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This isn't about the Islamic threat to democracy, but about the general threat to democracy from current SJW trends.

You will have noticed how politics is increasingly making its way into entertainment and sport.  You have numerous incidents in the US election just passed, of entertainment superstars using their performance no less, to issue a political message, normally along the lines of "Vote for Hilary!  Don't support the racist, homophobic, misogynistic, Donald Trump!"  If you are a Trump supporter its not nice to sit there and be told you are a fascist supporting a fascist, when all you came out to do was listen to some music, which you paid for.

Then it can get even worse when the performers actually single you out and hector you about the people or policies you support, as happened with Pence:

And it is spreading into sport as well, with NFL players refusing to stand for the anthem, in a show of support for Black Lies Matter.  And they get supported by Obama, of course, since he hates the traditional America:

I think that rather than fight this, it should just be taken to its next logical level.  Since the leftists insist on barracking or attacking any republicans that attend their events, or get annoyed at the request to celebrate national values, etc, they should just start segregating all entertainment and sports events, according to whichever side of the 'hate' divide you are on.  

So Beyonce and Miley Cirus would give concerts for Democrats only.  If they felt inclined to, they could also give another concert for Republicans - that would be a political decision and a commercial one, depending on projected attendees.  Kanye West and Clint Eastwood would give events for Republicans, and the republicans would be able to go along knowing that they would not be attacked, ridiculed, insulted and hated while they are there.  

There would be an understanding that if the fascist left started hassling, spitting on and insulting  republicans as they went to 'their' Beyonce concert, then republicans would start doing the same back to them at the Democrats Beyonce event.

Already we know that future generations will look back in amazement at how we were once allowed to speak our minds on all kinds of things like the dangers of Islam, the need to promote the family and children, the need to protect national borders and that the leaders duty is to look after the people of the nation that elects him.  

But I think they will also look back in amazement at how we freely mixed at events deemed 'apolitical' for a few decades, with no violence or attacks.  You can already see this process with the attacks on Trump supporters when attending his events.  You can also see it in the attacks on news reporters, like the recent one on Lauren Southern, when trying to talk to some of the fascist left.

Society will separate into two separate groups that have given up talking to each other, avoid mixing with each other, and generally hate each other.  Of course, this is a product of the fascist left, but sadly, there is little we can do to halt the process.

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The problem with your plan is Alan that the Republicans would not meet up at Beyonce concerts to spit on Democrats, they have better thing to do.

I do want to live in not just in a segregated society but in a country that is completely segregated so that white people and white culture are the norm and the overwhelming majority. And I consider this to be something that I have a right to expect. Each to their own nation. It would solve a lot of problems and reduce hatred and crime dramatically.

The blacks are in reality self-segregating themselves. Muslims and Mexicans and other large minorities also do this, cultural-apartness. The socialist universal equality has actually produced the opposite effect and divided people into unequal ethnic entities, that can only agree about one thing-the majority is the enemy. This is the reality of human nature,conflict. It sounds absolutely wonderful to say "I love every single person on this planet and everyone is my equal". No one can argue with that, it is just that all of the theft, injustice, murder, mutilation, rape  and hate continues.

We can have ideals in the background as guidelines (who doesn't want to live in a peaceful and prosperous world without conflict, with mutual respect, and where we build and do not destroy?) However.... it ain't that simple.

The journalists wake up every day determined to find something negative to print about Trump, or his supporters or conservative white people.

These plans (seen here above) in the hands of Kris Kobach are common sense, They are only trying to get the job done that needs to be done, and protect the lives of American citizens.

-The documents appear to detail Kobach's strategic plan for the Department of Homeland Security for the first year of the Trump administration, which include reducing the "intake of Syrian refugees to zero" and "extreme vetting questions for high-risk" individuals.

NBC News previously reported that Kobach, a champion of hardline immigration policies, had been hired for Trump's transition team. He helped design a law in Arizona that required state and local officials to check the immigration status of individuals stopped by the police.

Last week, Reuters reported that Kobach said the immigration policy group could recommend the reinstatement of a national registry of immigrants and visitors who enter the United States on visas from countries where extremist organizations are active."-

There is polarization right across the board, and the leftist-liberals are responsible. Equally responsible are the leaders that have encouraged the violent demonstrations against Trump. Obama and Hillary, with the evil dwarf Merkel hovering in the background.

They are really messed up when their reaction to a democratic election is hatred and violence Their behaviour violates every principle that they claim to own. Isn't it supposed to be that you grudgingly accept the results and vow to do better in the elections next time.

 "....the leaders duty is to look after the people of the nation that elects him."

Im not bothered about living with the same race, but i dont want to have to keep dealing with the outcomes of people who have an opposite ideological position. Im a realist, and im sick of dealing with the crap from the idealists. I just want to get on with the business of life, leaving things largely as they are, with change taking place slowly and in small units, without all these other issues being thrust in my way.

If the idealists could just all be shipped off to another country, say Canada or Sweden, then they can construct their own little private hell hole, and its nothing to do with me anymore. Ive got better things to do than argue about whether Islam is peaceful, or how many gender pronouns we should be legally required to use.

I do not expect anyone to agree with me entirely Alan. I too want a quiet life, I just don't want to be confronted with totally unnecessary problems, unpleasantness and dangers every time I leave my home. It did not used to be like this, all I had to deal with then, as a child, were British arseholes and that was not much of a problem. Now the arseholes are coming from everywhere; whole groups and cultures of them; and I am disturbed by it all. Before I could go anywhere in my hometown and feel at home everyone was like me and things were normal. We were shaping a common future. Then for me things started to go wrong and I blame immigration, but then that's just me. I am only one of 7.5 billion citizens of Earth, before I was one of 50 million British and I liked that a whole lot better. I would not like to live in a Chinese or African village, but I could get along in an English one. It is about race, but not about hating and killing people. I think it is about choice too, things have been decided for me, by my betters, that I object to. It is only natural to wish problems away. There are places where it is very dangerous to wander now in my home town.

She does'nt want to be white anymore ;

Hi Philip, 

I see what you are saying, but I think the metamorphosis that you don't like, is even bigger than you think, but I'm guessing you don't see it that much because you live outside the UK.  The point is that say, 40 years ago, in an English village or town, you'd have a few English arseholes, 10% at most, but they weren't that bad.  Now there's been added to them some immigrant people who hate us and want to replace our culture and values - obviously a 10 times worse situation. 

But what's also happened is that part of the native English population has transmogrified into a highly objectionable type of arsehole as well.  The proof of this is how easy it is for the BBC to assemble a studio full of diverse looking white people, who spout stuff like 'no borders' and that our responsibities are to look after foreign people even before our own citizens and even when we don't have any money left and are undergoing cutbacks.  This new home-grown group of mega-arseholes is very visible, as you could see from the US elections, very clueless, and even more dangerous than all the others as it is so large.

My sister also lives abroad, and I have to tell her when she talks of returning, that the England of her student days has simply disappeared.  Even the white Smith and Jones she meets in 'English' towns would bear no resemblance to the people she met when she lived here before.  It's all gone, and not just by immigration.  The nature of the people themselves has been transformed, and in about 50% of the cases, will be unrecognisable.

Antony, you couldn't make this stuff up:

"the Frontier School of Excellence"

The only thing they're excellent at is allowing the growth of fascist racism and tribalism.

Kee said the school told her girl who punched her daughter was suspended, but they wouldn’t tell her anything more, including the attacker’s name. Kee said that is frustrating because she needs to know who hit her daughter in order to request a restraining order.

I'm guessing the school found out who did it by using their CCTV.  Now, since most of the pupils are black, probably most of the staff are as well?  In which case, they won't release the attacker's name and allow Blessyed to get a restraining order, because they are protecting their own tribe?

But don't worry.  I'm sure Black Lies Matter will intervene.  After all, they keep saying they believe that All Lives Matter, and their slogan is just for temporary emphasis.  Right ....

I see that you are right Alan. Over 50% of Americans voted for Hillary so it is the same there. Actually I think it is worse here in Norway 60% of the population are A-holes. The Norwegian Labour Party has been consistently the largest political party here since WWII. Because there is a system of proportional representation here a quarrelsome coalition of conservatives narrowly outnumbers the socialists. I suppose the one world movement is procceeding faster than I anticipated, I am becoming in the true sense of the term an old fossil. But then I live in a universe with a population of one and defend my take on affairs. I see in the future that perhaps there will be peace on Earth, but just now obviously this process is out of control and causing harm.

I am very angry Antony about the injustice that white people are increasingly going to suffer. I would have refused to send my children to school and then sued the school for denying my child an education. That or meet up at school with a gun, which is going to begin happening as things become unbearable for some.

Whites discriminate and mistreat blacks, ok, stop the discrimination and treat everyone as equal, sounds reasonable.

But what happens in reality is that blacks begin to discriminate whites because of the color of their skin and want to kill them. And feel justified in doing so.

I am, and cannot cease to be a white nationalist, and I am well aware that my worst enemies are the white people that disagree with my perspective.

Another good analysis of the racial division that Leftists are intent on forcing into US society.

I could claim that sports are unfair because blacks dominate certain sports and are much better at them. Running events would be fairer if they were divided by ethnicity, as would boxing. Women run slower than men and whites run slower than blacks. Male supremacy and black supremacy.

When things don’t go your way call it racism.

This man is the opposite of every one of the specious ideas of Black Lives Matter

Do things that you hate to do. Work before you play, deserve the rewards. Building up self-respect through physical and mental challenges. This is something that normal healthy young people need to understand. Not taken to extremes but doing things that give you physical and mental satisfaction and confidence.

I liked myself a lot better after I qualified for special forces and then went back to school and got myself an education. I was not part of a discriminated minority and I had a healthy body and a sound mind. All of the mistakes I have made I own i do not blame others for them. 

Some people though will always be addicts, criminals, dangerous, useless and a burden. I believe also that most people will also naturally take responsibility for their own lives, be wise and care for others, have a good life and build rather than destroy. Muslims and blacks are their own worst enemies, but are they able to understand that.


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