight Terror. I don't believe they truly are, as long as terror is a threat to us, they can further their agendas. That is not to say we shouldn't demand they fight terrorists, or protect our own. They just seem to be doing a shitty job of it...
"then did not get onto the flight with him. The Nigerian terrorist said not a word getting onto the flight.. don't you find this strange?"

According to the story involving the Indian man (Question: are Witnesses reliable or are they part of another Agenda, maybe that of Islamists and Supporters?), I don't find that strange: if the Role to be played was that of a "foreign man", who "did not speak a single word of English" (let's say he was playing the Role of an Immigrant heading to USA to join his already immigrated Family or Whatever), then the Fact that the man didn't say a single Word is quite normal.

Of course, let's imagine the Worst, he might have been harshly drugged and really used as a Puppet - by some kind of Organization (let's imagine it is not something organized by an Individual alone) which involves Indians [which Indians? Islamic/-ist Indians or Hinduist or What?], too.

Note: it has been reported that the (Islamic) Nigerian man's Father told the Authorities about the Son's Radicalism - though the Son was not on the "no-fly List". (I do not know wheter it is an interesting/useful Information or not.

Altogether I find it very interesting - I mean: there are Radicals and Extremists all around and within us, which are allowed to travel here and there, and doing what they do, and preach what they preach, without being jailed or marked on some kind of "no-fly" or "no-entry" List.

On the other hand there are Critics of Islam which are "Persona non grata", or sued and silenced for "offending Islamic/-ist Sensitivity").

FOR SURE there is a harsh political Battle in The USA between so called The Left and The Right - and I don't doubt there might be someone willing to organize some kind of "defaming Trick" to advance one's Agenda and damage the other's. And Islam-ism seems to be a very hot Argument in that Battle.

We should therefore ignore Islamist Preachers, attempted Attacks, accomplished ones, ... because they all might be "fake ones"?

[The same Principle to be applied to every "politically hot" Argument. It is even very philosophical: "Reality is Nothing else but a Matter of Illusion(s)".

In fact, what matters to me is "The Truth in Reality" - and The Tuth in Islamic/-ist Reality is that it preaches Hate against Others, and it is a violent "Religion".]

"it would be nice if they actually would fight Terror. I don't believe they truly are, as long as terror is a threat to us, they can further their agendas."

Don't think that "Bedouins" do not have their own Agenda: the wealthy West (and Wealth in general) has always attracted them - in the Case of Islam, it has been attracted to it from its very Beginning.

Then in the case of another Western Continent, which is Europe, it is supposed that "the Eur-abian Project" (that of a fully islamized Europe) is pushed forward by some (European) Politicians in order to balance the Weight of Chinese a-theist Communism and Russia.

I mean: it is too much simplistic to see "Innocence" in the Islamic/-ist Side of the Conflict (there is one ... which dated centuries ago) and "Guilt"in the "Western" Side -

Islamic Invasion of Middle Eastern Territories (Persia/Iran included) made so, that original Communities there are oppressed and harshly limited by the governing Power (through its armed "Militias");

"fighting Islam-ism" is also a Way to give them back their Right to exist.

AND maybe you are right: there is no Battle which based on Ideals only, or in matterial Interests only, therefore the two Faces of the same Problem (the Battle) are deeply mixed - and it is very hard (especially for the general Public) to understand where do Ideals start/end and where do matterial Interests start/end.

Well: let's try and focus on the various Problems (and Islam-ism is one of them), and discuss about them - UP TO NOW it is almost impossible to talk about Isla-ism without being convicted for Blasphemy and risking one's Life, which cannot be accepted anymore.

This is a (the) Problem to be adressed - my Opinion.


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