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I'm putting this in the US Room because its a line of thought that first came to me from the American 'Homeland' series - but its a topic that cuts across all categories.

In Homeland, three people are going mad.  Obviously, Brody is mad, with his schizophrenic behaviour and strange relationships with his wife and Carrie.  This is only natural after being held for years, tortured, and forced to kill his buddies by Abu Nazir.  Carrie seemed to be forced to go mad due to the machinations and web of deceit woven by Brody. However in the latest series, her behaviour is so inexcusably erratic that I'm not inclined to excuse it any more.  Brody's daughter went mad and tried to kill herself.  After many sessions of psychotherapy she is now semi-normal, but in the last episode was perhaps toying with the idea of becoming a Muslim like her father.

The point is that, behind all this madness is Islam.  Some people will say that Islam is mad, and that infects those that contact with it.  That's a bigger topic and not one I'm going to consider right now.  My thesis is a smaller one, that:

  • The strain of trying to maintain non-judgement and non-discrimination of all ideologies (of which Islam is one), in a secular democracy, is sufficient to drive people mad

It is extremely difficult to maintain the tolerance of the intolerant Islam, while it is going about its racist and supremacist business.  The contradictions are palpable.  And when you try constantly to maintain two contradictory ideas, you go mad.  Of course, as the Greeks said, "Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".

Once you think about this madness, you can recognise it in many places.  An obvious example is the Dutch PVV leader who became a Muslim.  Then there are Western secular women of the Left, who are staunch supporters of the ideology that says they are "deficient in intelligence" and worth half a man, and who support the Burqa while castigating Western husbands who don't help with the housework.  this is not just mere irrationality, surely? Its obvious that their fear of Islam, combined with their cowardice, has lead them to seek the only way out: deny Western misogyny but accept Islamic misogyny. Then, in an attempt to cover up their deceit, they scream even louder at anyone who dares question this contradiction.  Of course, there are shades here of the classic witch burning model of the middle ages, where the only way to escape was to denounce someone else as a witch.  Here, the Leftist woman tries to escape her cowardice by denouncing all on the right as witches.  But this surely is the beginnings of madness.

Some of our readers will also be familiar with the concept of the Chasm.  The Chasm is the gap that opens up between Islam and the Kafir, as the dumb Kafir realise that their beloved 'moderate' Islam is but a chimaera, which, even if it does exist, will be destroyed, with its supporters, by the fundamentalists. This has happened for 1400 years, and is happening around the world now.  

So, as the chasm opens up you have strict Muslims on the left cliff, and non-Muslims + Muslim appostates to the right of that.  On the right cliff you have all those secularists who have accepted that this attempt to neutralise the violence of Islam by working with 'moderate' Muslims, will not work, and have accepted that the communities are divided and against each other, and always will be.  But what do you have in the gap in the middle, between the two cliffs?

I believe that what you have in the middle are the mad people.  They are, for example, the tolerant manic-liberal Swedes and Norwegians, letting their women and children get mass raped by a single and clearly identifiable section of the community, while they stand by and politely watch, as the civilians and police did as Lee Rigby was having his face mutilated with carving knives.  Then they have long debates on TV about what they have done to make those Muslims so angry, and how can they appease them. They also boast to the world how they, the purest of the pure, are now going to accept even more Muslim refugees from the poor war-torn regions of the world.  But they don't boast about how well the are protecting their own people, I notice.

If you try stand in the plain between the two cliffs ,preaching moderation and reconciliation while the divide gets deeper and the contradictions plainer, you can only go mad.  As the chasm stretches wider and deeper, over the next 10 and 20 years, I believe we shall see a lot of madness.

Finally, for the Goebbels of the media morons, who will take this article to be an incitement to putative Breveiks to go on a killing spree, I would say, please look up and try understand the meaning of these three words:  Explanation of action (in past), Prediction of action (in future), and Prescription of action.

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The eighth and final season of Homeland is set to show on Showtime on Feb. 9.

When the actor Damian Lewis said he would only take part if nothing negative was said about Islam I completely lost interest.
I hate lies, and this series tells woppers. Was there ever a movie or TV series that told the truth about Islam, except in tiny doses?
People react to Islam the way that the feeble minded or defenceless do to a bully. They are either terrified or sing its praises and join it. You would have to be very brave and strong in order to stand up and confront it.
Of course it is well to remember that some people are just plain stupid and understand nothing. How can anyone fail to understand how wrong Islam is?

That's like saying you'll only take part in a WW2 movie if nothing negative is said about the Germans, Russians or Japanese.


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