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Escaping the Technofascists: alternatives to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter

When joining any new site, please use a password different to your email password and 4F password, as a new site may be used as a honey trap to find vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Thankyou.

The de-platforming and un-personing of conservatives is proceeding apace, and it's clear that it is only going to get worse, much worse. Conservative speakers are now routinely kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc, for the slightest heresy, like doubting Covid, or hospitals being full, or the US elections.

That is apart from people being force-fired from their jobs, being cancelled from speaking engagements (normally after they've travelled their), losing book deals, etc.

And apart from being physically attacked, or having an Antifa mob create mayhem outside their pregnant wife's home, etc.

So this forum is to collect examples of the worst example of this technofascism - a totalitarian regime enforced by the technocratic elites of silicon valley and the billionaires of Wall Street like Soros. It is also to collect the alternative sites, and explain what they offer, advantages, disadvantages, and vulnerabilities.

1. Generic social media sites
These may also offer video upload, chat, and live video streaming.

2. Primarily Video Upload and Streaming Sites

  • VK
  • LBRY / Odysee

3. Specific Conservative Issue Sites

  • (1 million+ members)
  • (from Bill Warner)
  • etc

Feel free to comment on what you see as the best way forward.

{This should probably have gone in the Free Speech room, but it's here now so we'll live with it.}

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This comment is about the technical infrastructure.

As regards the server farm issue, it is a two-edged sword. 

If you want scalability at reasonable cost, pick Amazon AWS, and risk them kicking you off. 

But if you want total independence you can run your own servers, but then scaling, support and backup will be difficult and costly (I speak as an ex-sys admin). Even then you are not safe, because you can have your domain taken from you - as Godaddy so proudly did.

If you can't even trust your domain registration, the infrastructure needs to be distributed in some way, a bit like imap email. The client also needs to be something generic, like an email client, so it can't be withdrawn without collapsing a whole lot of other systems.

This is a huge and difficult issue.

For this,  Vicktorya explained the following aspects.

1. Generic Social Media Sites

  • Telegram --- 
  • Parler
  • Codias
  • Gab

I'm not familiar with or Codias. 
What we offer other than parler is we aren't hosted on Amazon and having to be a week offline, and we don't have a 'business model'. We are free. 

2. Primarily Video Upload and Streaming Sites 

  • VK
  • LBRY/Odysee

We do not yet offer video streaming, but we are working on it. Live broadcasts, as soon as those who are broadcasting have theirselves in place.
Videos uploading and feeds to streaming on other sites is easily done now. We are not focused on being a video archive at this point. 

3. Specific Conservative Issue Sites

  • (1 million+ members)
  • (from Bill Warner)
  • etc

I am not active with these groups, familiar with Act for America, but not Political Islam. Yes, there are countless organizations. We are not trying to replicate them, but provide people who are kicked off of facebook, twitter, Parler, Gab, and other venues, or tired of business models and tiers, and fees, and costs for groups, and badges and phone verification -- we're a good choice. 

Thanks Vicktorya. As regards the server farm issue, that's in the first posted comment in this forum. Your website may not be hosted on Amazon, but I think it is hosted on Wordpress. It's only a matter of time before the technofascists come for you as well. 

I think, as far as I can tell, you have launched something similar to Codias:

Minds is big, and Codias has some high profile backers. It would be worth your while to check them out.

Here's some precautions we should all be taking now. It's a lot to think about.

Surviving Tech Purges: What We're Doing at the Mises Institute

Listen to the Audio Mises Wire version of this article.

The Mises Institute was born of the "build your own platform" ethos.

I suggest that you can keep your gmail account for business and personal activities, but for anything political, you must close down your gmail account and get onto one of the alternatives above.

As Tech Companies Purge Users, Here Are Some Alternatives

SUNDAY, JAN 17, 2021 - 22:30

By Simon Black at Sovereign Man

By now you’re probably aware of the various purges taking place across tech platforms and social media. Major companies have used the events of January 6th at the US Capitol as an excuse to delete users and deplatform businesses. But the scope of the purge has gone much further than removing calls for violence.

For example, 147 members of Congress are being blacklisted by banks, insurance providers, and hotel companies because they objected to certifying the results of the election.

The entire social media company Parler was shut down when Amazon banned it from its servers, while Apple and Google dropped the app from their stores.

Twitter executed over 70,000 accounts.

PayPal cut ties with the US President, as well as a Christian website that raised funds to send protesters to DC. Shopify removed accounts “associated” with Trump, and payment processor Stripe joined in the purge as well.

Facebook even suspended Ron Paul’s account for a time, before claiming it was a mistake. Ron Paul, keep in mind, has been an outspoken critic of this administration's defense and monetary policies.

The message is clear: your access, your data, and potentially your livelihood is not safe in the hands of the biggest tech companies, which we have been conditioned to rely on. Express the wrong opinion, and you may be the next casualty.

What this means:

The good news is there are alternatives, and the purge has been a major driving force for people to move to alternative platforms.

For example, Telegram, a private messaging app which allows you to enable encryption in private chats, attracted 25 million new users in a 72-hour period. The app now has over 500 million active daily users worldwide.

Almost 18 million people downloaded the (arguably better) encrypted messaging app Signal between January 5th and January 12th-- a 61x increase.

Meanwhile, Facebook-owned WhatsApp's downloads were down about 20% week on week.

Facebook and Twitter just voluntarily handed market share to their competitors. From January 5-14, Facebook lost over $70 billion of valuation. Twitter lost over $5 billion during the same period.

Don’t go where you aren’t wanted.

Spy-apps that repeatedly censor and abuse their customers have faced calls for an exodus for some time now. But now a critical mass is actually moving, which makes it more likely that the amount of content and users will keep people engaged in social media alternatives.

In that sense, you could consider the purge a good thing.

What you can do about it:

The following are some popular alternatives to common social media platforms. Keep in mind that we aren’t endorsing or vouching for the safety/ privacy of any particular company listed below. The point is to start exploring alternatives so that all your eggs aren’t in one tech-company basket.

Social Networks Alternatives to Facebook and Twitter

  • - Similar to Twitter, Gab bills itself as a champion of free speech. It owns and operates its own servers, which means it can’t simply be shut down like Parler. But that also means the website is a little stressed at the moment, as so many new users flock to it.

  • - As a Facebook alternative, MeWe’s main draw is that it does not share or sell user data. But it does state in the user agreement that it reserves the right to terminate users who post “hateful, threatening, harmful” content.

  • - This is a blockchain-based social media website which rewards engagement with tokens. Tokens can be used to boost your own content, fund other users, or redeemed for other currency. The website’s code is open source for transparency and accountability, and the content moderation policy is based on the First Amendment.

Private Messaging Alternatives to Whatsapp

  • Signal - This messaging app is end-to-end encrypted so no one can snoop on your communications. And its technology is open source, so anyone who knows the coding language can check that it’s truly secure. Signal does require your phone number to use, but that’s about all the information it collects.

  • Telegram - Plenty of Whatsapp groups are migrating to Telegram for privacy reasons. But it is important to note that only private messages can be encrypted, and even then you have to specifically select the “secret chat” feature.

Video Posting and Viewing Alternatives to YouTube

  • - This is an open source, blockchain-based, decentralized digital content sharing protocol. That means anyone can use it to build apps that allow peer to peer sharing of digital content. But the main selling feature is or which facilitate the video sharing and viewing portions of the platform. Unlike Youtube, you have ultimate control over your own content.

  • - Mike Adams, the creator of Natural News, started this video hosting website as a free speech alternative after he was repeatedly censored on YouTube and other social media.

Then there is Brave Browser to replace Chrome, Protonmail to replace Gmail, and plenty of methods to accept cryptocurrency, instead of using typical payment processors.

Clearly, this list is not exhaustive. And in the future we will be talking about more alternatives, and doing a deeper dive on their privacy and accountability. The point is you don’t have to allow these tech giants to have power over you.

of the list at the top of this room:

Telegram, Parler, Gab, Minds, VK have all been told to adopt the Left's control or be banished.

This article explains how the Communists, their Billionaire TechnoFascists and their Muslim allies now control virtually all the internet in the West.

Just about the only option left is to get a Linux phone and use the free software that the Anarchists/Libertarians spent the last 30 years providing for this day.

I warned years ago this was coming. I said we'd be lucky if we were left with email as a means of sharing information (after all, UK Tory government funded Turing Institute to look into ways of making machinery censor "hate speech").

If one visits Twitter or Fakebook without a login, they literally beg you to sign up.

Visiting Twitter feeds without a login also means you see no adverts. I guess it's the same with Fakebook, but those TechnoFascists make it almost impossible to see anything but the URL on which you landed.

Refusing to have a login is the best thing one can do. I saw today that Gerard Batten has announced he's closing down his Twitter account. 

Funnily enough I'd never used Fakebook before EDL started to use it (2010 or 2011). And I'd never used Twitter until Tommy started to use it (2013?)

I'm glad I never used twitter. Can you imagine, for 4 years Trump had the power to address the nation from the oval office, with all the gravitas and power of explanation that offers,  but instead chose to use tweets? It was the classic mistake of successful people. They don't realise that the MO that made them powerful doesn't have to be the same as the MO that keeps them powerful.

Just found another one :-)


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