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Homelessness is a big issue in the US but it is swept under the carpet.  Perhaps all those demonstrating for illegal immigration to the US should be forced to take a homeless person into their own home first, before they are allowed to demonstrate again.  Those demonstrators are showing the classic SJW halo polishing, whereby they are generous with other people's money, safety and sense of community.

These stories are very tragic, and relate to people born in the US, but of course, that does not make them a fashionable enough victim group at the moment - not enough point scoring for a good virtue signal, so why should any of the Progressives bother?  Much better to flaunt your 'sanctuary city' status and let the little people be ground down and die.

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Mark Prange
11 months ago (edited)
On February 13, 2017 Penny's head was caved in. She lived until April 28, 2017.

A goodhearted girl---I am proud that she was my friend.

Thank you Alan for all these videos and your intro comment.

According to the SJWs, any problem in society is always a government problem and therefore needs more Government control and spending.

Also the SJWs do not talk about numbers and costs (financial and social).  Bring in everyone without consideration to these costs and consequences.  If you do not agree with them you are a cold heartless bastard.  They will shout this at you as they polish their halo.  Or beat you up for saying something they disagree with.

How many people were shot in an American city yesterday and how many died of an overdose? There are enough domestic problems in the US without importing more. If these SJWs cared for their fellow human beings as much as they claim that they do why are they not actively working to improve the standard of life for normal, average, hardworking and law abiding citizens, the ones whose ancestors built America and earned all of its wealth.

Money is the bottom line, earning it and spending it wisely on things that really matter. Like law and order, health and an improved living standard for every citizen. Everyone willing and able to work should be given the opportunity to do so, so that those that cannot through no fault of their own can be cared for.

Every economy has limited resources, opening the borders to people that become a burden economically and culturally is unwise. These migrants are the responsibility of their own governments and should only be helped in their own countries. Only people that are needed and that actually contribute should be taken in, and then sometimes only temporarily.

Another sign of the decline of the US.


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