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Homelessness is a big issue in the US but it is swept under the carpet.  Perhaps all those demonstrating for illegal immigration to the US should be forced to take a homeless person into their own home first, before they are allowed to demonstrate again.  Those demonstrators are showing the classic SJW halo polishing, whereby they are generous with other people's money, safety and sense of community.

These stories are very tragic, and relate to people born in the US, but of course, that does not make them a fashionable enough victim group at the moment - not enough point scoring for a good virtue signal, so why should any of the Progressives bother?  Much better to flaunt your 'sanctuary city' status and let the little people be ground down and die.

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You are right Antony. These people are only loyal to their own self interest, which is unrestricted international capitalism. They will follow the path which gives them most wealth and power. They have no conscience or loyalty. They will work for the abolition of nations and borders and nationality, so that the whole world is a free market they can plunder in unrestricted.

This rot began when manufacturing was moved overseas away from the industrial nations. I live in a little town with lots of lovely victorian style brick factory buildings all empty , or used as warehouses and converted into shopping malls. victims like countless British factories to the jobs being moved to Asia( not before they had imported thousands of Asian textikle workers though). The only large industry left is a huge paper mill that survived because the forest it depends on surrounds it. Now the migrants at the bottom of the food chain just want to tear what is left to pieces, in hatred, envy and ethnic conflict.
The progressives churning out excrement and calling it entertainment, blackening our culture, call the choice of non-white actors "cutting edge casting". When a system of lies is defended by more lies they lose touch with reality.
Just finished watching the Netflix series "Trotsky". This is what these people always end up doing, committing mass murder. As their logic is that all opposition has to be cleared away in order to create a new and better world. They are in no doubt that they are right and justified.

We are experiencing a steady lowering of the quality of our lives.

Mind you I myself would love to have the power to clear away some of the human garbage that we have to deal with.

Land of the free, home of the brave ;

Wow. As one commenter put it, it's like a cemetery for the living dead.

Is the freedom to destroy yourself and your society really a freedom. These people should be locked up and dried out every time they buy or use drugs and everyone selling or producing drugs should be given long sentences.

Not just the poor but also the rich and capable  that use drugs. Sweep the streets clean with null tolerance.


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